Real cattle are not technology, weapons or technology, but people are real cattle.

And the player who manipulates the future fighters in front of him is the super elite of the elite in the Eastern Dynasty. What can you say when you are defeated by such people?
Bing Zhi suddenly said, "I have one last question. Is your anti-equipment sniper rifle also made in Ukraine?"
Bing Zhi was startled. "No?"
Mad Dog Dragon Road "It comes from the Star Workshop in the West of Loulan City in the Eastern Dynasty. The designer is Yuanfei!"
Bingzhi took a deep breath. "It’s not a shame to die in this person’s Excellence!"
"You are wrong again!" Mad dog dragon said coldly
Bing Zhi stared at him suspiciously. "Oh?"
Mad dog dragon said, "Wu Zong designed this set of steel suit myself, which is more advanced than you."
This ice wisdom has to admit
Mad dog dragon said, "So you died in Wu Zongshou."
But Bingzhi didn’t understand this. "What?" to be continued
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-three Heicks arrow
Mad dog dragon’s tone has changed and he can’t say contempt. "My reconnaissance and detection system analyzes that your body’s energy is changing. You deliberately ask me questions and try to blow me up when you delay. I tell you that your wish has fallen!"
Ice wisdom face finally changed.
But now there is no chance for him to speak, because the surface of two robots suddenly "bursts bursts" desperately and soon became two light balls.
From a distance, there appeared a white bright light thin line on the beach, which extended to the two wings for 50 meters, and then the ball of light quickly collapsed and expanded instantaneously, and a big explosion occurred before the scale, which made the whole Chutian Island seem to be shaking.
There is no fire, no wind, no dust, and there is a wave of light energy that spreads in all directions.
Ten seconds later, the beach was quiet again, not to mention the dream old man and Wenwen. Even those reefs and sea rocks were not seen. The whole beach was razed to the ground as if everything had been destroyed by this amazing explosion.
However, the future soldiers in the flat land are still intact, and their mechanical arms are crossed in front of their faces to erect a blue energy wall. This time, the defense shield released is 2 meters high, bluer and brighter, and the scale is larger and more exaggerated.
I don’t know how Bing Zhi felt when he saw this situation in ghost mode. He tried his best to blow himself up and shake the future soldiers. Strictly speaking, his energy source can’t be compared with the future soldiers’ scientific and technological energy. In the end, he must die.
As it approached 7 o’clock in the morning, it finally gradually lit up.
However, after a night of heavy rain, the rain and fog on the sea surface are still very thick, and the visibility is really low
If it is said that the Golden Bow and Red Beauty pirate ship will never go to this sea area, it may hit the rocks at any time. This is not the Chutian Island Department but an unknown area outside.
In the dark and deep sea, a mighty warship is lined up on the sea, and one day Kang warships can come to this sinister place.
The central carrier is particularly large and eye-catching. The atmosphere in the cockpit on the fifth floor is very tense. In addition to manipulating the warships, there are several familiar figures, namely Ruo Feiyu, French enemy, Situ Ying, Hua Longyue and Lan Qiaoer …
These are the people who were defeated by Tiankang Regiment in the Battle of Dynasty Harbor. Besides, Lan Qiaoer was accompanied by an imposing cloak warrior, who was sent by the Golden Bow Family to attack Yang Feng in coordination.
This person is an absolute field talent, and somehow he was taken to the Golden Bow home network.
Lan Qiaoer is full of confidence in this operation. A warship, more than two people, a group of excellent masters, sophisticated scientific and technological weapons, and the Fairy ahead … Such a force is even stronger than the strength of the allied forces in Dynasty Harbor. Even if the Eastern Dynasty is in the way, she has the confidence to annihilate each other in an instant.
She couldn’t think that this time the Eastern Dynasty was really in the way, and she couldn’t think of how strong the interception force was in front.
At the other end of the sea, the Aurora was quietly floating on the sea. The cold star was tired after a sleepless night, but he didn’t dare to relax because the real fighting time was coming.
The reconnaissance screen suddenly appeared abnormal, and a red bright spot came from the gate at a very fast speed. The cold star couldn’t help but turn back. "There is always an unidentified unit behind us in Uzbekistan, which shows that the unit is too small. According to the radar display detection system, it is a scientific and technological facility with an energy intensity of not less than 1 node …"
Dozens of people in the command hall came to sleep, and they all woke up when they heard this.
Jianghua Road "playing terminal system verification"
Cold star alpha males, but still turned to do according to the words on.
After a few seconds, he was pleasantly surprised that "this is our Eastern Dynasty allied unit."
On the continued, "send a terminal transmission signal to inform him to supply three units of energy to him from the launch port before landing."
After the terminal is connected to the branch, everyone is curious and looks at the central big screen with their eyes wide open, because the big screen display is the real-time scene at this time.
Seeing the future soldiers dragging their long blue tails slowly towards the Aurora in the night, this is not weird and terrible in the eyes of the Eastern Dynasty, but handsome and handsome.
Leng Xing Daqi "didn’t expect our friendly forces to have such a high level of science and technology."
"You are wrong!" On the correct him "he is not our friendly"
Cold star startled way "no?"
On nodded and smiled. "He is the guardian of our Eastern Dynasty and the lucky goddess of our Eastern Dynasty."
Lengxing said, "Then who is he?"
On the course, it is impossible to tell him that this is a mad dog dragon, but to explain with a smile, "It doesn’t matter who he is, what matters is that we can work miracles if he appears."
At this moment, a section of the wing steel plate of the middle section of the Aurora extends out to send the belt, and the future soldiers will lightly descend to the surface to send the belt steel plate, and seven probes and mechanical arms will pop up in the future soldiers’ body to scan and fiddle with it as if to repair it.
This time, the waters went to the central console and personally fucked around. Everyone was curious and watched and talked about it. What the hell is this mechanical warrior?
Mad dog dragon, this will also be in the future warrior department, and the processor sound will keep ringing.
"The system is receiving the estimated repair time of 3 seconds!"
"The defense system is recovering the estimated time of 1 second!"
"The flight system is modifying the frequency conversion and the estimated time is 6 seconds!"

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