-Xiao Qiushui appreciates them. He appreciates loyalty and loyalty. He doesn’t want to expose them.

He wants to leave quietly
He was about to leave for a cold drink. "Who is it? !”
This person is anxious and fast. When the beam rings, people have reached the beam, and a hurricane has flown on Xiao Qiushui’s back.
Xiao Qiushui doesn’t look back. Known bearer is an old man.
Fold the old man’s hand and you will know that his martial arts is higher than anyone among the six people.
Xiao Qiushui cut his palm, drew his strength, slammed into the broken window, and fled away.
Qi flew out of the house yesterday and saw Xiao Qiushui’s back slamming out a sword, but he was hit by the other side; At this time, Li Jiu and Pan Gui were also swept out and Pan Gui fell. "Oh, shit!"
Li Jiu said, "This guy is like the man in the teahouse …"
Qi Fei stamped his foot yesterday. "This person looks like Xiao Qiushui; If he heard it, it would be terrible to go out! I’m good at flying. I’ll go after him. You stay here! "
As soon as Qi flew yesterday, he shot out here like a projectile, and Pujiang sand jumped out of the tower. The old man also took Diao Qibao and Diao Jinbao from the roof tile.
Pan Guidao: "Boss Qi went after him and asked us to stay."
Li Jiu said, "I’m afraid that man’s flying skill can only be chased by his boss and his teacher."
The old man hesitated for a long time and looked into the distance. Finally, he said, "Let’s go into the tower."
Xiao Qiushui is full of energy at the moment, from which she has risen her flying skill, and she has rushed to throw Qi yesterday far away.
He wanted to leave Chang ‘an for Baqiao early to see what was going on-but halfway through, he reached out and touched his arms-Tian Yingxiong ordered Gu Jian Long song to return it, and Zhu Tianwang’s secret spectrum was also lost.
-where is it lost? It must be the roof beam
-will it be taken away by the old man? Probably not.
The true scripture is a thing for mortals, but it is a treasure for Shaolin.
Xiao Qiushui decided to go back and get it back.
-he knew that he would dare to turn back when he was surprised by the old man.
-maybe they left when they went back.
-even if it happens, it might as well be World War I, because he can handle it now with martial arts, or killing people without hurting people will not cause any harm.
Xiao Qiushui went back.
The tenth time to wander the Jianghu, the bloody case in the tower and the fighting at Baqiao Bridge.
Xiao Qiushui never dreamed that he would see such a scene when he went back.
When he walked near the Wild Goose Pagoda, he was especially careful to bypass the right road and walk to the bushes, and then he wanted to plunder the stone pagoda and rush into the hall to retrieve the scriptures.
He crawled along while watching the movement in the tower.
He suddenly stepped on something.
He almost fell on the surface.

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