The most sacred place of Cai State, like Chen State, is covered with golden clouds, which shows that a country is lucky and a country is prosperous.

The ancestral temple has the elders of Cai, but Cai Cai Huangong is too powerful.
Cai Huangong’s fortune from every sacrifice is not given to a group of ministers, but enjoyed by himself or his relatives. Although Wang Cai and Chen Wang are generally a monarch, Wang Cai is already two or three hundred years old.
The elders of the ancestral temple of Cai Guo are almost all descendants of Cai Wang.
So Wang Yi of Cai made it possible even if the elders of the ancestral temple were unwilling to do so again.
The elders looked at the ancestral temple square, and thousands of masons had gathered. This huge number also made the elders talk for a while
What does Bian Que want?
It’s okay to toss about the elixir courtyard next to the ancestral temple. Why did you come to harm my ancestral temple?
Bian Que and Jiang Tai are in a group.
Jiang Tai is holding a big wooden board with some complicated patterns in his hand.
"Listen, we’re going to build the biggest stadium in the sky, and we’re going to set up a high platform around the biggest sermon venue. There’s not much technical content, but it’s just piled up one by one to make all the people who come to listen feel at home!" Jiang Taikou call way
A group of masons looked at each other, mostly illiterate. How can they know what makes them feel at home?
Jiang Tai sees casting pearls before swine, even if he turns his head and gives the plank plan to Manzhong.
"Uncle Man, you are responsible for letting them know!" Jiang tai wry smile way
"Well, don’t worry, but this amount of work is not small, at least in half a year!" Manzhong shook his head and laughed
"Nothing, don’t worry, get it slowly!" Jiang Tai affirmed
"That’s good!" Manzhong nodded
Aside Bian Que looked at the big wooden sermon venue and his heart surged at the moment.
Compared with the huge square in front of me, Bian Que was grateful. "If Jiang Tai can gather 100,000 people this time and let me give a lecture at such a huge venue, I will be satisfied even if the effect is not great!"
Jiang Tai see Bian Que at that time I don’t know Tathagata.
This is only a football match audience at most. Some superstars in previous lives can also make the stadium bursting. In previous lives, the superstars were just ordinary people touring. I don’t know how many such conventions have been visited in a year. They are full of fame and screams.
Are you satisfied that you haven’t come yet just once?
Whether Bian Que shocked or a group of elders and masons of the ancestral temple were at a loss to command the huge project officially.
At one time, the Zongmiao Square was crowded with people, and a large number of stones were transported, and the sediment was flying all over the sky. At one time, the Zongmiao Temple in Cai was hazy and dusty.
The elders of the ancestral temple face black to death.
"Get up the ancestral temple hall and don’t be polluted by these dust!" An elder said with a black face
"Elder, I just inquired about a temple, and it may be foggy for more than half a year!"
Three days later, Jiang Tai looked at Manzhong again.
"Uncle Man, these things are too tired. Anyway, we make money. Don’t be too provincial. I heard that Cai has a Mohist brother, right? Mohism seems to be very good at building cities. Why don’t you recruit some Mohist brothers to help? " Jiang tai call way
"I am not afraid that you will design this leak?" Manzhong is worried
"What are you afraid of leaking? I don’t worry that if every country has such a big venue in the future, it may be helpful to me!" Jiang Tai said
"All right!" Manzhong nodded
Within two days, Manzhong found a dozen Mohist brothers.
When a Mohist brother saw Jiang Tai’s drawings, he opened his eyes one by one and said, "What a magnificent Dojo!"
"Yes, if this is built, many great events in a country can be put into practice!"
"Mr. Man, it’s a fantastic idea for you to announce this to us, and it also inspires me a lot to build a city by Mohism!"
A group of Mohist brothers sighed.

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