Every monk who has the honor to witness this record is not shocked in his heart.

Of all the monks who really know the origin of the flying martial arts in the sea, they know that this martial arts is rare, and it is the first time to see this martial arts come out full of holy foxes.
At this time, the old man kept muttering to himself with a face of surprise and excitement. "It turned out to be true. It turned out to be true."
Then looking at the old man Sun Haoman, the main battle in high school, said, "To put it bluntly, this little boy must have come from spirit of war Palace. It must be spirit of war Palace …"
Only with spirit of war Palace can there be a failure of the Hall of Soul.
Of course, it is one thing to have a bearing, and whether it can make the ancient bearing reproduce its glory and glory is another matter.
Even if he is full of holy foxes, this thing can be used to bundle the clouds.
When I saw Gao Sunhao full of holy foxes, I suddenly thought of a very important problem, that is, Sun Hao’s disciples and disciples rushed out of the Ares Palace, and one of them almost rushed out of the reality and finally left the Palace Pisces. These three guys have a very similar feature, that is, the income from the Ares Palace has not been reported to the Hall of All Souls. Today, they must have gained a lot.
Not full of the old man tore open his voice and shouted at Sun Hao, "Aquilaria, there are some things that you three have to give back to all souls. You can’t just take it and run away …"
Sun Hao presided over the Shenzhou flying, but he didn’t hear it!
But in my heart, I also thought that it might be a good choice to take these things to Wan Soul Island to change some of his cultivation resources.
Flying in the sea, Shenzhou enemy
After ten miles of blood, the huge Shenzhou crashed into the sea.
Huge waves rushed out of the distance as Shenzhou fell into the sea.
Crashing in the sea, Shenzhou landed firmly on the sea surface.
And the shenzhou around instantly quiet.
I don’t know the danger, I don’t care about life or death, but I don’t have the spirit to demonize the sea animals and seabirds. I was rushed out of a huge hole by flying in the sea.
It was only after a full wick of incense that the sea beast was demonized after knowing that the sea god Shenzhou fell to the surface of the sea mightily, and the sea water stirred back and forth several times.
Sun Hao smiled at Yi Lu’s lamp and said with a smile, "Brother Jianjun, I also taught you this trick. How about you try it?"
Driving Ba Hai Fei Tian needs Yuan Ying Xiu less.
And the quality of truth element is very high.
On-the-spot monks, Zhizhi Zhenjun and Yu don’t want to meet the requirements, but if they can try, there should be Yi Lu lights.
After all, Yi Lu Deng is also a real outstanding person in the contemporary era. He followed Sun Hao through the burial day market and ranked among the top 20 real masters. The foundation and massiness are not comparable to those of the original Shen Changfu.
Of course, I don’t want the situation here to be special. It’s not good to say whether I can fight the main battle after the outbreak, but Sun Hao estimates that I can’t, because the Fengyun has not seen the magical skills since she left.
Now it’s up to us to see if the Yi Lu lights can drive Ba Hai to fly.
Yi Lu Deng pointed to his nose and said in surprise, "Let me try?"
Corleone nodded slightly.
Easy road lights immediately rubbing their hands. "Just try it. Haha, Jianjun also wants to see if he can ride the sea like agarwood …"
Two people talk at the moment from the magic state of flying in the sea, and the monks finally return to absolute being and can’t help cheering "Aquilaria sinensis …"
Sun Hao, a high school student, gave way to his position with his arms outstretched, smiled at Yi Lu lights and said, "Brother Jianjun, please."
Chapter DiYiErWuYi Variation
Yi Lu’s lamp body appears in a flash, and Sun Hao’s mast is the real core position of Fengyun Ship Array.
Sun Hao has just decided that "there are two key points and difficulties in the manipulation of the army’s battle array. One is that god’s knowledge needs to cover the whole ship array and master every detail of the ship array, especially every array point, so that it can be as handy as an arm command …"
From the time of uniting to the Yuan infant, the scope of the knowledge of the mighty true king is not weak, and all of them have generated the sea of knowledge.
After Sun Hao spoke, it was easy for the road to be covered with lights and horses, and the whole ship array entered the sea of knowledge and began to reflect
A shrinking ship array appeared with lights that knew the sea and easy roads, and then Sun Hao said, "Okay, agarwood, I have covered the whole ship array."
Sun Hao sensed the change of Shenzhou, and said, "Brother Jianjun, please pay attention to several important nodes, especially the gods of the five top sea ships, and prepare for the key traction …"
Yi Lu Deng adjusts his knowledge and does it gradually according to Sun Hao’s requirements.
After half a ring, Sun Hao said again, "Brother Jianjun, now you’d better control your gods evenly to every monk’s body so that they can really melt into the ship …"
Yi Lu lights were silent for a while, as if trying hard to come back after half a ring. "Don’t tell me that you know every monk in the sea. To tell you the truth, it’s not easy for me to divide it into small ships here. I don’t have your strong resolution."
Sun Hao slightly one leng, this just white a truth as if his god knowledge is slightly different from his brother’s, and he can do it himself, but he really can’t do it.
So if you can control Ba Haifei and send a farewell to Godsworn, you really can’t control it.
Since Yi Lu Deng can do this step, Sun Hao can’t insist on starting to talk about the second difficulty. "This is the second difficulty that the true elements have manipulated the gods and pulled the monks. The true elements will be injected along the large array. At this time, Brother Jianjun needs to distribute these true elements evenly to each array to make the whole ship array coordinated and unified before he can rise."
Yi Lu lights up a little and then the sound comes back. "Aquilaria seems very simple, but how do I feel that it is too difficult? This thing should be played by yourself."
Sun Hao encouraged him to "try it, or you will be able to break out the top-class marine fighting skills instead of the real magic skills."
Easy road lights sound said, "that’s the magic skill. It should be a little difficult. Otherwise, how could the magic skill be so rare? I’ll try it, but Aquilaria knows that it’s terrible to do your own thing. Don’t expect too much …"
After that, Yi Lu lights his eyes closed, completely sinking his mind and knowing the sea, and began to manipulate the ship array.
According to Professor Sun Hao’s method, we found each array point, ignoring the subtle manipulation of each monk, and a sudden roar in the mouth of Yi Lu lights, "Give me up …"
When the gods move, the traction is burning away.
Then, the light flashed for a while, and the whole ship array was still firmly lying in the sea.
All seagoing ships, big and small, also have the rotating force when the main mast of Fengyun raises its sails.
But the strength is not strong enough to carry the whole ship array
It was a little surprising that all the monks gathered together and only drove the Fengyun sail to rotate, and then the wind blade broke out, which actually increased its power and cut down a large number of demonized seabirds around the ship array, and a large number of seabirds were smashed.

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