[Nearby] What’s the bet on stewing pig’s trotters?

[Nearby] Seven Crows, pk, both of us. If you lose, you can join our gang. If you win, you can leave.
[Nearby] It’s unfair to stew pig’s trotters. I don’t gamble because my hands are disabled.
[Nearby] Come on ~ I’ve been here for a long time, and I finally waited for a person to come, so you should answer me ~
Looking at the seven crows jumping around beside the pig’s trotters, Zuo Tangtang’s head is big.
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed. Okay, okay, I promise you the head office.
Anyway, I have to leave the so-called Zuo Tangtang thought.
Unexpectedly, Zuo Tangtang actually won and looked at himself on the keyboard. Is this to turn grief into strength and decay into magic?
After a daze, Zuo Tangtang looked at it and was still distracted. Seven crows were ready to leave.
But by this time, the seven crows had slowed down.
[Nearby] Seven Crows/Stareyes/Heroes, you are so tired ~
[Nearby] I don’t know what happened and I won.
Zuo Tangtang honest replied
[Nearby] Seven Crows, did you suddenly wake up and show your great power?
Zuo Tangtang suddenly black line.
[Nearby] Stewed pig’s trotters. It’s just a coincidence. I’m leaving.
[Nearby] Seven Crows, don’t go, you are a talent!
[Nearby] Seven Crows join our gang!
[Nearby] Seven Crows, you have to know that you are a thousand miles away and I am your Lele. Come back with me ~
[Nearby] I’m so impressed with you!
Seeing him so noisy, Zuo Tangtang’s forehead can no longer be sobbed.
Immediately turned around-red-eagle Xiang whether strike at one go domineering can’t be domineering.
Looking at being knocked down by the eagle flying, seven crows Zuo Tangtang’s eyes narrowed and he smiled coldly. Typing back here is the real ecstasy. Can you be white?
[Nearby] Seven Crows …
[Nearby] Seven Crows’ Hooves and Hooves’ Sister Paper is true. Our guild is quite good. It’s quite * * You can try it if you don’t like it. It’s not too late to return it then, right?
He also sent an invitation to join the gang by the way.
Obviously, at this time, the Seven Crows have changed their strategies and are ready to understand their feelings.
It happened that Zuo Tangtang also ate this set, carefully considered it and agreed to the invitation with a try mentality.
Stew pig’s trotters and join the gang to play soy sauce
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique Ouch, another one was fooled by Xiaoqi ~
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique is still a sister paper! Laojiu, come out! Come out and see the first sister paper in our gang!
[Guild] Master/Nine days later! Really! Xiaoqi, you fooled well this time
[Gang] What are the seven crows fooling? I bet pk with Hoohoo-hoo. Although I lost, right, I sincerely touched her …
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew and fool? Did you just drain the water?
[Guild] Seven Crows wronged me, but I’m playing seriously.
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique Uh-huh hoof shoes. Don’t worry about this. I’m sure Xiaoqigen won’t release water.
[Guild] Look at the Seven Crows ~ I’m not lying to you, am I/proud/
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique has no water to put in his roots, even if he is beaten with one hand, everyone will lose.
[Gang] Seven Crows Old North, what are you talking about?
[Guild] MuYun idle truth = =
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew …
[Guild] Pig’s trotters stew/tears run/I also cured my hand disability. It turned out that I met someone who was more disabled than me.
In this way, Zuo Tangtang stayed in this group of people and had a lively and lively day.
I remember the first time I followed them to participate in a gang activity, I watched the gang leader walk in the forefront with a bright chrysanthemum sign, and the masses led the way. Then I looked at it in dense numbers, such as "soy sauce-gang leader", "soy sauce-deputy gang leader" and "soy sauce-hall leader".
Just this day, the gang channel was busy.
[Guild] Soft and soft candy is newly baked, and it needs to be hot when it wears cloud 3l ~
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique Lai Lai Brothers! The broadsword cuts at the ghost nose! Let’s fight them!
[Gang] Soft soft sugar …
[Gang] Seven Crows …
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew …
[Guild] Master/Nine days later/Language/Old North, don’t be ashamed.
[Gang] Seven Crows? Hoohoo, there you are. Wait a minute.
[Gang] Seven Crows’ Soft Candy Wear Clouds. Why don’t you sell it cheaper? I’ll give it away.
[Guild] Soft and soft candy is not sold. The small shop is meager and refuses to bargain.
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew …
[Gang] Mu Yunxian …
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique Toe Yunxian, you are here. Come to Chicken Village to kill ~
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique Yu Fudong and Xiaoqi, you can continue to be second. With your IQ, we are so anxious that we really dare not take you to hunt you down. Isn’t it a shame to count money for each other in case you are captured by the enemy and sold?
Ah, hey, being captured by the enemy, shouldn’t you worry about your personal safety? Are there any comrades in this gang? Zuo Tangtang silently thought
After the team was formed, Zuo Tangtang went to Chicken Village. He didn’t look at a gang for half a day. It took him about five or six minutes to walk around the map before he met the seven crows.

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