Watching eyes seem unmoved hanging infusion bag or bottle to help the crowd, someone is nasty.

[Nearby] Soft Soft Sugar We have a cute sister paper for you! How cute! Come on!
[Team] Doudou Cat Gummy Shut up!
[Team] Dynamic Xiaoxinxinxin shuup!
[Team] Hello, left hand. How can you put your sister paper out?
[Team] See you in the right hand. Fortunately, I didn’t say my name.
[Nearby] Call me Truth Di Meng/Yes, isn’t it nice to be named Qing Wan Li ~ Hehehehehe ~
At this time, I hung the infusion bag or bottle and listened to Wang’s words, so I quickly set off and got ready to go.
It’s no good to play soy sauce. You want to run without answering the question? Isn’t this (meditation) that it won’t drag us down and leave alone? I can’t accept it!
"Let us go!" Hang infusion bag or bottle and the crowd roared in the nearby channel.
"no! Do not let go! " The soy sauce gang are all crying and interacting nearby, hugging their friends tightly, and they are afraid that if they let go, they will go to danger alone and never come back.
"We are really in a hurry." Hanging the bottle, everyone tried to patiently explain it to this group of idiots who had seen too many Qiong Yao dramas when they saw the positive method break free.
In the soy sauce gang, I don’t believe it. "Then why are you still performing arts?"
Almost all the hanging infusion bag or bottle shook their fists again and meditated.
Calm down. We have to calm down. They are low-level creatures. We have to be generous and patient.
"No, we are earning some gift money to attend the wedding of the late song Wang." Hanging the bottle, everyone replied with great kindness.
They all answered this question at that time, so they could let them go.
I didn’t expect what a painful lesson such a mandarin sentence brought to them!
[3] Chapter 31 Earn this tone back] Nani! The main wedding of the night song gang?
After listening to the latest news, the people who played soy sauce said that they could not accept it!
Huh? Is the late song master actually the goddess in the hearts of these idiots? Looking at all kinds of hanging bottles in the nearby channels, they couldn’t help thinking.
Ah ah ah! ! ! I can’t stand it! ! ! Such a big event in the Jianghu is known as a little cute thing in the Jianghu, and we didn’t know it? We have always been so popular, the news is so wide and the charm is so great … I can’t believe we didn’t even grasp the news at all!
Die die die …
Hang the bottle and everyone will be silent.
Sure enough, the theory that these idiots still have emotional intelligence is simply insulting our IQ!
In the interaction, they cried and cried at each other, and they hung bottles in the middle of the soy sauce, and the black line of the human body was ready to leave
Out of the encirclement, I took a deep breath. It’s so lucky that these idiots are now completely immersed in their own sadness and didn’t notice us!
Ok! Cheer up! Run to the rendezvous point!
Hanging the infusion bag or bottle, everyone was about to turn the angle of view and whip his horse when he suddenly found a figure that seemed to be them approaching the nearest soy sauce gang.
[Team] Tyrant Bear Red Bean Cake! What are you doing! You come back quickly!
[Nearby] Don’t be sad about red bean cake. It’s not your fault.
[Team] Tyrant Bear Shit!
At this time, the name was very sad and the soy sauce gang was at a loss.
[Nearby] Banana peel?
[Nearby] The leader of Red Bean Cake Night Song has informed all the leaders, but the news has not been broadcast. It is normal for you not to know.
[Nearby] Banana peel …
[Nearby] Banana peel?
Red bean cake
Beat soy sauce to help the public silence.
This little friend really has to choose the dull banana peel. Isn’t it necessary to expose the rat excrement in our soup?
Alas, alas, this kind of thing obviously still depends on us to ask!
Almost everyone hates iron not to produce, stares at the banana peel in their heads and then jumps at the red bean cake.
[Team] Tyrant Bear Red Bean Cake Run!
However, at this time, I can’t come. Looking at the tyrant Xiong Nai who was surrounded by a group of red bean cakes, I sighed.
[Team] Tyrant Bear Red Bean Cake! How many times have I said, don’t always think about your brother’s mung bean cake punishment for this group of lazy people! Think again about your present situation!
[Team] Red bean cake burst into tears/Captain …
[Team] The tyrant Xiong Ai has a chance to rush out.
But will the soy sauce gang give this opportunity?
At the moment, I became a curious baby playing soy sauce, and everyone kept pestering red bean cakes to ask questions.
This little friend, do you mean that all the leaders know about this? Does our family help pigs?
[Nearby] Red bean cake certainly knows!
The soy sauce gang got excited in an instant, so it’s been a long time since such a large-scale activity was held, which made the Jianghu people know that our elegance and temperament are outstanding. It’s time to have wood!

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