"All right!" Get up in wine and color, dress generously and cut your clothes. "I hope this news is worth more than my life."

Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine, a woman
"Are you sure!"
ZhongJun tent NanFu from low said lights a face has been angry some changed.
There was a silence in the dark and said, "Yes! Those ghost repair tools are all made temporarily, and their skills are superb. If I hadn’t seen them once, I really couldn’t see them. "
"oh! You can’t even see which refining technique it is! "
Nanfu is far away from one leng. If this person’s refining skill is called the second in Zhongzhou, even if no one dares to call it the number one expert, they all try to find this person to find the high spirit weapon. Unfortunately, this person entered the palace twenty years ago because of too many enemies and became a refiner. This time, if Nanfu was not away from the expedition to Lianghecheng, the one-man emperor Wang Ye would not let him follow.
"Ha ha!" The sound in the dark smiled lonely.
"I can’t believe that yuquan temple can have such a master refiner. If there is an opportunity, I really want to compete with this master."
Yuquan temple!’
Nanfu’s eyes narrowed slightly, remembering that he had seen the young monk who followed Lan Chenxi during the day and heard that he was a scattered disciple. Some time ago, the news was that he didn’t know that he had joined the Yin Frost Pavilion with Princess Zheng, and I couldn’t help but see the thin boy in front of me when I thought of these Nanfu’s departure.
It was a mistake not to kill him.
"I’m afraid it’s hard for you to kill him!"
The master of refining in the dark seems to have seen through Nanfu’s departure from his mind.
Nanfu from stroking the console table sword eyes cold light milli keep shot out.
"Don’t be distracted. Twenty years ago, you forced the royal family to kill Ye Lu, which is the bottom line of the king of Qin. Now you want to move Ye Lingfeng. I’m afraid the first opponent is the king of Qin. Can’t you see who the veiled girl is among the six people today?"
"I feel familiar but I don’t recognize it!"
As soon as Nanfu left, she remembered the girl who looked familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen her.
"If I guess it’s right, it should be Princess Yun."
Upon hearing this, Nanfu was surprised. "What did you say? Positions how can let non-success princess "
Responding to him is a heavy sigh in the dark!
"I’m curious about how Ye Lingfeng got these people together. Lan Chenxi is said that when Ye Lingfeng met with a big family, the wind evil and Lan Chenxi once teamed up with Yan Weifa and eventually lost the first world war, but they also drove Yan Weifa to cross the sword to kill the princess. I think you also know that I don’t want to say more. Now Jiange, the new generation leader, Shen Yao, seems to be very close to Ye Lingfeng, and the little monk doesn’t know anything, but the refining technique is enough to envy Zhongzhou in Chuqinghe and Su Mei military strategists. Although the strength of these people is not top-notch, they are enough to deal with the "broken" in your hands, and what is the concept of the representative strength behind these people? You should know that Ye Lingfeng is like gathering these people. Have you ever thought about it? Besides, Ye Lingfeng’s plan is by no means that simple. You’d better think about it clearly. Now the demon race is imminent. The only demon race who can surpass the demon race in the past 50 years has died twenty years ago. You should know the truth! "
The lights are gone, and Nanfu is away from the tent, and it is dim with the disappearance of the dark alto.
"What do you think!"
Lan Chenxi’s hands will disappear for a while, and the bronze mirror will disappear. This magic weapon is a thousand-mile mirror made of wine and color, but although this building is called a thousand miles, it can make the range only about a hundred miles.
This mirror is divided into two parts, one is a bronze mirror in Lan Chenxi’s hand, and the other is a thin crystal in the hand of wine. Everything you see through the crystal will be displayed in the bronze mirror. I have to say this is a very good baby.
But the only pity is that there is no sound and not much information is obtained.
"No opinions, too little information."
Su Mei and others frown and expect a few debauchery differences. It’s a pity that the other party is also a master. debauchery can’t be too close to the big account, and this is a military camp. Even if Lan Chenxi and others look at each other, they dare not act rashly before Nanfu leaves the card.
"Do you want to test one!"
Chuqinghe fiddled with his long hair and spoke when everyone had no opinion.
Lan Chenxi asked, "How to test!"
Chu Qinghe laughed coldly. "Demon clan!"
In doing so, everyone is clever and knows your kindness, and soon you understand the meaning of Chuqinghe. The demon master forced Nanfu to leave his hand card exposed, but it is a big problem for the demon family to want to come to Chuqinghe since he must have a million plans. I can’t help but focus on Chuqinghe.
The second day early in the morning, Su Mei quietly left the camp alone. Just after she left, there was a shadow closely following her. She watched and followed Su Mei away from the back. Lan Chenxi sneered and put away a thousand miles of mirrors. If you can’t expect the enemy to take the lead, you will lose without a fight.
Nanfu has been away from the battlefield for decades. Is it easy for the younger generation? Last night, the so-called demon clan plan in Chuqinghe was just an eye-catching one, and the debauchery can let them see that Nanfu is away from Zhongjun’s big account. Then Nanfu has no such strange man who can hide from Lan Chenxi and others and overhear them saying that Lan Chenxi can’t gamble, but if he doesn’t look at the situation, he will fall into a passive position. If there is Lan Chenxi, one person will cross the knife in World War I, but there are five companions around him, Lan Chenxi will have to win steadily.
In fact, this is the same as the master confrontation. People who can seize the opportunity first can often occupy a certain advantage. Although the so-called latecomers can receive miraculous effects, the greater the risk.
Lan Chenxi’s knife never pays attention to what the first move is static braking, and it is a trick to kill. At this moment, Lan Chenxi is also looking for opportunities to compete with Nanfu.
"Do you have a clue?"
I don’t know when Chu Qinghe appeared behind Lan Chenxi and handed Lan Chenxi a bowl of hot porridge in his hand.
"Thank you!"
Lan Chenxi took a sip of porridge.
"It’s delicious!"
Lan Chenxi and others’ food was arranged by Nanfu Li. During these two months, everyone was camping out, and there were few serious meals. Lan Chenxi never knew that Chuqinghe’s cooking would be so delicious.
Being praised for cooking delicious food, Chu Qinghe smiled a little. "Seeing that you haven’t slept all night, you are thinking about making something for you. It’s very thoughtful!"
"Well, ok! The general layout of the cabinet owner has long had a plan, and it has been calculated that Nanfu’s reaction is in exercise, and he still needs to improvise. Some can’t figure out what Nanfu is thinking. "
For Chu Qinghe Lan Chenxi, there is nothing to hide. It is already a Ye Lingfeng woman. If the military elders are still alive, Chu Qinghe almost didn’t move the whole military into Yin Shuang Pavilion.
"It’s really hard for you, but it’s better to practice more now, so you are indispensable!"
Listen to the ChuQingHe LanChenxi one leng said "huh? How do you say this time I was ordered to be called back from Wudang Mountain by the cabinet master? If there is no accident, this time she is the leader. "
Chu Qinghe shook his head. "Xiaoqi has been with me since he was a child. Although his mind is elusive, I can guess one or two points. Even if the confrontation with Qin is nothing, the leader must be you because you are his most trusted person!"
"You’re kidding!" Lan Chenxi was shocked by Chu Qinghe’s remarks. "If you want to say the letter, it should also be you!" How can I get an outsider? "
Chuqinghe smiled sadly. "He will believe you just because you are an outsider."
Lan Chenxi wondered, "This is!"
Chu Qinghe reached out and took Lan Chenxi’s porridge bowl and murmured, "Because of a woman!"
Meng Lan Chenxi blurted out as if something had been knocked over.
Chapter one hundred and thirty, dawn
When was the last time you cried?

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