Just thinking about it, the light blue mask suddenly fluctuated, and a voice full of surprises spread to come out. "Sister, you have finally come! I thought I’d never see you again … Where’s the patriarch? "

This voice, which is like a falling jade plate, is very familiar to Leng Yubing. Although it is somewhat distorted because the mask is separated, she is still sure that it must be gentle and soft behind the mask.
"Rou Er, how are you?" Leng Yubing asked, "The patriarch is behind that peach grove and is healing Miss Wei ‘er."
The light blue mask fluctuated again, revealing an arch of Zhang Xu’s height. Wen Yurou ran out quickly and asked eagerly, "Is Miss Wei seriously injured?" If there is no girl Wei Er these days, maybe I will never see my sister again … "
Wen Yurou’s face was pale and her footsteps were vain. At first glance, she knew that she had suffered internal injuries, and she has not healed yet. Her long white dress was covered with mottled black blood on the left and right. Moreover, Wen Yurou has always been strong, but now she has said the same thing twice in succession, which shows how critical the situation in the valley is these days.
"I still don’t know how the girl’s injury is, but judging from the fact that the patriarch immediately healed her in situ, it is estimated that the injury is extremely serious … but judging from the reaction of the patriarch, the girl’s life should be safe, otherwise, the patriarch will never let those monsters leave." Leng Yubing took Wen Yurou’s arm pityingly, looked at it for a moment, and then said, "The patriarch met a strange fate some time ago and made great progress. It’s beyond our sisters’ reach. With the patriarch here, those monsters will be beaten out of the water if they come again!" He comforted Wen Yurou a few words, gave a gift to an old man standing next to the arch, and said, "Hello, senior."
Looking into the mask through the arch, Leng Yubing couldn’t help but look big.
Fiona Fang, which has been shrouded in a mask for more than ten miles, is only a mess. Buildings or majestic or magnificent pavilions are crumbling, or have collapsed. Only three or four buildings are intact. The big pits and small pits that have been blasted out by witchcraft and Taoism in the valley are one by one, and there are countless exotic trees that have been broken and damaged. Blood pools, bodies and limbs of people or demons can be seen everywhere … Such a terrible situation can be imagined without asking.
Leng Yubing took a long time to come to her senses, took a deep breath and asked hastily, "Rou Er, are the parents of the patriarch all well?"
"The two bosses are all good! Not even a hair was hurt! " Wen Yurou’s chest was quite stiff, and she was quite proud. "Even if Rou Er is desperate, he must protect the two bosses!" Leng Yubing took a long breath and recited, "That’s good, that’s good, otherwise the patriarch will be mad with grief … Good job, martial sister!" Praise Rou Er, LengYuBing can no longer resist the doubts in the heart, "Rou Er, how can there be so many monsters attacking Master Hammer’s Wankeng Valley? When did it start? How can it be so miserable? "
"It happened at midnight three days ago …" Wen Yurou just said, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she looked behind Lengyubing with joy and said, "Patriarch!" LengYuBing answer back, zhang yu vanity, xin with holding the eu son is standing there quietly.
Xin Tong looked at Wen Yurou, who was pale, and suddenly bowed down and gave a gift. He said, "My father and mother are safe and sound, Rou Er, thank you very much." Obviously heard WenYuRou just said.
Wen Yurou hurriedly returned the gift, but was pulled by Xin. "Rou Er, this is what you deserve!" Stopping Wen Yu’s gentle reply, Xin Tong sincerely said to Leng Yubing, "Europe, thank you, too. Thank you for caring so much about my father and mother. Thank you for knowing me so well … OK, let’s not talk about it. Let’s go inside. Rou Er, you go on to say, what the hell is going on? "
"This must be Xin Zongzhu." Without isothermal Yu Rou opening his mouth, the old man who had been standing by the arch saw Xin Tong’s appearance, so he quickly came on foot, bowed to Xin Tong’s saddle and said, "Fei Lianpo, the manager of Wankeng Valley, thanked Xin Zongzhu for his help on behalf of Master Hammer, the owner of our valley! If it weren’t for Xin Zongzhu’s timely arrival, our valley would be in danger this time, even if it could … "
"Don’t mention it, Fei’s predecessors. This is what it should be." Xin Tong saluted Wei Er, who was still in a coma, and interrupted the old man’s words, saying, "Now is not the time to be polite. Manager Fei had better tell us how all this happened."
