"Yeah, no problem." The spokesman of death didn’t know whether he was suddenly stunned by heroism or full of confidence. He actually agreed to the fearless condition and planned to challenge the 34-level angel career with the skill of a 15-level newcomer

"Death spokesperson, you can’t support my fighting capacity now. I don’t want to fight this competition with three or four fists." The emperor’s favorite can’t help but frown at the arrogance of the death spokesperson. He is naturally not afraid to beat him, but the 34-level strength will bully the 15-level newcomer. What do you think is that it is also a big bully even if it wins.
The spokesman of death, Gaga, smiled and said slowly, "Don’t worry, I’m confident to fight you, but I won’t do it now. Well, after I change my job, you and I will go back to Xuanyuan Imperial City Arena and be the referee. I’ll let you know the real strength of death."
"Dear Emperor, you and God are not afraid to stay in the forbidden area of the sword burial. Don’t run around. Death and I will go and have a look." After explaining the dear Emperor, I offered the leading sword and flew directly to the cliff cave with the spokesman of death.
"Hey!" "creak", "creak", "creak"
At the moment when my imperial sword took off, the flying eagles were hidden around the cliff, and immediately screamed on Friday. They spread their wings and flew straight after me, and they almost arrived in front of me in the blink of an eye. They had the ability to fly, and it was natural and easy to catch up with me.
"frost wyrm broken! 」
Now there are more than 4 meters away from the cliff cave. When you don’t worry about the grass blade in your hand, you immediately gather up the cold light. frost wyrm broke it and sold it instantly. He grinned and danced his claws and quickly ran after the flying eagle attack.
The effect of this surprise attack is naturally excellent. Even if the first flying eagle was shocked by frost wyrm, the speed naturally slowed down a little. The other four flying eagles who followed it were also affected by it. I had to chase the flying eagle group because frost wyrm broke, and I pulled the distance again.
"The ground fissure spikes! 」
Frost wyrm’s deterrent effect is not long. When the flying distance of my royal sword is still 3 hours away from the small cave, those flying sculptures are chased again. This time, I directly urged the leading sword to come to the cliff and quickly patted it with my hands, which immediately triggered a ground crack and stabbed the flying sculptures.
Those flying eagles didn’t expect that the steep cliff would suddenly grow a long thorn, so they couldn’t prevent the stun effect of cracking and stabbing again. The flying eagles started to feel dizzy in the same place (hungry! What is in place without falling off? I didn’t know this was how the system was set.
"Earthquake anger! 」
Those flying eagles are really chattering and dizzy. When I woke up, I chased them again. Therefore, when I was still 1 meter away from the small cave, I was finally chased by those flying eagles who were already flying parallel to me. The beak of the eagle was madly pecking, obviously trying to knock me on the cliff.
But I’m actually so good-looking, okay The fist immediately hit the rock cliff next to it, and the energy immediately spread around. The great earthquake anger started through the rock cliff, and those flying sculptures were once again stunned.
Start immediately while teleporting now, and directly increase the distance by 5 meters. As soon as the speed of the guide sword rises, the spokesman of death and I have already driven the flying sword and appeared at the door of the cliff cave.
Just when I was about to enter the small cave, a strong force suddenly came out of the cave and directly overwhelmed me. When I didn’t dare to hold the big guide sword and immediately recover it, my arm suddenly grew a Long Lin shield. In 4567, damage per second, at the same time, I directly controlled the guide sword and stood firm. Finally, I blocked this surprise attack.
I froze when I took back my arm and looked at the small cave with the Long Lin shield.
Chapter three hundred and fifty says god carving
What appears in front of us is a giant eagle, which is huge and taller than people. It is also a flying eagle in the forbidden area of the sword tomb. Compared with the giant eagle in front of us, it looks like a giant burly warrior with a height of 2 meters
However, the appearance of the big eagle is ugly, and its feathers are scattered. It seems that more than half of it has been pulled out, and it looks very dirty, yellow and black, as if it has not been cleaned for months.
