More minutes that night

Qin Yu worked overtime for the first time today, staying in the office and watching a group of recent case reports.
Songjiang chuka
Two men dressed in rags are stuck waiting for inspection.
After waiting in line for a while, the soldier on duty shouted "Come here, you two" to them.
Two people smell before.
"Do you have a defense ID card?" Asked the soldier
"What are you doing in the temporary area?" The soldier asked again
"We’re going to town to talk about the purchase of some ingredients in an out-of-town food and lodging shop," the left man replied with a sniffle.
"Bring me the joint defense certificate!"
"good!" The man took out two purple leather certificates from his pocket.
The soldier frowned after reading it and said, "Your certificate has expired! I have to go outside to make up the defense …! "
"Big brother, we are all here. It’s too strong to toss back. Please help!" The man smiled and bowed his head and took out two hundred-dollar bills from his pocket. He stretched out his hand and stuffed them in the past.
Ten minutes later, two rascals stepped out of the card duty building and marched towards Songjiang downtown.
About an hour later.
Two men dressed like vagabonds ate some snacks on the street before taking a leg-pulling motor train to nanyang road and found a place to stay next to the company.
Both of them are lazy people. After entering the room, they didn’t wash their clothes. After a brief chat, they dialed a number on their mobile phones.
After tens of seconds, the call is connected.
"… we arrived at the brigade?"
"OK, I’ll be there in a minute." The speaker hung up the phone with a concise response.
Office of Chief Superintendent No.1 Team
Qin Yu bent down and just poured a glass of water when his desk rang.
"hello? !”
Qin Yu quickly walked over and reached through.
"What if people arrive?" Malaoer sound qi
Qin Yu pondered for two seconds and then asked, "Did you leak the news?"
"No" Ma Laoer shook his head.
"Is everything laid out?"
"… ok, don’t move. I’ll do it." Qin Yuduan took a sip of the glass.
"Ok, I’ll give you the address." Ma Laoer nodded and hung up the phone.
Qin Yu looked down at the phone screen, put a cup and marched out of the office and shouted "Zhu Wei! Zhu Wei? "
The office area is coming over after watching Zhu Weiwen with Ding Guozhen. "What’s wrong?"
"One on duty to gun depot batch of equipment" Qin Yu light responded.
"What?" Zhu Wei one leng.
"Lu said that you should go to gather people first, and leave in 20 minutes at the latest." Qin Yu urged urgently.

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