Hands are stained with tens of thousands of blood, and that pool of shallow water has already turned into a blood pool, which can no longer be washed and earned.

Life is like a mire. If you jump in, you can’t struggle out until you die
Occasionally, there will be an evil drama-like thought in my heart. What if I die in this battle?
A cold shudder flashed in my heart and immediately pressed this idea.
If I die, I’ll risk my life with my brothers, and I’m afraid I won’t live.
Life is not too lonely if there are few people or things you want to protect.
At the thought of this, the cloud neon figure reappeared in his mind.
I went home after the battle in Yun Ni.
Never go out again from then on.
The wind blows the horse and screams
Grunt is calm as water.
He fought in the military all his life, and he never lost, not because he was brave, but because he always calmed down at the most critical moment.
Every time there is a crisis, his brain will wake up like a computer, and he can quickly rearrange all the possibilities.
In the past three years, the battle of shallow water and clear water has always been to establish a pan-continental iron wall defense line, preferring to give up opportunities rather than seek success. Although he can’t do anything about shallow water and clear water, he has forced himself to have a strong fighting spirit.
There are all kinds of heroes in this world. Some heroes spend their whole lives in England, but they finally lose, such as uncle Zhong. Some people are born to show their great power at the last minute. They have been here for a long time, and they have known enough about him, but that is because Gront never had a chance to exert his true ability. Gront is good at planning before he moves, but he is good at playing along with the current.
The army is rushing to the rescue road, and generals from all walks of life are yelling and urging the soldiers to whip up their horses. Grunt has a pair of big eyes looking at himself at the end of the road. There are 100,000 soldiers in total. Now it is the most mobile troops he can hastily mobilize. He is rushing to rescue Baisha City Road on a starry night.
There was a sudden realization in his heart, and he couldn’t help thinking that if shallow water guessed early in the morning, he would rescue Baisha City as a preparation?
If you don’t consider the strength of the shallow water clear hands, even if you don’t mobilize the defenders of Baisha City, you may not be able to get it. Since he wants to mobilize the defenders of Baisha City to attack again, does that mean that he didn’t put all his strength out?
So where did he leave the troops?
What do they want to do?
Baisha City is so important that shallow water is not clear enough to cover it up, so what is more important than Baisha City?
"Retona!" Grunt suddenly shouted
"Grand Marshal" Reto Nagong replied that he escaped alone from the four generals of the Western Empire in a bloody battle in Mitterrand. Because of this defeat, the strength of the Western Army was damaged, which led to the ability of the Western Army to clear the defensive measures in shallow water.
After this war, the film general Ratona was deprived of the title of film general and demoted.
However, it is still important for Grunt to stay with him.
"Leto, if you were shallow and clear in Baisha City and me, which one would you choose to get rid of?" This moment Gront suddenly asked
Leto bowed his head and thought for a moment before he sank, "If ordinary generals naturally choose Baisha City to occupy an area, it will always be easier to get brilliant fame than to kill generals, and it will be easier to prove their achievements. But if I were shallow water, I would definitely choose to give priority to the marshal. Now my Western Empire is in an unfavorable situation, but if one day there is a marshal, you will not defeat him. Even if you take Baisha City, you can’t say that you will definitely win us."
Grunt’s murder in his heart passed by. "I suspect that there is an ambush in the shallow water. This guy has laid a series of red mountain bait for us to deal with Baisha City and then Baisha City bait for us."
Leto that heart shock "this is impossible? At present, most of the western part of St. Weill is still in the shallow water under our control. It is difficult to bring others into our control area, with hundreds or tens of thousands of people afraid. "
"There is always a country road to walk through shallow water, and he is good at hiding. If he is ready to take people, he is not too afraid of it."
"Boy, do you want to sneak up on us on our site?" Leto muttered, but I didn’t think of it in my heart. Even the marshal is suspicious yourself.
The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he became. "If Leto asked you to lead the troops, how many people do you expect to sneak past our noses without being discovered by our opponents?"
"Up to 30,000 people," Retona affirmed. "More people will ensure secrecy."
"That is to say, we are likely to run into shallow water. An ambush force of 30,000 people is waiting for us in the road ahead, right?"
"Marshal, after all, this is based on speculation."
Leto was waking up. Although Grunt said that there could be anything on the battlefield, if you judge that the other side has an ambush just by guessing, then this battle can’t be fought at all.
"You’re right. Now that you are so handsome, I order you to lead a 30,000-man riding team immediately and put on the banner of the main array to play handsome. What do you think?"
Leto’s heart was shocked. He was set to be bait.

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