What’s even worse is that there is a big red sarcoma on the top of the head of the big eagle fishing mouth, which makes it not very beautiful, and its appearance is greatly reduced, and it is almost close to negative score.
The big eagle has many shortcomings, but there are also some advantages. For example, its legs are as thick as those of a burly horse, and its roots are not like the thighs of ordinary birds. Although its wings are extremely short, they don’t know if they can fly, but just from the blow just now, the wings are the smallest, but they are very poor
The giant deity has lived in the forbidden area of the sword tomb for a long time. Although it doesn’t have a flying collar, its strong thighs and powerful wings make its combat effectiveness greatly improved. Ordinary masters will be in danger of dying at any time when they encounter it. The life value of the 65-level fairy beast is 20,000, and the unique skill of carving out to sea and flapping their wings is crazy.
"jump!" Looking at the information given in sharingan, I almost fainted. Isn’t the statue of God in front of me the one in "Heroes of the Condor" where Yang Guo met the big brother in the lonely sword grave? Hmm? It seems that the game designer has changed the lonely sword tomb into Xuanyuan sword tomb, but I don’t know if there are any sword cheats in this small cave.
Think about it. In the original work "The Condor Heroes", the solitary sword tomb seeks defeat, but there is a unique magic weapon, the dark iron epee. This Xuanyuan sword tomb can be used even without a super artifact, the dark iron epee.
Just when I fantasized that I could get the darksteel epee in this small cave guarded by the carved gods, the spokesman of death suddenly poured’ cold water’. "Don’t think about Xuanyuan Sword Tomb, but there is no sword in this cave. If you want a sword, there are plenty of swords in Xuanyuan Mausoleum."
"No weapons? Then why did you call me here? At present, the condor is a 65-level fairy beast that can drop my half-row health in seconds with a blow. There is a limit if you want to die. "
Damn it, there are no weapons in the forbidden area. Then why did you drag me here? Do you want me to help you kill the condor? Forget it. I know my own strength. If I meet a level 5 fairy beast, I may still have a chance to fight a level 65 fairy beast. You think my life is too long, don’t you?
"Well, actually, I asked you to help me pin down the statue of God, and I went in to get my changed job." The death spokesman now felt very embarrassed, but the changed job was so hard-headed and said with a wry smile, "I didn’t change my job until level 13, because I wanted to change my job to hide my job and the changed job was guarded by this statue of God."
"Depend? No? " I was taken aback by this, which is what I know. He’s at level 13, but he still hasn’t changed his job. But … "Level 65 immortal beast condor? I don’t mean to discourage you, but nine times out of ten, I’m afraid you can’t finish it. "
"Who knows that the giant eagle has also been upgraded? It’s just a level 5 fairy beast. It’s a mistake to think that it has now become a level 65 fairy beast." The death spokesman’s face is as painful as eating bitter gourd at the moment, even when he speaks, he has already carried bitter silk. What a poor child.
"Help people recite Buddha in the end and send it to the West Death. Where do you want to get something? I’ll break in and help you get it." Everyone has their own bottom line to deal with the blame, and now my bottom line is that the beast of Warcraft peak fairy beast monster beast has not reached the peak. Although it can’t be killed, it is still possible to escape from its hand.
Now, if I don’t rush in to get something, my courage will naturally rise and I really want to have a discussion with the condor.
The spokesman of death hurriedly pointed to the small box in the cave and said nervously, "How about my props in it, boss? Can you help me get that box?"
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
Now, whether I can change my job or not, the spokesman of death has to shout even the boss. Although it sounds a little wrong, I am very upset. Hey, hey, this is the first time that this guy of death calls the boss, he will definitely have a poor aftertaste.
"You call me the boss, I don’t promise you? Ok, let’s get rid of these flying sculptures that hinder people first, or I’ll fly at them later. These guys will wave my skills again. "Now there are several stun tricks in my skills that have entered a cooling state, so I want to solve these flying sculptures that used to consume my skills first, and then focus on dealing with the sacred sculptures.