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The ninth volume Wankeng Valley Chapter IV Secret Symptom (below)
The ninth volume Wankeng Valley Chapter IV Secret Symptom (below)
The old man was embarrassed to tunnel: "People are old, and they always talk a little wordy …" With a long sigh, he said: "It’s a long story, starting hundreds of years ago …" Fei Lianpo suddenly changed his face here, and the arch on the blue mask suddenly disappeared. Then he bypassed Xintong and stepped over ten feet, rapping out: "That Taoist friend!
"I don’t have such a monster pet with incomparable power!" Laughing with Yu Ying and Jing Guan, who flew silently and quickly, he said, "These two demon pets belong to my master!" Fei Lianpo was stunned, but his face and voice did not ease at all. He still asked sharply, "Who is your master?"
Without waiting for Jing Guan’s reply, Yu Ying suddenly screamed, her wings parted, her left wing swept Jing Guan, and her right wing was taken as a pledge towards Fei Lianpo.
"Bang bang" two flips, caught off guard by the palm of your hand to connect the jade eagle with iron wings, and the static officer flew out like a gyro, holding himself steady thirty feet away; Fei Lianpo, who was also hard-connected by palm force, was deeply immersed in the ground by the wings of the jade eagle, and the soil did not reach the waist.
Xin Tong smiled bitterly. He knows why the Jade Eagle suddenly outbursts. How can Jing Guan’s "monster pet" and Fei Lianpo’s "monster" with strong hostility be tolerated by the Jade Eagle who is arrogant by nature?
Reaching out to pull out Fei Lianpo, who was blue in the face, Xin Tong said to Jing Guan, "Senior Jade Eagle is a mentor and friend of his teacher, and he has always respected him for his teacher …" His voice suddenly turned sharply and he shouted, "If you dare to talk insolently again. I will immediately take you out of the door for the teacher! "
Fei Lianpo knew that Xin Tong’s words were actually meant for himself, sighing unlucky. It seems that this wing was won in vain. "Xin Zongzhu, the old man has something to ask." Fei Lianpo didn’t bother about being photographed by the jade eagle in the ground. Su Rong sent a message to Xin Tong, "Xin Zongzhu wants to bring the jade eagle and the python together?"
"Exactly." Xin Tongling silently transformed and wrapped around her waist. He recalled, "Listen to what the manager Fei said, but what’s wrong?"
Fei Lianpo nodded. The preacher said, "The reason why our valley has become like this is directly related to a monster! Moreover, it’s not just a monster in general … "Here, Fei Lianpo suddenly stopped preaching, thoughtfully for a long time and then continued:" Xin Zongzhu is not an outsider, old man has no scruples, just tell the truth … This valley seals the blazing demon king, one of the three lich kings! This time, the group of demons attacked the valley to save the blazing demon king! "
Wankeng Valley actually seals the blazing demon king, one of the three demon kings!
Xin Tong was stunned for a moment by the news. As far as he knows. There has been no news of the three demon kings in the spiritual world for a long time. I didn’t expect that one was sealed in the valley of ten thousand pits! He has never heard of the evil relationship between Master Hammer and any demon king, but the fact is completely contrary to what he knows. The friendship between Master Hammer and the demon king is not a general evil.
Only in the legend, the way of the three lich kings is not inferior to the top 15 experts in the spiritual world, even better than half of them … Isn’t this rumor false? If it is true. Master Hammer, who can only be ranked in the middle of the four monks, the five magic kings and the six scattered immortals, why should he seal the blazing demon king who has the strength to look at one another among the three demon kings?
