Zhao Jie, on the other hand, walked quietly to Zhonghua Trail after Vivern joined the fray. His pace was slow and long, and the beautiful flower walls on both sides set off his beauty more perfectly. At this moment, both sides were in full swing, and the fighting seemed to have stopped all over the sky. War and ashes stopped in zhaojie, as if he were on a road to heaven. The brilliant light shone on his way forward, so quiet and bright.

In his hand, a flower vine gently winds around the soft slender fingers and rubs his skin like a pet.
This road is less than 100 meters. zhaojie walked for two minutes before reaching the nightmare abode of fairies and immortals. A ghost vine swam like a snake from the next flower wall, and it grew a thick leaf the size of a manhole cover and floated quietly in the middle.
Zhaojie will slowly step on the leaves and the ghost vine will slowly rise until Zhao Jietuo floats to the roof of nightmare abode of fairies and immortals.
He took a step forward and his body has moved to the top of nightmare abode of fairies and immortals.
Here, Zhao Jie can clearly see the little girl’s flame, the ghost punch, Jeremy’s cunning knife, Leona’s heavy chop, and Hughes’ axe light, a kind of crazy killing of passers-by
Will look back zhaojie eyes swept to the front of the alien queen.
This monster is 20 meters high, and its body surface is covered with a metal deck the size of a wardrobe. These sharp spikes of armor are shining with cold light, and the toes of each claw of the alien queen are covered with a heavy weapon that looks very sharp, epee, axe, Long Dao, but does it spit out its tongue, and it has a spear head as dense as a mace? This monster’s eyes are more than one person’s height, and each eye surface shines with ferocious light. There are black steel feathers behind it, full of wings, and its wings spread out for 50 meters. The back of the neck is like a chimney, and the exhaust hole is crashing to * * with heavy gas. It can be expected that when fighting, this body is full of killing weapons, and it will never be ordinary white smoke when it is sprayed out.
In zhaojie, I looked at the alien queen, and at the same time, the alien queen looked at zhaojie with fierce little eyes. Although this monster didn’t understand the beauty and ugliness of human beings, its eyes were still fixed on the flower vine wrapped around zhaojie’s finger.
In that humble little vine, in that humble little vine, the alien queen felt the pow that frightened her.
Zhaojie gently caressed the lovely little flower, and his eyes showed a light of spoil as if it were not an ordinary flower but his daughter’s. The little flower was also quite spiritual and rubbed zhaojie’s gentle fingers like a coquetry.
At this time, the fighting between the two sides has ended, and the passers-by have rushed to the side of the nightmare abode of fairies and immortals and jumped to the top of the nightmare abode of fairies and immortals more than ten meters high.
They first took one look at zhaojie, and almost everyone was attracted by the latter’s rare pure smile. They almost didn’t want to move their eyes. However, after several female crossers screamed, all eyes were focused on the alien queen’s body. Crossers were immediately alarmed by this terrorist fighting machine.
See opposite the alien queen and there is nothing unusual zhaojie instead first said "SIRS just now, although everyone killed those powerful aliens, but those are, after all, only creatures that can fight, and this monster in front of us has no less than the queen of human wisdom. As you can see, this monster is born of killing. I want to say nothing more. If you can’t kill the alien queen, what is our field? So let’s unite and have hatred, revenge after the battle, and resolve the grievances after the battle, but I hope that we can share the difficulties at this moment. "
His words made a group of travelers breathe quickly. These guys gasped for heavy breath and held their weapons and staves in their hands. Even if they just joined the fray, Vivern had to be tight and ready to save at any time.
Zhaojie, with a wave of his hand, howled and rushed out all the melee walkers, including war ghosts and others, and stayed on the roof. The long-distance occupation was to raise the staves and end up with pike to attack first.
Theseus Lan also tried to rush forward, but a ghost vine took his hand with foresight.
Hughes Lan looked puzzled at zhaojie’s mind, but zhaojie said, "It doesn’t matter whether you have such an extra meat shield at this time, but so many melee walkers have almost no treatment career. Now you are talking about a passer who may die. Remember that the longer they delay, the greater our winning rate."
