Watergate laughed. "There is no Naruto. Your mother said so, too. I want to tell you that I am going to seal my chakra into the Naruto body." Watergate said that Kyubi no Youko and both of them chakra were sealed in the Naruto body.

The third chapter supercilious look quenching body
Naruto came to the hut where he lived for five years, dragging a scar all over his body. He came to the shabby little bed where he slept for five years, lying with cold eyes and looking at the shabby furniture around him.
Naruto touched the red mark on his forehead and remembered his parents five years ago. After saving him, he sealed Kyubi no Youko in his body and died in front of him. For two consecutive lives, he was able to watch his parents die in front of him, but he was able to do it himself.
Naruto’s resentment has reached its limit, but resentment and hatred are the best catalysts to open his eyes on his forehead. At that time, Naruto felt a force going straight to his brain, and he suddenly found that he could see everything around him clearly.
Although I don’t know what happened, he was in a mess, but his heart and mood were incredibly calm
Naruto knew that this was a supercilious look, and he could clearly realize that the red mark on his head turned out to be a wooden soul with a big barrel.
At the same time, it also makes Naruto clearly realize that this is a naruto world, a ninja world, where there are powerful forces and incredible ninja skills. In previous lives, because his girlfriend likes to watch anime, he also likes to drag him to watch Naruto together. Naruto clearly knows that in this ninja world, there is a ninja skill that can bring people back to life, that is, "reincarnation is born."
At this time, Naruto was completely calm. He remembered that after Naruto said Nagato, it was Nagato’s "reincarnation" that saved the Konoha ninja who died.
Naruto looked at the dead Watergate and Jiu Sinai and thought that to revive his parents, he had to have a complete body and soul and a round eye.
I don’t want the eye and soul for the time being. I want Uchibo’s family sharingan and Qianshouzhu cells, namely Asura and Indra, namely myself and Sasuke Uchiha.
For the soul, mother’s soul is simple, and it can be summoned by "filth metempsychosis", but for the father’s soul, it is necessary to lift the "ghost seal" first, which can not be done for the time being.
But the body can’t wait, because in his eyes, Yuan Fei, the third generation of Huoying, is coming here soon. He has to find a way to protect Watergate and Jiuxin Nai.
Naruto frantically searched for a big wooden memento mori in his mind, but there were too many memento mori in his mind. After searching for a long time, he found a way that was not the way, that is, chakra emitted by other Kyubi no Youko.
Kyubi no Youko is a combination of chakra, even if it has just been sealed into Naruto’s body, it will make Naruto’s body immediately own Kyubi no Youko chakra. Because Naruto is Jiu Xin Naier, he was always attacked by Kyubi no Youko chakra when Naruto was pregnant, and his body has long been used to Kyubi no Youko chakra.
But the supercilious eyes control chakra to the point of madness, and what Naruto has to do now is to liberate himself from the boundaries of the vortex clan.
Just when Naruto rolled his eyes, he knew his physical condition. His blood showed a chain shape, which is the boundary of the vortex clan.
Naruto frantically mobilized his body to give off Kyubi no Youko and chakra to fuse his blood and let the chain out of his body.
This process made Naruto, a newborn, in poor health. Fortunately, Kyubi no Youko found out that he had tried his best to cooperate with Naruto to control him. chakra would have died early.
Kyubi no Youko in cooperation with naruto manipulation of chakra at the same time also don’t forget to scold a way "you four generations of hokage Namikaze Minato I told you never put my seal in this kid also calculate.
This kid is still a freak. He dares to mobilize me less than a day after he was born, chakra, and he even looks at the gens with a dirty eye. These are not enough. He has a purpose to mobilize me, chakra. See, this posture is to activate the blood boundary of the other body vortex gens. What IQ is this?
His mother is a monster. Poor me. I have to cooperate with him. Otherwise, if he dies, I will be buried with 555. I can’t live. No one is left. "
After cooperating with Naruto in Kyubi no Youko, he finally released his own blood. After seeing several blue chains with light green from Naruto’s body, he quickly wrapped them around Jiusinai and Watergate’s body.