Xin Tong asked politely, "When and how did Master Hammer seal the blazing demon king? There has been no news about this in the spiritual circle. How can so many monsters suddenly come to rescue the blazing demon king? "
"That was more than three hundred and eighty years ago. Our valley owner returned from a cloud tour, accompanied by misty rain Jiangnan fairies. Soon after, Chitian Yaojun also came to our valley, and stayed in our valley with Yanyu Jiangnan Fairy for nearly four years. For more than three years. The three of them have been getting along very well, but one day they suddenly turned over for some reason. On the day, the demon king had a fierce quarrel with the misty rain fairy in the south of the Yangtze River. On the day, the demon king swallowed their anger and left, but that night he stole into our valley and went crazy and slaughtered all the people in the valley … "
Fei Lian’s face turned pale on the slope, his eyes were filled with profound hatred, and there was more fear that could not be concealed. He stopped for a long time and continued to preach. "It’s just a moment. Nine disciples and twenty-seven servants of Lord Gu. All his hands were killed … The old man was badly wounded as soon as he met him, but for the timely arrival of the Valley Master and the misty rain Jiangnan fairy. Old age will never be spared. "
"On the day the demon king saw the Valley Master and the misty rain fairy in the south of the Yangtze River. He sharply denounced the Valley Master as a villain who made mischief in her love, and then threw herself at the Valley Master. When the Valley Master saw that all his disciples and servants were dead, he hated and was angry, and immediately returned the favor. "
"Misty rain Jiangnan fairy didn’t make moves at first, just stood there watching. The blazing demon king fought against the Valley Master for a long time, but he lost his mind and cursed the misty rain Jiangnan fairy for splashing, being as blind as a bat, and being inconsiderate … Finally, he angered the misty rain Jiangnan fairy and joined forces with the Valley Master to seal the blazing demon king after being wounded … Up to now, it has been nearly 400 years … "Fei Lianpo sighed and added," This matter is absolutely secret, and I beg the old man Xin Zongzhu not to do it again. Xin Tong promised at once, and assured Fei Lianpo that he would never tell the second person about it again.
When I first heard this secret, I was shocked by Xin Tong’s heart, but I couldn’t help guessing the relationship between the two men and a demon. It seems that there is a romantic story between Master Hammer, Misty Fairy and Chitian Demon King … Mm-hmm, it should be like this. Chitian Demon King likes Misty Fairy, and Master Hammer seems to like Misty Fairy a little … Hey, love triangle … Uh-huh, no matter which place she likes, that guy Chitian Yaojun is unlucky enough to be sealed by his right person and rival in love for 400 years …
He was imagining things here, and Fei Lianpo heard his thoughts again. "Before the old man told Xin Zongzhu about it, the only people in the world knew about it were Gu Zhu, the old man, the fairy in the misty rain south of the Yangtze River and the sealed blazing demon king. The old man himself never figured it out. How did the monsters who came to rescue the blazing demon king know about it?"
"There are several possibilities." Xin Tongli thoughtfully and said, "Well. Let’s not talk about this. How did Manager Fei determine that those monsters came to the land of blazing demons? "
"Six monsters and four monsters in our valley are famous in the demon family, and they are notoriously bitter rivals in the demon family. Maybe others don’t know the real relationship between these two big monsters, but the old man knows very well that these ten monsters. Are the diehard loyalty of the blazing demon king! In addition to the blazing demon king, the other two demon kings can never make them attack at the same time! "
Xin Tong had a whim. "Is it because the demon king told the land?" he asked.
"This is impossible!" Fei Lianpo immediately shook his head. "The Valley Master and the Fairy in the misty rain south of the Yangtze River are both top experts in the world. Is it so easy to break the earth seal jointly imposed by the two immortals?"
"This possibility is not completely absent!" A kind of inexplicable feeling makes Xin Tong more and more determined about his whimsy. "Master Hammer and misty rain fairy teamed up to suppress the demon king in Wankeng Valley, which is not a glorious thing for the two earthly immortals who are top experts in the spiritual world. What’s more, there are some subtle things that can’t be humane to the outside world … Well, that, subtly that … I think neither Master Hammer nor Misty Fairy will talk about this matter to people, and Manager Fei has not made any sense about it … Uh-huh, the younger generation believes that it is not the news leaked by Manager Fei! Then, this matter is only known to the four of you in the whole world. If Master Hammer, Misty Rain Fairy and Manager Fei didn’t say anything, who else could it be if it wasn’t the demon king? "
Xin Tong thought for a moment, then said, "Could it be like this? Master Hammer and Misty Rain Fairy’s Taoism are somewhat similar, so there is a gap in the seal jointly imposed by them, and Chitian Yaojun finally shakes it with hundreds of years’ efforts. So I sent a message for help? "
Fei Lianpo’s face flashed a trace of unhappiness, palpitation for a long time, but in the end it was still shaking his head, even impossible!
