It’s better to have four chairs and tables than to make several cups of tea, which is still steaming. The more I feel that my grandfather is mysterious, the more difficult it is for me. My grandfather knows everything like that, as if he had done it all by himself.

Mo Yibai was the first to sit in the past without saying anything, and I followed him with Hua unbeaten.
After Song Ye went outside, he also came in and sat in the chair.
How did you know we would come here? I looked at my grandfather and looked at Song Ye. I didn’t know that my grandfather actually knew Song Ye. This made me feel scared. It seems that my grandfather knew me from the first time. I have been in contact with people, and now I even know Song Ye.
My grandfather looked at me and then at Mo Yibai with an unhappy face and said, I know.
Glared at this time of Ma Xiaolan mo Yibai is obviously a face of discontent. Do you have to do that?
Mo Yibai didn’t speak. His head was slightly lower. long bangs covered most of his face and couldn’t see any emotions.
Bring the things. My grandfather stretched out his hand and said coldly to Mo Yibai, that is, you can make things like this. At this point, aren’t you going to show them?
People’s eyes fell on Mo Yi Bai Mo Yi Bai Tao’s body and handed it to my grandfather.
At this time, we have to take a close look at this trick kit, which is made of gold and blue silk and embroidered with two lifelike golden dragons. When I see the golden dragon, I have a headache, and the dragon comes from the tomb of the dragon. My shoulder dragon seems to be alive. Although I didn’t do anything to hurt me, it’s creepy enough. I can’t help but feel an aversion to the dragon. Now I don’t know what the situation is. That dragon looks exactly like my shoulder dragon, which makes people feel scared.
I dare not look at the dragon and take a closer look. The head of the kit is two drawstrings, which should be what we are looking for.
It’s just a slap in the face. I don’t know how big the secret is hidden. Looking at this secret, I feel like a dream. I said in my heart, it’s not what it feels like. When I think of the fairy tomb, I think that it’s just those terrible things in my body, and the terrifying demands that I should be relieved when I find the fairy tomb.
On the one hand, I am finally a little hopeful and excited, on the other hand, I can’t help but worry that going to the immortal tomb should be a more dangerous thing. I don’t know if we can successfully find what we finally want. At the same time, I’m just not worried that this kit will really lead to the immortal tomb. What should I do if it is a rumor and it plays a big joke on us?
Other faces are also changing like me. It seems that everyone has lost fifteen buckets of seven in their hearts like me.
I stared at my grandfather’s hands, and my grandfather’s face was expressionless, and his hands were not excited and trembling, but he slowly took the contents.
Grandpa took a piece of animal skin from the kit, and it was folded into a square shape, which was faintly visible. When you meet him, it should be the same as the word.
Everyone held their breath after seeing that thing and looked at my grandfather to make a room quiet, but
My grandfather glanced at people before he typed a piece of paper.
A 14-inch notebook-sized animal skin was spread out on the table, and everyone leaned forward to see what had happened.
There are some black characters on the surface, or maybe paintings or symbols. There are four golden dragons and lifelike golden dragons on the four sides. It’s so fucking haunting.
I don’t know what kind of material it is, but it is black with the same figure and looks like a word or symbol. I don’t know what the hell it is 2.
Is this a word or a picture? It’s so weird. I’ve never seen eleven. After reading it for a long time, I frowned and said
Who knows me? I don’t know me either. What the hell? I retracted my head and looked at my grandfather and asked old Long Ye, do you know him?
My grandfather looked at the cloth on the desktop calmly and said, I don’t know it
After hearing my grandpa’s words, a few of us look at me. I look at you with a blank face. Obviously, no one knows this ghost painting. It’s a noodle.
Shit, I still have a map in it. Why did it take so long to finally turn out to be such a thing? Is this a text or a painting? It won’t be a map. I really haven’t seen such a map. I’ve never seen such a text in this business for so long. Is it because I’m ignorant or is it just a trick? I’m unbeaten and discouraged. I lean back and look down.
It’s not that you are ignorant. I’ve been an archaeologist for so many years, and I’ve seen tombs in large and small countries and abroad, but I’ve never seen such words or symbols, said Xi.
I turned my head and looked at Mo Yibai, Mo Yibai was silent and still looking at that thing on the table carefully. I looked at my grandfather and Ma Xiaolan, both of whom had indifferent expressions on their faces, and held their hands on their chests. It looked as if they were hanging high.
Hua unbeaten is very dissatisfied with my grandfather’s attitude and said, old Long Ye, you are so ingenious that you can’t miss this situation. I don’t think you should come here. Just help us make this trick and then leave everything alone. Damn it, I really admire you.
I’m undefeated in vain, which means that my grandfather actually found here, but he didn’t live up to the title of God. Now I have thought of this situation before. I don’t think my grandfather could have missed it. After all, it was a long time ago and he didn’t know it was time for things to be lost. It is also possible to find lost words in the text.
My grandfather is so precise that he can’t have come here without arranging a posterior route. He would never tell Hua unbeaten that it was his hands that made a trick.
When I turned my head to see what my grandfather was going to say, I suddenly found that there seemed something wrong with Song Ye’s expression next to me, and my grandfather was also watching Song Ye.
It’s not that I was surprised to see Song Ye, saying that Song Ye should not know these things, right?
Sort of. Song Ye said thoughtfully and looked at the desktop things seriously. Then he took a long time to pay for a pair of reading glasses and pulled them to his face and looked at them.
One person’s eyes shifted to Song Ye, who didn’t expect everyone to join in the fun. Song Ye actually knew this thing.
But because Song Ye was looking at things carefully, everyone was well-advised and didn’t speak. He looked at Song Ye quietly and studied things.
I look like my grandfather. From my grandfather’s expression, I can see that my grandfather knew that Song would know these things before he would wait for us here. How did my grandfather know Song and how did he know that he would wait for us here? I don’t know. I feel that these things are too coincidental. It seems that people have arranged it for a long time. I am moving along this track. My life is like being manipulated by a hand.
Grandpa looked at me with a strange smile in his eyes. I felt more and more strange about this. Before I got up, I thought grandpa was awesome and worshiped, but now I think grandpa is a terrible person. It’s like he has been manipulating my life and I have never forgotten what I heard from a ghost. When I think about it, I feel my hair stand on end and I want to tremble.
Old Long Ye is not a man, my grandfather is not a man, and I seem to believe this sentence more and more. I know everything, and I can have sex with him. Who can do this? But I can’t see my grandfather at all. My grandfather is not a man, a ghost, a monster, a fairy. Then the shape of others lies in this world. I dare not ask. I am quietly observing. I don’t know what I am worried about, but I think I am very timid.

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