Luxury cars are not reactionary because Miss Qu said, "Wait!"

A Xing asked in surprise, "What else does Miss Qu command?"
She didn’t say anything, because she kept watching Li Dalong leave the intersection until the short and ragged figure disappeared completely. She turned her head and said lightly, "Let’s go!"
The luxury car restarted and drove towards the other side of the street, slowly disappearing into the shade to be continued
Chapter four hundred and fifteen Dangdang cannon
The car is driving fast and the scenery flies by the window.
A Xing turned his head and said, "Do you know Miss Qu?"
Before Miss Qu could answer, Mr. Wang immediately scolded, "A Xing, how can you talk? How can Miss Qu know criminals?"
A Xing hurriedly smiled, "This is also true!"
"I think the man is a little familiar! Talk about not knowing! " Miss Qu still has no expression because she wears sunglasses and others can’t see her real expression.
After a short silence, Miss Qu asked again, "What’s the name of the criminal A Xing?"
A Xing thought for a moment. "I didn’t look closely and know that it was a D-class criminal. It seems that his name is … Li … Dragon. Oh, no, Miss Li Dalong Qu should be mistaken for someone else, right?"
Miss Qu nodded. "Hmm!"
Although she is "well", her heart has set off a storm.
Dalong has been away for many years, but I didn’t expect to meet you in Tianxing. How did you become a criminal? I don’t believe that a man like you can commit a crime!
She was thinking about Li Dalong here, but she returned to the public welfare center, returned the tools and certified the labor results, and then returned to the suburban slums
After drumming in the room for a while, the helmet was connected to the internet. Finally, "It’s a loud bang again, buddy line"!
This is forced to eat two cold steamed buns every day. For Mad Dog Dragon, it is absolutely unbearable. Anyway, I have to make extra efforts to guide some money out to buy some food and improve my life.
Many people arrive at Tianxing, which means they are in paradise. This is a misunderstanding. The planets are divided into rich and poor.
The first thing after the line is to go to the Eastern Dynasty Science and Technology Base, and Jianghuazao is waiting for him in the hall.
"Come?" On the smile.
Mad dog dragon nodded. "It’s so hard to come back here!"
On what also didn’t say much handed him a box of cakes mad dog dragon took it and swallowed it.
Of course, the virtual world can’t fill the hunger in reality, but this move fully shows that the waters know him.
"I’m not short of money. I’ve never been so short of money. I have to get some information out!" Mad dog is in a hurry.
"This ….." On a little hesitant "temporarily a little difficult!"
"What?" The earth dog dragon opened its eyes wide.
"Because you two brothers are in debt now!" A crisp girl came at the door.
Mad dog Longhuitou Scenic Spot couldn’t help but be overjoyed. "It turned out to be the boss. What’s the good photo?"
Yan Yuhua City came in with a smile. "Because of Wu’s rescue, in reality, you suspended all the stores and raised a lot of money. As a result, he didn’t spend any money, but you were rescued first. The money has been paid off, but how many debts are there yet? Let me see … "
She hooked her fingers there, but mad dog dragon was dumbfounded. Why do you … I feel extraordinary?
On the face of mad dog dragon suspicious eyes dry cough two "this I have to explain Yan eldest brother is now the base number two boss …"
"What is number two?" Yan Yuhua Qingcheng is somewhat dissatisfied. "Is it the boss’s wife?"
Mad dog dragon listened, but soon the eye turned and the horse wryly said, "Ha-ha, congratulations, congratulations to Angkor. It’s a blessing …"
As he spoke, he stretched out his hand at Yan Yuhua City. "I missed the wedding banquet, but you have to mean a brother. I’m so poor recently that I’m really eating steamed bread." What’s the quantity? Why don’t you just give it at your discretion? I don’t ask for more than a hundred dragon coins. Hey, hey! "
"I am dizzy!" Yan made yuhua district city hear their straight.
The news of Mad Dog Dragon Line soon came. Soon, a large group of ghosts and gods rushed to the base. Sunny days, gladiolus, steamed dumplings in big cages, brother Honghua, and the forest … Even the three goods, Tintin Fish, 1v3 and the toilet fast chicken master, slipped in.
In the face of everyone’s caring and attentive, Mad Dog Dragon is also a little touched. I didn’t expect that I can’t get anything in the real world, but the virtual world can actually give it.
Although people who know the real situation of Mad Dog Dragon have sunny days and beautiful flowers except on the river, others have heard that he is in trouble in reality, but now everyone is coming to see him behind the line.
"Brother trouble to solve? Tell you what planet you are on. I have nothing else to do. Fighting and chopping people is definitely a good hand! If you have enemies, you will give me a sigh. If I frown, you will cut me! " The toilet fast chicken master vowed to guarantee
"two dog, are you stupid?" 1v3 hear their eyes.
"Why am I stupid?" The quick chicken chef who lives in the toilet is quite angry
1v3 sneer at a way "also fight chop down a person? You always saw it when you were cooking last night. You can’t even hold a kitchen knife. Are you still a good cook? You are pure sb! "
They immediately is a burst of laughter.
Then came a large group of people shouting and laughing, and Mad Dog Dragon also learned in detail what happened after his departure.
He felt very sorry that he couldn’t attend the wedding of Lengfeng gladiolus in person, but what moved him was that he paid five dragon coins to Jiang Huamu under great pressure on a sunny day to save himself.
Of course, this money must be returned to sunny days, and the so-called brothers have to settle accounts.
After a while, everyone dispersed on the river. "We are now in a state of extreme loss and must try to find money."
"That’s natural!" Mad dog dragon nodded.
Jiang Hua said, "Your rags should be changed!"
Mad dog dragon’s eyes lit up. "Angkor has a new hair?"
Waters smiled and waved "Come with me!"
Mad Dog Dragon and Yan Yuhua City quickly got into his production laboratory, and the waters assembled parts on the workbench for a long time "clicked" and a crunchy silvery white gun appeared.
This gun looks like two cups are upside down, and there is a metal tube connected with it. The muzzle is no longer a six-hole disc, but a barrel with a caliber almost the size of a fist.
Mad dog dragon is curious about "energy weapon?"
On throwing the gun to him "see for yourself! The new generation of production has made up for the lack of a generation! "
This gun is quite heavy and must be held before it can be lifted. The mad dog dragon looked at it and immediately became fart paste.
Terminator pulse machine gun type iii (enhanced power)
Attack power +5 science and technology damage
Energy filling degree 15/15;
Attack special effect 1: creating an energy field with a diameter of 1 meter and creating a stray current in the energy field will produce paralysis, confusion and dizziness effects on enemy units;

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