"Since the manager thinks it is impossible, let’s not talk about it." Xin Tong felt that this was not the time to dwell too much on the possibility, so he changed the subject and asked, "Manager Fei had previously meant it, but he was worried that the elder Jade Eagle and the ghost python were also here to rescue the blazing demon king?" Fei Lianpo nodded and said, "The old man does have this concern …"
With a wave of his hand, Xin Tong said in an extremely firm tone, "Manager Fei doesn’t have to worry about this. Senior Jade Eagle and Ghost Python are loyal to me. There will never be any problems. For this, I can guarantee it with my head and reputation! " See Ai Ai in Feilianpo Period. As if he didn’t believe me, Xin Tong was greatly upset, and his face changed. He said coldly, "If Manager Fei thinks that I’m not worthy of trust, then I’ll leave immediately after picking up my parents!"
What he said was a bit heavy, and Fei Lianpo’s face changed, and then he smiled apologetically: "Where did Xin Zongzhu say this? Worthless old man never believes … "
Wei Er fought against six monsters in the demon alone, so that the oil ran out and the lamp withered, and she was seriously injured. For some reason, no one in Wankeng Valley came out to help her. Xin Tong was extremely unhappy. He just saw the horror inside the mask, and estimated that Wankeng Valley might be understaffed. Then he thought of Master Hammer and Yun Xiaobai’s friendship for himself, and he could not bear it. At this time, Fei Lianpo suspected Yu Ying and came silently, but he became more and more angry. Now he is no longer polite and said:
Fei Lianpo is a sophisticated man, so it is natural to see that Xin Tongdong is really angry. At this moment, Xin Tongdong is absolutely not to offend this force! Bowing down to Xin Tong, Fei Lianpo sincerely said, "Don’t be angry with Xin Zongzhu, it’s old-fashioned. The valley owner is not in the valley, and such a thing happened in our valley. The little valley owner was seriously injured because of this, and the old man was really out of his mind. Alas, this is once bitten, twice shy … "
"Hammer master is not in the valley? Yun Xiaobai was seriously injured? " Xin Tong was shocked once again. No wonder Wankeng Valley was so miserable under the siege of the demons. It is no wonder that Wei Er was too tired to run out of oil but no one helped her.
"The Valley Master went back to the Valley not long ago, but only stayed in the Valley for two days and then set off for Mobei. It is said that an ancient abode of fairies and immortals, which rose to Jin Xian in ancient times, showed its trace in Mobei, which seemed to be open. At midnight on the ninth day after the Valley Master left, the Four Demons of Ailao and the Six Monsters of the Demons each led hundreds of monsters to invade the Valley. "
Fei Lianpo motioned for Xin Tong to walk and talk, and continued, "These monsters are divided into three groups. Six monsters lead one group to rescue the 367 monsters in our valley that suppressed the seal, while the four demons mourn for the other group to seal the place where the blazing demon king is, in an attempt to break …..! Now that I think about it, it is really possible that our valley sealed the blazing demon king, and it was revealed by the blazing demon king with supreme magic! Because the Ailao Four Demons led all the monsters without the slightest delay, they went straight to the seal place after entering the valley … Uh-huh, it seems that it is not quite right. If we judge by this alone, it is a little too sensitive … "
Xin Tong coughed and said, "Manager Fei, what happened to the four demons and other demon families when they arrived at the place where the blazing demon king was sealed?"
"Far away, far away." Fei Lianpo smiled shyly and said, "The demons are powerful. At this moment, the old man can only abandon his car and protect his handsome! Fortunately, this Wan Li Yun He Bisha Cage, which was personally refined by the Valley Master, is really strong enough. After the old man started, he cried and separated the six monsters in the demon and the four monsters in the mourning prison … Alas, people have to refuse to accept the old age. When this person is old, his brain will be confused, and he will answer irrelevant questions. Xin Zongzhu is not strange. "
Xin Tong smiled wryly again and said, "Six monsters in the demon are still attacking the mask with their troops. So, it seems that the blazing demon king has not been rescued, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "

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