"The longer the delay, the greater the winning rate?"
Theseus haze strange crooked a little thought for a long time but didn’t come up with a why, but zhaojie said yes, how many fifty melee fighters have surrounded the alien queen, and even if he rushed at this time, there was nothing more he could do, so the man obeyed and saw who was attacked by zhaojie and immediately lost a treatment.
This time, it should be said that all the passers-by can experience the most horrible battle. The alien queen waved her limbs, tails and wings, and each of these sharp tools was thrown out before the passer-by came and left many wounds on her body. Those who were light and sprayed blood directly broke their bones, and they were able to attack with limited madness. Even if they hit the place where the alien had no armor, they just cut an inconspicuous wound and the weapon could only leave a few white marks on those armor. These passers-by only consumed less than 200 points of physical strength per attack.
Compared with zhaojie’s squad members, the damage they can do is considerable. Whether it’s the super-MA gun boxing, Jeremy’s throat-cutting+assassin’s track+weeding or Leona Berserker’s skills, they can leave large wounds and blood stains on the alien queen’s body, and the number of blood injuries is nearly a thousand.
While the long-range walkers in nightmare abode of fairies and immortals are not as strong as zhaojie’s squad, but the parts they can attack are different. These guys almost hit all the attacks in the alien queen, and a pair of big eyes make the alien queen have to be careful to avoid the attacks and neglect a lot of melee walkers.
All the passers-by in the whole battlefield are trying their best to make the alien lose some physical strength. Even some priests bombard the alien queen with their immature ranged attacks, but only zhaojie is still in the same place, dribbling and sweeping the alien queen.
"It’s no good. We’ve been fighting for nearly ten minutes, but this monster’s blood stick is almost not reduced. Think of a way." A soldier with an axe in his hand in the besieged crowd roared as he quickly hid from the alien queen and swept his tail
Part of the traveler’s eyes swept to zhaojie only to find that this woman didn’t move at all. If it weren’t for her partner’s hard work, these people almost wanted to give up on themselves in zhaojie.
"Try to climb to its head with the least armor," Leona shouted, noticing that the ranged attacker’s attack on the alien queen seemed to work.
When I heard Leona’s words, Jeremy’s cold face flashed a trace of perseverance and quickly pulled out to hide from the alien queen. He slammed his paws and jumped quickly in the latter’s arm, which was at a 90-degree angle on the ground, and his thick arm quickly ran.
At the same time, war ghosts, Leona, Raphael, Vivern, Keane and others are also sprinting along the huge body of the alien queen, and these figures are quick and agile. When the alien queen has almost no reaction, they have rushed to its shoulders and aimed at the latter’s neck exhibition attack.
"machine gun boxing"
"Cut the grass and get rid of the roots"
"angry ghost chop"
"Dancing wildly"
"five-segment chop"
"cannon curtain"
The fire fist of the war ghost bombarded the black holes in the throat of the alien queen and exploded, immediately blowing out a large blood hole in the throat of the alien queen; Jeremy’s flying knife instantly flew into the neck of the alien queen and flew back again with a large piece of lotus flower and minced meat; Leona’s flame sword rushed straight into the thick skin in front of her, which not only successfully cut out a wound flame more than two meters long, but also spread deep along both ends of the wound. Vivern’s feet firmly clamped the thick skin, and his paws crossed the sky with cold light, and then he cut the skin in pieces; Raphael’s body is like a shining lightsaber in a ghost’s hand, constantly waving his figure and turning it into a residual light, chopping around the thick neck quickly; Keane solemnly raised his right hand and fired several shots into the sky, followed by a wide range of shells, which led to the fall of the alien queen’s head and shoulders and smashed black blood holes everywhere.
The attack of six people caused the alien queen to cry, and her body spun suddenly. At the same time, her paws also looked at her shoulders, trying to smash the six passers-by like flies. Which of these six people is good? Have to hide their claws to attack and seize the surrounding wounds to ensure that they are not thrown out. Instead, they pat themselves on the shoulder and become even more bloody. Suddenly, they screamed even more miserable.
