While ChuYu looked in a certain direction in the complicated cheers.

Then some doubt shook his head.
Is it strange that he is delusional?
I always feel like someone is staring at that position.
But take a closer look. There’s nothing there.
The establishment and reorganization of a country does not happen overnight. After the founding of the Republic, Chu Yu also has many things to deal with.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo left the follow-up banquet.
The federal prime minister, with his careless face and gold-rimmed glasses, always smiles, also took a look at where they left off.
He smiled with interest.
Sure enough, the stars and the sea are the romance of men.
What’s that fun of run a country in a mess?
Bad things or to ChuYu.
I heard that there is a mermaid in the universe. I wonder if he will have a chance to meet a mermaid beauty …
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo did not appear in front of Chuyu and the Federal Prime Minister.
Because it is no longer necessary.
The two men left the party because they suddenly felt Yunmingyuan in their hearts, feeling that a certain kind of indescribable chemistry was weighing on them, as if they had suddenly disappeared.
At the same time, Han Xiumo also sensed some causal forces.
However, it is difficult to trace the cause and effect, no matter what the fetters and causes and effects of their article are, they are now thorough.
Chapter 719 Back to fix true boundary
Ma data will be copied once a day until the day they leave.
Have been doing all kinds of experiments in the laboratory, Ma suddenly noticed something and immediately came to Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo’s hotel.
Then I found that their movies had disappeared.
Ma stayed in the smart device in the room for a long time before leaving silently.
Come on.
When cracks appear, the level of imperial and federal science and technology may not be found, but there are already several more developed technologies in the universe, which can detect non-energy fluctuations
The final lock-in location is the new galactic language.
There are occasional cosmic relics with special energy fluctuations in the universe, and many good things can often be found in such large relics.
Therefore, the whole universe is full of large-scale cultural relics.
It’s natural for a new language like Yinhe to be unaware of the large-scale cultural relics.
But now they have joined the Universe Alliance. After detecting the target, the Galaxy Alliance first docked. After receiving the news, the Federal Prime Minister was very excited and almost immediately began to make arrangements. It is necessary to take this opportunity to officially let the Universe Alliance see their value!
But before the arrival of the Universe Federation, it seems that there is nothing they can do.
Their science and technology can’t detect the remains of the universe’s literary alliance, and there is no other way but to wait for the alliance people to come.
It was also at this time that the Galactic people realized their weakness.
Chuyu and the Federal Prime Minister looked at each other.
It’s hard to imagine that if the Galactic Republic hadn’t been established at the beginning, there would still be an internal struggle when they are faced with such a situation now.
"We are still too weak" ChuYu sighed.
The former Federal Prime Minister and now the chief diplomat of the Republic also sighed, "We knew the universe very well before, and now we realize that we are still frogs at the bottom of the well."
If the Universe Federation hadn’t told them about the ruins of the universe, they might have been kept in the dark, even if they had huge treasures around them.
This feeling is really … terrible.
Fortunately, they are not correct people. They were able to set up the Galactic Republic under pressure at the beginning, and now they can adjust quickly in the face of such pressure.
"It’s just starting from scratch. Our predecessors also struggled from scratch to the interstellar age. What are we worried about?" Finally ChuYu patted the table to pull the federal prime minister back from meditation.
"It’s also that our predecessors have given us good conditions. Now is not the time to feel sorry for ourselves. We should also create better conditions for future generations."
They don’t have the technology to detect the ruins of the universe now, but they can learn and study, and their descendants will certainly have such opportunities and technologies.
"That’s right!" Chuyu looked at the Federal Prime Minister and smiled when he was in a dead end for a while.

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