At the same time, Naruto’s supercilious eyes shone with dazzling white light on Jiusinai and Watergate, and then Jiusinai and Watergate disappeared into the white light.
At this time, Kyubi no Youko, who is singing the human body, has been bored and forced to listen to him muttering, "This supercilious look should be embraced."
Have your own independence. "
In fact, Naruto was shocked to learn that there was an independent hour in the big wooden memento mori, but then he turned to surprise
Because this is in the white eye, Naruto’s chain must be connected to his own body. If this is owned, it will not be discovered, and the body of Jiusinai and Watergate will be found, and the vitality and sealing force of the chain will not be corrupted.
After receiving the bodies of Jiushinai and Watergate, Naruto found that Jiushinai’s boundary was broken, chakra was exhausted, and the three generations of Huoying also came to Naruto’s side and picked Naruto up.
Three generations looked around and found no nine sinai and Watergate bodies murmured, "Is it just that white light that took nine sinai and Watergate bodies away? What is that white light? How have you never seen it? "
The next three generations gave an order to all ninjas around them not to let everyone play Naruto and that he was a pillar of Kyubi no Youko.
Three generations looked at Naruto in their arms and smiled kindly. "Naruto is good. Grandpa will raise you and let you inherit your father’s will."
Naruto smiled at the three generations, and the three generations smiled slightly after one leng.
At this moment, a man who hates the stereo got up. "Three generations, I hope you can give this child to me to raise." Three generations looked at it and went to Tibet and said, "No way, I know what you want, but Naruto is a four-generation child. I won’t let you turn him into a machine. If you die, please go to Tibet." Then three generations left with Naruto in their arms.
Tuan Zang didn’t give himself a face when he saw three generations. He was very unhappy and said, "I will make you regret that people’s strength doesn’t need feelings. I will prove you wrong."
A few days after Naruto was brought home by three generations, there was a vortex in the village. Although Naruto was a fox in Kyubi no Youko in the third generation, he had already opened things, even if he didn’t say anything, he would vent all his resentment on Naruto.
Because those who have lost their loved ones need an outlet, they won’t pursue the intrigue behind this matter. They just want to find someone to vent, even if this person is not Naruto but someone else’s fruit. This is the human inferiority.
Naruto knows this kind of inferiority of human beings too well. After the ups and downs of life in the first two generations, he has looked down on this kind of human sentiment, and he will not be a little excited any more.
Naruto’s greatest desire now is strength. At the age of three, he left three generations and wanted to live alone for three generations. At first, he was reluctant, but after Naruto’s resignation, he agreed to Naruto’s request to give him a monthly life and a small house.
On the first day when Naruto moved to the hut, he found that a big hole was smashed in his roof, and when he went out, people stared at the monsters and threw stones at the children. When he went to buy food and clothes, he was also pitted, which was not only twice as expensive as usual, but also outdated clothes.
Naruto thought about killing these people, but he knew he couldn’t make a move and was still staring at him.
After Naruto got the method of refining chakra from three generations, he just hid at home and refined chakra and then chakra every day to stimulate every cell in his body. The life experience of Naruto in the first two generations told him that if he wants to have strong power, he must have a strong body. When he has a strong body, even Kyubi no Youko chakra will not hurt him.
In addition to chakra’s stimulation of cells, he insisted on staying still for 15 minutes every day to feel the natural chakra and the daily weight-bearing long-distance running.
However, if you insist on intensive consumption every day, you can go to the Woods behind Huoying Cliff to find food. Every day, poisonous snakes and beasts fight in the Woods, but you can’t make the blood boundary peep because of three generations.
All he can do is fight with the simplest body technique and the simplest endurance technique (three generations). Every day, he comes back to this cold hut with a wound and licks the wound silently.