The square passer-by cheered up immediately when the attack worked.
"Don’t hesitate to continue to attack and stall the alien surface for a few people."
Zhaojie roared in the midst of the crowd.
Chapter 17 of the chapter directory should be for pseudo-fields!
Chapter 17 should be to the pseudo-field!
Crosswalkers’ attacks on the alien queen seem to be numerous, but the actual damage they can do is very limited. Even the attacks on the alien queen by Lien Chan and others have not achieved the ideal effect. The six high-end crosswalkers’ attacks add up to only one-twentieth of the alien queen’s physical strength.
Compared with its red and purple blood strips, the root of this physical loss is the feeling of cutting vegetables to your fingers/biting your tongue when eating/choking your throat when drinking water, but the passerby hurts it, which makes it fidgety.
Zhao Jie shouted this because he has been observing the queen. He has seen that the former has been restless, which means that he has been attacking the alien queen to release his skills.
Hearing zhaojie’s words, the travelers who were forced to sign a temporary contract were excited and turned to continue to attack the alien queen’s body
The alien queen wheezed and gasped, and her arms waved quickly to fight ghosts and others, but how can these passers-by be so agile that they can compete with the aliens who flexibly avoid the alien women to exchange attacks, and at the same time, they will once again scream from damage per second to the alien queen.
As the alien queen called zhaojie pupil miniature low drink a way "quick withdrawal".
Is around the alien attack war ghost three people after receiving instructions from zhaojie immediately jumped from the alien queen body at the same time war ghost also shouted "body back".
Raphael and Keane, who also attacked in the face, saw the war ghosts and others leave without thinking and jumped quickly. Only Vivern was still attacking crazily and cursing "What’s the panic?" We … "
As soon as he spoke, he saw the two giant wings behind the alien queen suddenly unfold, and then his body quickly spun up. The wings were more than 50 meters long, like helicopter propellers, bringing up a violent whirlwind wind pressure and abruptly throwing Vivern out. At the same time, the black steel feathers several feet long in the whirlwind were thrown out from the queen’s wings, like a strong crossbow of Daqin all over the sky, and it was overwhelming to all passers-by
"?"See this situation even zhaojie couldn’t help but burst a swearing finger and shot a ghost vine to entangle Vivern’s waist and pull it back. At the same time, several ghost vines were shot from three nightmare fairies, just like the tentacles of poisonous jellyfish, pulling all the passers-by into the nightmare fairies. Even zhaojie and his side Theseus Lan suddenly appeared a hole and slipped them down.
Immediately afterwards, the passers-by heard the crackling and rumbling overhead, and the villa where they were located was also violently shaking, as if an earthquake of magnitude 7/tsunami of magnitude 7/tornado of magnitude 6 were under public pressure.
After three minutes, the room finally stopped shaking. zhaojie flicked his finger at the back door of the villa and hit zhaojie lightly to "continue to attack"
All the travelers looked at each other, but the horse howled again and rushed out of the nightmare abode of fairies and immortals.
Vivern, who was rescued by zhaojie, took a complicated look at zhaojie. When the iron feather came just now, he was able to foresee that he was torn apart by the iron feather. In that case, no matter how strong his resilience is, it is absolutely impossible to have a chance to live. Just when he was going to start the random scroll to try his luck, a ghost vine saved him. He naturally knew who this ghost vine came from.
Zhaojie glanced at Vivern light way "continue to attack".
For the first time, Vivern suddenly had a feeling that he didn’t dare to disobey someone’s orders. He gritted his teeth to expel this feeling and howled and rushed out.
But when he went out, he froze. Not all his travelers froze on the spot.
Because they saw that the overwhelming snakehead had dyed the square dark, the ground was bombed by the explosive force of Kuroha, and even the whole flower diameter behind it was destroyed and the flowers were scattered everywhere.
I can imagine what would happen if this secret attack fell on me.
"Look," a traveler suddenly said, pointing to the alien queen’s body.

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