Where are these flying sculptures in my grass sword? While the skill is still in a cooling state, I will restore my health and mana to the best state of full blood and blue, and then I will directly throw the death spokesman to the ground and ascend to heaven alone, and once again I will arrive at the cliff cave entrance, where the statue of God will confront each other.
In ancient times, there was a confrontation between the Happy King of Zhang Junbao for three days and three nights. Now, although the dragon soul carving is not so exaggerated, it has been fully confronted for three minutes.
(Three days and three nights of confrontation with the Happy King in Zhang Junbao is taken from Young Zhang Sanfeng. The confrontation with the Dragon Soul Sculpture is, of course, waiting for the skills to cool down. Otherwise, who wants to confront a sloppy sculpture? )
The first thing to move is the young Stegosaurus with grass in his hand. Seeing his feet stepping on the flying sword, the flying speed of the royal sword is up to the maximum, and it is like a gust of wind’ blowing’ into the cave. The speed has almost reached the top drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu’s ghostly state, and the effect is hard to prevent.
However, the 65-level god carving is not a decoration. 」
See the statue of god, the thick thighs moved quickly, and the legs soared directly. At the same time, the short wings beat straight up and swept the past directly towards the avenger dragon soul.
"The condor wings! 」
"touch!" An eagle’s wings immediately hit the dragon’s soul body 96, and the damage was immediately output from the top of the head, which was quite harmful and worthy of the eagle’s wings.
"Crazy carving out to sea! 」
The condor seems to have been excited at the moment, and its wings are suddenly and fiercely recovered. The general momentum is immediately squeezed from all sides. The dragon soul is single-handedly defeated by the avalanche, and the general momentum is forced to quickly start the absolute defense skills. Long Lin array wall makes itself in the absolute protection of Long Lin
"Don’t dive! 」
On the other hand, the god carving saw that his crazy carving at sea had no effect, so he stopped attacking and directly concentrated on renewing his energy. The so-called diving carving is actually to let the god carving concentrate on gathering energy. Don’t make meaning.
"Group carving first! 」
At the same time, as the Long Lin array wall dispersed, the energy of the condor seems to have passed through the submerged carving. When the wings beat like a whirlwind, they attack the other side’s head position, which is the group carving skill.
Passing 18-wheeler, when the wings of the condor are about to hit the avenger’s dragon soul head, I see the dragon soul figure swaying in front of me and it has disappeared into the original place.
The teleportation skill is sometimes the best trick to save your life and escape. This trick of carving a dragon’s head loses its target and naturally falls to smash the rock in front directly.
"Quack!" The original crazy attack on the condor suddenly stopped and talked about people’s words. "Good, good, you can resist six palms when you are carving. Hey, hey, but how many palms can you resist at the bottom of the ten palms?" Carving is looking forward to it. "
Chapter three hundred and sixty said the god carving ()
"Wow, great anecdote! The condor actually spoke! And ….. "Looking at the front is self-respect, I hold back laughing and said very seriously," Don’t you say it’s a dragon with ten hands? What has now changed into ten hands? "
The condor proudly said, "The condor is a fairy beast, and it is naturally able to speak with both hands. It is naturally adapted from the method of lowering the dragon’s ten hands. Alas, who makes the condor so clever? The martial arts of the condor can be imitated and adapted. Hey, you dare to carve when I speak. It will never spare you."
"Ha ha, you say you and I move me, and we don’t interfere." Just now, I have created twelve busy people by relying on the drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu’s fairy charm. Now, in this not-so-big cave, an extra twelve people are particularly crowded.
"Take six sculptures! 」
With a wave of his wings, the powerful energy of the condor immediately spread and transformed into six sculpted shapes, and all of them rushed to the 13 Avengers’ Dragon Souls (twelve avatars plus one).
Taking advantage of six sculptures and six sculptures at the same time, it is the most important move in the ten palms of the carving, and it is also one of the methods for a few groups to attack the palm
Take six sculptures at a time, but it’s the most powerful move in the palm of the ten hands, but it’s not weak. If you dare not be careless, you can directly order twelve busy people to enthusiastically hope that twelve busy people can help me fight against the six sculptures.

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