The great powers exclaimed that the brilliant Yin and Yang immortal light was above the realm of the Imperial Road, full of immortal meaning, which originated from the extreme sublimation of the round sea!

"No, it’s not over yet. Ren Huang continues!"
The emperors appeared and their breathing became rapid. Isn’t this the only road to immortality?
Is it possible to continue walking? !
"There are five elements in the sky, fire, water and soil in Jin Mu, and they are transformed into the gods of all things, which is called the five emperors."
Daogong also has a road sound that vibrates the whole secret world, and the ancient world collapses and condenses like an epoch-making singularity big bang. It’s just that this is a kind of five-element fairy light flow!
The five elements road condenses the essence of the five elements, and the world can be divided into five elements, which are the roots. At this moment, the secret realm species is the five elements fairy!
Another fairy road! People can’t help but be aghast. Is this five secret places and five roads? Is it a simple preparation or an orthodox method to fly to the fairy road?
However, some people are keenly aware of the differences, and these fairy species echo each other! Every extra Ren Huang Qi machine will increase by one point, which may be corresponding to something!
"In ancient times, the four poles abandoned Kyushu, crack day, and the fire was not repeated, but the water was not extinguished. The beasts ate the people and the birds seized the old and the weak, so Nuwa refined the five-color stone to make up the sky, and the sky made up the four poles."
Quadrupole boundary shock surge of fairy light also collapsed and condensed, changed the shape and moved closer to a higher and more source level, transforming a fairy seed.
There are four images of the holy spirit, feng shui and fire, and four pillars supporting the sky in spring, summer, autumn and winter, just as the flying dragon wraps around the zenith of the four poles of the ecliptic; The fate of the four poles is anti-form.
This kind of immortal light in the world is becoming more and more prosperous, and it is the Gankun fairy with spirit!
"Leihaiming’s five paths of anger belong to the pool for a long time, but it will only be a fish to turn into a dragon."
The ever-changing Dragon Mystery is followed by the change of the Nine Heavens, and the whole fairy species winds and condenses into a dragon-shaped fairy species surrounded by clouds and clouds.
It is said that dragons can be big and small, and they can rise and hide; If it’s big, it’s cloudy and foggy, and if it’s small, it’s hidden; Ascending is soaring in the universe and lurking in the waves.
This kind of self-perpetuating medicine stands out from the crowd, and it is more majestic than the lingering dragon spirit.
Boom! For a moment, all the Long Mai genera in the world trembled, as if something had happened to them, which made them put on some kind of shackles and could not help but pay homage to Ren Huang and recite reverently.
"Old and immortal, the immortal moved into the mountain, and the old friend also moved to the mountain; Sendai is the top of the mountain! People stand on the top of the mountain and become immortal! "
In the end, the great secret came to light, but it was condensed into a hill-like door shape, and a small human figure was sitting on the top of the door
This form is very miraculous. As soon as it is manifested, it will fascinate all the powerful countries, as if seeing a statue of a fairy, explaining that Sendai is really once climbing to the top of the peek, one would see the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky..
Fairy on the top of the mountain!
This kind comes from the feathered fairy! It is said that the mountain is free and unfettered
Boom! See the fairy in five veins and jump into the fairy in five ways! The five fairy species that shocked the world suddenly gathered together and arranged by yin and yang and five elements from five elements to dry Kun, from dry Kun to nine days, from nine days to eclosion!
This is called humanity, reaching the peak!
"Heaven is in the earth and ugliness is in the yin; Today, my fairy road is built on the road of all beings! "
Li Yu’s roaring in the sky suddenly reached the poverty-stricken heights, far exceeding the true fairy. A pulse that can become immortal feeds back the seven major universes of the ancestors at this moment, and the essence of an immortal is infused to help him transform.
This is the advantage of double-channel fruit becoming immortal. Even the quasi-immortal king can’t be condescending, but he can rise rapidly. When the resources will be saved for a long time, these are all advantages. It is like being flat when the two bodies are close.
However, the speed of five kinds of convergence and one earthquake slowed down, and this road was constructed to correspond to the five levels of the first realm of Xiandao.
"Five shakotan coast together! What is the realm where the five roads gather together? !”
People can’t help but shake it. It’s a shocking scene.
Once a secret realm was sublimated, the immortal could become immortal, but the emperor even sublimated the five secret realms with five veins, and made the immortal connect with each other. Where did the immortal go? Are you going to jump out?
Huang Dao masters are even more excited. This is the road to immortality!
And it is very suitable for them, which is derived from the idea of the secret dharma, whether it is simply building roads or orthodox dharma, you can practice!
