Surprise rose in my heart and I was full of questions at the same time.

I don’t understand why I still have a chance to live after the placenta broke away from the prison ghost town. I wonder where the placenta went at the moment. I don’t know which one saved me.
The spirit is linked to the cuckoo in the Yin Zhu, but it is cuckoo without any response. This situation makes me startled.
It’s been 14 years since I met Goo Tsai at the age of 18. Every day, I drop a drop of blood to nourish Yin Zhu. I can be sure that Goo Tsai is in Yin Zhu at this moment, but he doesn’t respond to my spirit as if he were asleep.
This is the first time in history.
I’m worried about whether the spirit is connected or not. I turned my head to observe my environment at the moment, and such a simple move made my head dizzy
"Xiao Ran, you woke up and scared the hell out of you. You’ve been in a coma for a day and two nights. Are you hungry, thirsty and thirsty? Do you feel uncomfortable?" Just as I was wondering, I looked at my environment with my eyes. Tang Sike pushed the door and came in to see me awake and went straight to my bedside to ask questions.
"Dizziness" answers Tang Sike’s question. My voice is very good.
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"Xiao Ran, wait a minute. I’m going to find a doctor to help you look at it." Tang Sike heard my words and ran out of the ward.
I can’t help but roll my eyes when I see Tomsk running out of the ward to find a doctor after listening to my words. There is a bell ringing at the bedside of this ward, okay?
But my heart is full of warmth. I am lucky to encounter Tang Sike’s loss of friends like this.
Tang Sike soon came with the doctor, followed by them, sweating and panting. Han Tianqin was full of joy when he saw me wake up.
The doctor examined me and said that I had a slight concussion due to a head impact. I was hospitalized for observation and can be discharged after 24 hours.
The prognosis of concussion is good. Most patients return to normal in two weeks, but a few patients may also have secondary cranial lesions or other complications. Therefore, the mental state, consciousness, clinical symptoms and vital signs of patients must be closely observed during symptomatic treatment, and necessary examinations should be carried out according to the situation.
"No, doctor, Xiao Ran has been in a coma for a day and two nights. Please help me to check if Xiao Ran still has his condition." After seeing the doctor, I will leave Tang Sike and hold the arm of the doctor who just gave me a physical examination.
"Classmate, your friend’s situation is so assured that our hospital is extremely responsible for patients and there will be no misdiagnosis." The doctor was held by Tang Sike’s arm and it was very professional to explain to Tang Sike.
"But you can be in a coma for a day and two nights after being hit, doctor. Look again." Tang Sike is very stubborn
There is no way for the doctor to check me again and still get the same result.
So Thomas can be regarded as letting the doctor go.
"Xiao Ran, you are so scary. Look at my dark circles." The doctor left Han Tianqin and pointed his finger at his eyes, letting me see, and then poured me a glass of water to serve me.
"As handsome as Qin" looked around me. Tang Sike and Han Tianqin evoked a great radian in my lip angle.
"Little Ran’s eyes are good. Everyone knows this." If you get my words, Han Tianqin raises his face.
"Come on, come on, get out of here. Go to your place. It affects Xiao Ran’s mood. Xiao Ran came to see me. I’m Chang Jun." Tang Sike pulled Han Tianqin aside and let me see her face with her hands on my bedside.
I can’t help laughing at the performance of two wonderful friends who are "well, Coco is very handsome"
"Must drop" Townships ridiculous eyes narrowed.
After a while, I asked Tang Sike and Han Tianqin how I got into the hospital and which one sent me to this hospital.
Tang Sike and Han Tianqin talked to me in a hurry, and I always understood which hospital I was lying in at the moment and who sent me.
It turned out that Xie Yiming was a classmate.
Tang Sike and Han Tianqin told me that they were all asleep that night. Xie Yiming woke them up and told them that I was the first people’s hospital of fz at the moment.
When Tang Sike and Han Tianqin came to the First People’s Hospital of fz City, Han Tianqin had already helped me to pay before leaving the hospital. After Tang Sike and Han Tianqin were busy taking care of me, they took a leave and didn’t go to class, so they never saw Han Tianqin again.
"Xiao Ran, what happened after all? Where did you go that night and how did you get into the hospital?" Tang Sike and Han Tianqin looked at me with a face of truth after answering my questions.
"Er, it’s okay. I went out for a walk later, and I fainted without knowing what happened." I rubbed my forehead and prevaricated to answer the common questions of Tang Sike and Han Tianqin.
"Dr. Xiao Ran said that you were in a coma because your brain was hit. Did someone want to rob you of money and color? It happened that Xie Yiming’s hero saved the United States and saved you." After listening to my answer, Tang Sike automatically made up his mind.
"Er, it’s possible" doesn’t refute Tom’s words. At this moment, Tom’s brain tonic just belongs to self-questioning and self-answering, and he gives the answer to his own question.
After waking up, I stayed in the hospital for observation for 24 hours, and several times I joined Goo Tsai, but Goo Tsai didn’t respond once.
