Yuan Ying’s breath increased rapidly and soon reached the middle stage of the cave virtual environment.

From now on, his baby can be separated from the body in vitro, and can also live and practice as well.
In addition, this time, the fusion of his baby’s swallowing ability is terrible.
Those who swallowed the flash not long ago and soon became one and could not separate from each other.
"Come on, you little bugs!"
Muhai language method with the sound just spit out hundreds of red firm but gentle in dantianhai gave out bursts of howling and went straight for the dragon.
"Oh …"
Yi Long’s songs are rolling.
All the dragons roared together and the angry breath combined into a hurricane.
"Oh …"
The hurricane hit the Dantian Sea, forming a rolling shock wave that destroyed the sky and terrorized it again and again.
Hoo …
Muhai uses the red firm but gentle to destroy the sky rapidly, and the firm but gentle collides with each other, giving off bursts of tinkling.
Muhai dantian is torn and repaired like a battlefield of terror.
His abdomen is also expanding rapidly.
"Oh …"
In the end, hundreds of dragons let out a mournful cry, and their physical strength was swallowed up by Yuan Ying, who was taken away by all.
Muhai breath is rapidly increasing.
His baby’s eyes sparkle like thunder’s eyes, with a terrible smell.
"Zi …"
However, hundreds of flash dragons have just died, and thousands of flash dragons have appeared in Muhai Dantian.
Qian Rowen seems to be trying to crack his abdomen.
A thousand dragons roared to form a rapid rotation of air billow.
Each floor is like a air billow hob, rushing towards Muhaiyuan Baby.
"This …"
Looking at can tear everything air billow Muhai frown is not the slightest carelessness.
"Ah …"
He roared a few swords and light together to form a big sword.
"Shout …"
A sword wields a shocking shock wave and beheads in air billow.
Air billow instantly dissipated the power of firm but gentle, and instantly chopped hundreds of flash dragons.
Before these flash dragons came, they turned into a mountain and rushed to Muhai Yuanying, becoming a part of him.
"Oh …"
Seeing this scene, other flash dragons roared angrily and headed for Muhai.
However, Muhai’s right hand waved thousands of shock waves to take away their lives and take away their energy.
His breath only rose for the second time.
Take a step closer to a breakthrough
"Rumble …"
A conan the destroyer sound from the outside world has lasted for a long time from the dark clouds.
Then a flash of red, thicker than an aircraft carrier, wrapped Muhai all over.
Several red flashes quickly rushed to Muhai Dantian, blinking and the red flashes disappeared.
After this time, the dark clouds are dim, and many seem to have done their best to make one last try.
And in Muhai Dantian, ten thousand horrible red amphibians crowded together and came crazy with great power.
Seeing this scene, Muhai’s face changed without any calm color.
"damn it"
Muhai dark scold a want to also don’t want to quickly fled outside the abdomen.
However, as soon as Yuan Ying took a few steps, he blocked his way and let him escape and retreat quickly.
"Boom …"
A few dragon’s breath blink in MuHai yuan baby let out a loud noise.
He yuan baby breath quickly weak.
"Damn so strong"

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