"The practice from the round sea to the immortal is also from the round sea."
Chapter four hundred and fifty XianLu even out of the new emperor’s way
How many people can be seen in the vast universe?
You don’t have to cross the phoenix Lapras to swim every day
"It’s all over the world, but it’s all over the world."
Li Yu was born in poverty, and the immortal road became glorious, and the legislative road had its own blessings from all over the world.
There are clusters of fairy plants around, and each fairy plant is crystal clear and fragrant. It is refreshing to be close, and the creatures can’t help but tremble all over. Taking a breath makes people feel like feathering and soaring.
There are colorful flowers scattered and colorful, with light and rain, beautiful to the extreme, and his body will be surrounded by the day, and the five veins will see the fairy. It can be said that it is a rare wonder in ancient times, and even Cang Du will celebrate it.
Slowly, behind him, there is a heavy and heavy elixir, and the virtual shadow shows up one fairy after another. If it resonates,
"Psst, some immortals have never seen that chaotic violet Qing Di. It seems strange."
"Great, is this a reappearance of all the fairy treasures in the ancient years?"
People were shocked to see the dragon and phoenix, the golden tiger, the jade rabbit and the laurel; Saw violet swaying in chaos; There are even mixed fairy lights blooming; The wings are full of light, and the creatures cry long.
At the end of the day, there was a road floating from the sky and turned into a vigorous flat peach fairy tree. If it was a dragon, it would be inexplicable. As soon as the law was solidified, it would appear that the red fruit was scattered and the red glow was fragrant with the fragrance of God.
At this moment, the fruit drop is condensed by the law of blessing, and it is grasped by Li Yu, and the crystal peach petals around it are dancing, and the fragrance is fragrant all over the sky.
"yin and yang are born repeatedly, and a thunder is drunk by itself, and it is known to the world."
He sang songs and swallowed the blessing fruit in his stomach, and suddenly a thunder clearly showed the shape of a road to blend into the sky, which represented that this immortal road was recognized by heaven and earth as a part of blessing.
In an instant, Kunpeng coiled the peacocks of five colors to sing, and the feng shui cremated lotus was everywhere. If the Kowloon Bridge was not properly built, a fairy god would sit high and drown him here.
This is not an ordinary vision, but an entity constructed by the law of avenue blessing, which is an approval of Chengxian Road and will be accompanied by this law. The vision is full of sacred glory and scriptures everywhere.
"Fairy vision, every weight corresponds to a secret fairy species. This is a complete fairy road to the end of this realm!"
The imperial court honored people felt their five secrets throbbing with joy, eager to bathe in it, and the light rain even made up for their cracks in Sendai.
"Sendo has planted itself to take the road; My sentient beings preach about immortals, and the ten parties in the whole world can listen to them equally, regardless of high or low, regardless of race, poverty or wealth.
Thousands of sentient beings are like a humanitarian raft crossing me in the past. Now I cross all sentient beings and everyone can’ see the fairy’. "
Li Yu’s vision around him naturally enveloped and gathered into a platform, which alternately stacked the seven major universes behind him, driving the whole world to resonate and sublimate
This is feedback, because of the particularity of the body, so that he can do this step now, feedback this world and make the environment better and better, and another way is to fill in and make up for the extension and get a new life
In an instant, the whole world feels that Ren Huang’s willingness has been enriched and prosperous several times in an instant. This is the will of heaven and earth to promote it, which is beneficial and complementary and win-win choice.
More and more creatures are burning incense, praying and chanting Ren Huang’s name. They are quietly waiting for Ren Huang to preach, and everyone can listen.
And powerful enough creatures will naturally choose to listen near Ren Huang, which is more effective.
The most eye-catching nature is the immortal imperial court personnel, who are also qualified to serve around Ren Huang and become children to listen to the teachings of Avenue.
"HSS when it’s really a strong cloud, the emperor court tyrant, the king of god, has come. According to their present state, they are very mysterious and have been praised as the strongest player in this new generation; Even the Xuanwu Emperor once commented that the afterlife is awesome. "
"Ren Huang’s followers came in the past, and all of them reached the level of quasi-emperor. The most amazing thing was that Emperor Tian’s adult was muddy, and one of them got a statue and left Ze to step into the cloud nine; One is the holy king, who has been fighting incessantly today, and has stepped into the Dacheng level and become a contemporary tyrant. "
"Some people think that overlord can’t go this far, but he made the right choice and became a follower of Ren Huang. A rising tide lifts all boats naturally, even if the qualification is worse than that of the blood crystal perfusion Huang Dao master mark, can you give advice again? What’s more, it’s really lucky to have a big battle to sharpen your opponent. "

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