So she has a chance to be born again and take it to the desert. That should be a chance.

She and Chi Mie have not only been to the desert, but also to the wild.
This is probably all chance.
"You overestimate me." Yunzui was really tired, which made Kite not want to provoke more.
In fact, Yun Zui thinks that the surface of the kite is softer than that of Chi Fen, but in fact it is a perverted and moody demon.
The kite seemed angry and fell silent, and then suddenly took out one and said, "This is an assassination. When the buyer’s information and transaction are recorded very clearly, I will give you this account if you promise me."
Yun Zui’s eyes fell on that account, and a mocking look appeared. "I didn’t expect you to say this and believe that if this matter goes out to you, will there be business after you go out?"
The kite’s answer surprised Yun Zui. "I don’t care if you take me to the desert. I can give you everything!" "
Yunzui didn’t expect kite to make such a big sacrifice. Who went to the desert to find that one?
"I’m sorry, even if you give me all you have, I don’t necessarily care who the buyer is. I already know it, so I won’t bother to tell me." Then I turned and walked in the other direction.
He doesn’t go, she goes.
And the kite is still waiting for him, so she doesn’t want anything?
Is this a big talk?
He is in such a high position. What if he gives Yunzui his throne?
Is she willing to exchange? !
If kite tells this idea, I’m afraid there will be many people in mainland China who will let go of everything and look for the desert every day, right?
153 Chapter 153 New means
One second, remember ♂ update and read quickly!
Of course, kite didn’t ask this sentence and didn’t know what Yunzui’s answer was.
Back to the prime minister’s office, everything was calm, as if the Dali Temple was investigating the culprit, not Yunshang.
They’re not in a hurry. They’re getting drunk. Of course, they’re becoming more vigilant
Who knows if there will be another batch of killers? Or what new means?
It’s better to be on the lookout for drunkenness.
No one in this prime minister’s office wants her to be drunk and alive.
"Can the toffee have a meal?" It’s a maid who asks Yunzui.
Yunzui immediately replied, "No, I have eaten."
Then he pushed his door.
This room is full of clothes, except clothes, which belong to the Prime Minister’s Office.
Moreover, Yinyun drunk is also carried around and not put in the Prime Minister’s house.
Lying on the couch, Yunzui stretched himself lazily.
Every time I look at the accounts, I feel very tired. If I have a choice, she will choose to assassinate others without looking at the accounts.
Yes, she needs to teach Xiao Tian modern multiplication, division, addition and subtraction, so that she won’t be so tired when she looks at the accounts!
Alas, why didn’t she think of it earlier?
It is important to note that if friends can’t type the old domain name, they can access it by visiting the backup domain name.
Yunzui can’t help rolling on the couch. It’s a fool to think of it now.
After Yunzui washed up the next day, someone made breakfast and put it in front of her.
Yunzui used to pick it up and eat it.
The maid who brought breakfast went to the hall as soon as she got back.
There are Yunyao, Yunshang and Dou Saiqi and Yunxi Yunmo.
They planned it yesterday, and today they were poisoned and framed.
The servant girl walked quickly to the front of them, her eyes flashed for a while and then reported, "Toffee has already had breakfast."
Smell speech YunYao immediately eyes flashed a bit get away with it.
Dou Saiqi, who waved away the servant girl, immediately asked, "What poison is Yao’s son?"
Yunyao took a look at Dou Saiqi and immediately raised her head with a hairpin and said, "Killing people is a good medicine."
"If Yun is drunk this time, your brother-in-law and I will treat you as a bodhisattva." Yunshang said.
Yunyan Yao covered her mouth and smiled. "Elder sister is really good at talking. What are you going to do when I am in the palace?"
Smell speech Dou Saiqi immediately said, "What are sisters doing with these words? Yao Er, you have to go back to the palace early to be sycophantic. You don’t know if you will give the emperor a heady trip without you."
YunYao face smile can’t help but fade slightly to say, "No emperor, he is in poor health, afraid that he won’t find his other concubine in these two days."
Wen Yan Yun’s daughter couldn’t help being startled.
This is the first time I heard Huang Chi-xuan breaking the news.
But it is true that Chixuan’s face is sickly all the year round.
Yunzui walked towards the courtyard after eating. At this time, the sun was already very warm. Yunzui wanted to sit on the swing, but a servant girl came in a hurry.
Yunzui looked intently at the girl approaching her.
"Your Royal Highness, Taifei, please come to his house to discuss something," said the servant girl, hanging her head.
It’s not like Chi Mi’s style that Yun Zui hears the words and raises eyebrows.
He never invites people. If you invite someone to say something, you must take the initiative to find that person. It is also very strong to invite. How can you let a servant girl inform you?
"What kind of palace are you?" Cloud drunk suspicious asked
When the servant girl heard this, she immediately replied, "The handmaiden is the Prime Minister’s mansion. Your report asked a person to come and talk to her."

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