Section 131

"… well, that’s good." Someone listened to Meng Xin’s confession and was so happy that he bowed his head and kissed again until Meng Haidong called for dinner outside.
"Is it really night shift?" Think about a night can’t hold the beauty to Li Ziyu feel this body somewhere some finally uncomfortable.
"Well, the adjustment didn’t come to tell you the day before yesterday. She had something to do at home and had to be delayed for a while. Some colleagues in other classes helped her. That is, there was no one on the night shift tonight. I am the head nurse, so I will cover it naturally." The night shift day just happened to be a rest.
"Oh," someone wronged and replied, knowing that Meng Xin was not coaxing him, there was nothing he could do.
Meng Xin took the initiative to post and kiss him for a while, "Be a good girl and take a rest to make it up to you."
Meng Xin and someone didn’t think that Meng Xin’s good friend was coming before the night shift was over. Really, really, deliberately shaking his head with someone.
Someone has been so black-faced that it feels like even God is against him.
-dividing line-
The next day, Meng Xin slept all afternoon, because her good friend came, and she had to avoid eating anything cold and spicy. At noon, Li Ziyu asked people to stew chicken soup at home and cooked some light dishes. Meng Xin woke up after smelling the fragrance and had a delicious meal after washing.
"You’re not going to work today?" Meng Xin looked at the desk calendar while eating. It’s not a weekend. It is reasonable to say that he should be working.
Is it good that he is so absent from work? Meng Xin think how his sin is so high?
"Come back after noon at 11: 30. If you have enough sleep, will you accompany me to class?" Li Ziyu gave her a bowl of chicken soup to "drink more soup to replenish qi and blood"
"Well," Meng Xin nodded and took a sip of soup, knowing that this was to invite someone back to make soup. It couldn’t be someone. If someone had a separate kitchen, they would have stewed chicken soup in the kitchen with Ellie, and the result might have been worse than not.
Meng Xin hasn’t been to Li Shi, but today she doesn’t want to refuse. After all, Li Ziyu has been with her for several times. If he doesn’t mind that her appearance will disturb him, then she will go.
"Wife, I love you" Li Ziyu didn’t expect that she would promise so readily, which really made him be elated.
Let those employees have a good look at their future. Mrs. Li should not talk nonsense to him all day, which angered him and made their wages shrink at any time.
He Li Ziyu is a vengeful reporter, not as generous as they think.
Meng Xin ate two bowls of rice, drank three bowls of soup, and ate many dishes. At last, she almost came out of it. After dinner, Meng Xin washed a bowl and walked back and forth in the living room for a few times before she felt that her stomach distension had slightly disappeared.
At 1: 30, Li Ziyu went to the company with his wife.
As soon as Meng Xin arrived at the door of the company, she was worshipped by Li’s front desk staff. Meng Xin was still a little nervous, but she was more puzzled when she touched such eyes.
Meng Xin didn’t know that Liziyu had asked Zhao Xing to send everyone a packet of wedding candy without invitation, but a box of wedding candy was very good to buy. Zhao Xing informed everyone that Mrs. Li would come to the company to inspect the workers at noon, so that each of them could come up with a brand-new mental outlook. Don’t mess up the rumors like yesterday.
Mr. Li always thinks that Mrs. Li’s former theory is a thing of the past, whether it is Jin Feifei or Feng Meiting.
At this time, everyone realized that the comfortable life during this period made them forget how evil General Li was before. Now General Li has become kind. It is because of Mrs. Li that General Li will still put up with their nonsense. However, they made the false statement so lifelike yesterday that they really don’t want to live.
Sending wedding candy is not to please them, but to threaten and warn them to continue if they don’t want to do it
Therefore, when Meng Xin arrives, we don’t need Zhao Xingxing or Li Zong to introduce us. Everyone respectfully calls Meng Xin and Li Zong.
Meng Xin nodded to them. Hello, hello, reply with Liziyu smiling beside her.
What else can I say in this scene? Jin Feifei is a thing of the past. At present, Mrs. Li can make Mr. Li smile so brightly, which is unprecedented.
Seeing the truth but hearing the falsehood is the welfare of Li’s employees.
Liziyu finally asked everyone to work hard and the company wouldn’t mistreat everyone, so he went to his office with Meng Xin crossed. Meng Xin came into the office to understand Liziyu’s purpose, which was premeditated in the early morning, but she was so stupid that she just got in. It was a shame and a great experience at the same time.
Women are so contradictory. It’s normal for a creature to have different opinions.
"Tired, have a rest" said Liziyu, secretly sending two cups of top coffee in.
"Well thank you" after a Meng Xin toward Liziyu secret said.
"… you’re welcome, madam." The secret face is red. It’s the first time that someone has made coffee so many times for the total guest of Shirley. It’s so polite to say thank you to her. She suddenly feels that the lady is really nice. No wonder Shirley is so rare.
"You go out." Li Ziyu went to Meng Xin in the secret passage and took her into her arms. "Are you angry?"
"Didn’t you go to work? Listen to Zhao Xing and say that you can’t finish the work every day now. When do you want to postpone it?" Meng Xin pushed him. This is his office, so it’s not taboo.
"Well, there are magazines and brains. What are you playing with?" Liziyu’s face is reddish. This Zhao Xing is getting bolder and bolder. He dares to say that behind his back.
"Well, don’t worry about me. I know how to do it." Meng Xin has her own way of killing time to read the novel. One afternoon passed quickly
Li Ziyu didn’t say anything. This Zhao Xing is holding him back. He will let him see his efficiency now.
So the picture of an afternoon office is very beautiful. Li Ziyu is busy with his own affairs, and Meng Xin is quietly accompanying the time.
It would be very happy to look at someone once in a while and have a career.
Meng Xin quietly reads novels on her mobile phone. She likes reading novels in her spare time. In fact, she doesn’t have much in her spare time. She is so absorbed in reading novels that she has never noticed that someone in this room is looking at her and is’ calculating’ her happiness.

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