After 24 hours of hospital observation, I followed Tang Sike and Han Tianqin back to school.
I refused Tang Sike and Han Tianqin to help me continue to ask for leave and let me continue to recuperate. When I didn’t delay any longer, I went to class that day.
I have questions and want to ask Xie Yiming. I also want to thank him in person.
Hao-wen wang didn’t come to class, even his minion Lai Yuejing was absent from class. Xie Yiming was still indifferent. When he saw me coming to class, he glanced at me and withdrew his sight.
Xie Yiming’s reaction made my heart astringent and convergent, and I concentrated on the class.
After school, I stopped Xie Yiming from leaving.
"Xie Yiming, thank you for taking me to the hospital. I will pay you back later." I was a little embarrassed before Xie Yiming.
This is not the first time I have spoken to Xie Yiming in my class for more than two years, but it is the time I have spoken to Xie Yiming the most.
"You’re welcome, just lift a finger. This is my card number, and then you can transfer the money to my account." After listening to my words, Xie Yiming pulled out a UnionPay card from his pocket and copied the card number to me.
A simple dialogue Xie Yiming left with his backpack before I asked any more questions. I looked at Xie Yiming’s hand and copied my card number and set it in place.
Chapter 40 Finally wait for you
"Let’s go, Xiao Ran is starving. I can eat a cow this noon." Tang Sike came up to me with the class.
"Good" I folded the paper with Xie Yiming’s card number written on it and put it in my pocket, and left the classroom with Tang Sike.
"Hey, Xiao Ran, you said that Xie Yiming was also cool enough to have no friends." Tang Sike complained while building.
"Everyone has a different personality, right?" I responded to Tang Sike’s words by rubbing my forehead. Although the doctor said that I had a slight concussion, this simple building made me a little dizzy.
Near the handrail, I held the handrail and walked upstairs. It was not fun if I accidentally bumped into it.
"That’s what he said just now." Tang Sike saw me holding the stair handrail in my hand and taking the class in my other hand to help me walk side by side with me.
"Thank you for raising your hand, and then just send the money to his card." It’s funny enough to think that I talked to Xie Yiming just now, and my lips reminded me that I was cramped with a wool just now.
"Well, that little Ran, if you have enough money, I have a good object that my emperor Amar found missing some time ago. I am happy to give me a card and spend a lot of money so that I can share happiness with him." Tang Sike asked me in a low voice when he heard me.
"I can’t pay back the cocoa and Qin’s money later." When it comes to paying back the money, I feel that the sun is not charming.
Although it is enough for me to spend money on my card every month, I really spend a lot of money lying in the hospital these days, and I really can’t get enough medical care for myself these days
I called grandma for the second time and learned that grandma is now in Xiangxi. I am worried that I won’t bother her at this time and ask her to remit money to me. I don’t want her to know about my affairs and worry about me in turn.
So I can pay back Xie Yiming’s money first, and Tang Sike and Han Tianqin advance the medical department for me. After I pay it back, I can stop eating directly.
"What are you talking about? I’m playing with Qin if I don’t pay back the money. That’s the deal." As soon as I spoke, Tang Sike immediately expressed his attitude.
I didn’t pick up another conversation with Tom Sike, and my idea of taking a part-time job came up again.
Tang Sike and Han Tianqin advance medicine for me. Do I have to or just slow down? A penny stumps the hero. Everything needs money all the time. Without money, social life can’t be decisive.
Soon, another week passed. This week, my body has almost recovered. When I fainted that night in Shuguang Park, fz, the strange placenta never appeared.
Everything was calm except that I couldn’t summon the cuckoo in the pearl.
I don’t know if this calm means that a more violent storm will sweep over soon or that my life will return to the past again, but this week’s calm is what I like most.
Because this week’s calm has given me a chance to recuperate and breathe.
If the placenta reappears before my body recovers, I will definitely be able to cope with it.
This week, Wang Haowen also came to school again, but his face has always been pale and he has become more silent than usual. Many people are hesitant to see me, but his eyes are less and he continues to cling to me.
With the appearance of Wang Haowen in school, Lai Yuejing, his little sidekick, also came to the school class to listen to Lai Yuejing tell another story. It is not known what he did with Wang Haowen during his disappearance.
The day is dull, and Bai Linger comes to our class every day. Xie Yiming is indifferent and persistent, and chats with him.
Xie Yiming paid for my hospitalization. I have called him and sent him a message. He also replied with a good word.
It’s been a month since grandma sent money to my card, but grandma didn’t, but she didn’t send money, and she didn’t say a word to worry about grandma’s safety. When I called grandma, she always showed me the way to get through.
I can’t connect with grandma, but I can’t do anything. Every day my heart is tied together.
Another weekend, when I finished reading the library, I chatted with my mobile phone and put the convenience store link into my eyelids.
I packed my things and came out of the library. I called the convenience store directly.
I came to this convenience store job notice a long time ago, and I didn’t have much hope. Who knows how to get through there and tell me that I can start work tonight when I need it, and the salary is quite good

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