However, he also knows that the fighting between these poisonous snakes and beasts can make his fighting skills and adaptability stronger and stronger, which is his first experience. At the same time, he was pleasantly surprised to find that every time he was injured, he was cured by Kyubi no Youko and chakra, which made his body stronger and stronger, and Kyubi no Youko and chakra became more and more adapted.
Therefore, every day, he ran to the back of the mountain and went on like this for five years.
Naruto touched the red mark on his forehead and felt that his parents were thinking about everything that had happened in the past five years, and his heart was getting calmer and calmer, thinking about the eye-turning.
The world now wants Vortex Nagato to have a round eye, but it is too difficult to persuade him to exert the "natural skill of reincarnation". I am not the original Vortex Naruto with the strongest "mouth shield" and pig’s foot aura.
After denying this idea, I thought of robbing him. It’s still not reliable to think about it. Regardless of the matching degree, if the masked man knows it, he will definitely fall in love with all the members of the organization. Although he is not afraid, it will be a headache.
I thought about robbing Sasuke again. Forget it. I still have a good impression on him. He dares to take it, and my mother knows that I will be killed if I rob Sasuke (Jiu Xinnai and Meiqin are the best girlfriends and best friends).
Naruto didn’t think of any good way in the end, but he thought of the most dangerous way, because he might die miserably if he failed, but if he succeeded, he would get the most suitable round of visits
Looking out of the window, Moon Naruto remembered what Jiu Sinai said to him at his deathbed, smiled confidently and murmured "There are still two years".
Chapter IV Fate Encounter
Naruto got up early the next morning and looked at the wounds of yesterday’s struggle. Suddenly, he smiled and saw that those wounds were the most serious, and the scars were light. Even without any scars, the skin was very white and delicate, like a newborn baby
Because Naruto was a person who didn’t like to have too much communication with people from his previous life, and the villagers hated him, this aggravated his desire to isolate people from contact.
Therefore, Naruto looks very cold, although he doesn’t become cold, he doesn’t take the initiative to talk to people. He usually wears a big cloak and a hat to make him want to be isolated from the world.
Naruto looked at himself in the mirror before he went to the mirror and saw a handsome guy with a cold face. He saw a golden shawl, long hair and delicate white face. There were three black marks like beards on each side of his face, and there was a red mark on his forehead and eyebrows. He was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and black trousers.
Naruto looked at himself in the mirror and said, "My hair is a little long and needs to be trimmed-but the barber shop owner seems to have said two years ago that he didn’t want to cut my hair again. Anyway, it’s nothing."
Naruto picked up the cloak next to him and put it on. He muttered, "Didn’t you accidentally burn his hair? I don’t want to. What a stingy guy." He said that he remembered that two years ago, Naruto had just learned his first breakthrough in wind escape and endurance from three generations. He was in a good mood and just went to a temple fair.
When I walked to the bonfire, I saw a thief in the barbershop owner Qian, who was still kind to Naruto at ordinary times. He didn’t want to throw a breakthrough just because of his style of study, but he blew the barbershop owner to the bonfire more than ten meters away and burned his hair.
Who knew that a small wind could blow people to the bonfire so far away, and I also saved his property.
Putting on his cloak, Naruto once again affirmed, "Well, he is just too stingy."
Naruto saw the tender skin again and said, "Sometimes it’s too white to bask in the sun. It’s a bit like a gigolo. It’s too unmanly."
I remember when I watched Naruto, it was wheat color. Why did I become Naruto, but it was white like a woman? Well, it must be a mistake to make Naruto’s skin white, but he changed it to wheat color. "
Naruto went out of the house and walked in the street. Suddenly he felt that the sun was a little Meng, so he put on his cloak and hat and thought, "Well, it’s not so fierce."
When I came to practice Ninjutsu and shuriken at ordinary times, I just saw a few little girls bullying a little girl with a pair of white eyes. When I saw that little girl, Naruto was suddenly stunned.
This is the first person he met with a supercilious look after he came to Huoying world, and this girl with supercilious eyes was bullied by several ordinary people. This is so fucking funny. Although I don’t know what happened, Naruto walked past.

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