Liang Ping gently took the ink-defective hand and slowly approached the cave. The matter of being tricked by the so-called dragon god that day is still fresh in my mind.

When I passed the waterfall, Liang Ping couldn’t help but reach out and feel the waterfall.
The waterfall water is very impactful and especially cool in the morning.
When the morning light falls, it shines a rainbow of seven colors in the waterfall.
"Wow, Yunzhou is really a good place to see the rainbow in such a cave." Liang Ping secretly nodded and sighed with emotion, and then went all the way to the end of the cave with a cold waterfall.
At the end, the stone steps are spotless. Walking around the platform, there is no trace of anyone on the surface.
And the simple farmers around can’t even hear the barking of dogs.
"Liang Ping, is it the same when you come here?" Ink defect asked curiously.
Liang Ping shrugged and laughed. "How can there be a lot of people here at a time?"
"So where did these people go so early in the morning?" Ink defect asked.
Liang Ping shook his head and said, "Just now, I saw someone on the second platform not as good as us first."
Climbing the second platform requires crossing a dangerous plank road.
However, Liang Ping, who has not stepped on the plank road, has found the problem.
After entering this 100-meter platform, it is in a dilemma.
The plank road is still there, but it seems to be isolated by some special force.
"It’s an enchantment. People have set up an enchantment here." Ink defect exclaimed.
Liang Ping is no stranger to the word enchantment, but he explains, "Who on earth has such ability? How can we get out of this enchantment?"
"Ha ha, who said last night that everything was under his control? He also said that Luo Shengmeng lost his wife and lost his soldiers." Ink defect impatiently left Liang Ping holding her hand.
Liang Ping smiled again. "Ahem, what can I do about it? But I guess it may not be an enchantment here, but a game made by Luo Shengmeng."
"If it is a game, then there should always be a sign." Ink defect is still a little impatient
Liang Ping understands that ink defects are impatient, but he takes care of ink defects and waits and sees on the platform in an attempt to find a game.
The house on the left is an ordinary house, but there is a pigsty behind it, which smells like pig manure, and the old sow in the pigsty is sleeping.
The house on the right is a relatively exquisite wooden house. The wood is newly made and the ground is much faster than other places.
Looking back and forth, Liang Ping finally came in vain.
"Come with me" Liang Ping strode to the exquisite wooden house.
When I walked into the wooden house, I found that it smelled different from other places.
That kind of smell can only be induced by Liang Pingchao’s consciousness.
It’s not the spirit of martial arts, nor the professional fighters such as swordsman, spiritual cultivator, animal trainer and painter. In that breath, it seems to have a hint of seduction, and it makes people smell that it will fall into her pomegranate skirt in an instant.
This kind of breath Liang Ping is no stranger.
"Is it Shen Jianing?" Liang Ping frowned slightly.
Go to the wooden courtyard and find a woman in a red veil sitting in the lobby.
The woman’s back is turned to Liang Ping and Ink Defect, but her beauty and nobility can also be read from her beautiful back.
Liang Ping and Ink Defect walked into the hall.
The woman sat there unmoved.
There is only one thing in the hall except the woman sitting on a log stool.
At the moment when Liang Ping and Ink Defect stepped into the hall, the woman said with a seductive tone, "Hehe, you finally came. I have been waiting for you here for three days and three nights."
Hearing the familiar sound, Liang Ping finally determined Shen Jianing’s identity and thought of all his experiences with Shen Jianing in the past.
The first time I saw Shen Jianing was in the blood pool of Fengcheng in the backyard of Yindu government.
At that time, Shen Jianing was an ugly skeleton, and it looked ugly and horrible.
Then she recovered her appearance, but she was the first beauty in Lingzhou mainland.
He has been a murderous demon ever since.
But no one has really seen her kill people.
This Liang Ping asked with a dignified face, "Shen Jianing, where did you go after you disappeared from Jiuyou? Are you really from Luoshengmeng?"
Shen Jianing didn’t answer.
Ink defect is to pull Liang Ping out of the hall and whisper in Liang Ping’s ear, "Liang Ping, you should know her identity. She was killed by Mu Ye’s father. She must hate you in her heart. We must be careful."
Liang Ping pushed the ink defect behind him and walked into the hall again, bypassing Shen Jianing’s body and coming to Shen Jianing. He faced Shen Jianing seriously and asked, "Shen Jianing, tell me whether you are from Luoshengmeng or not."
"The answer is not very obvious?" Shen Jianing slowly got up and lost his hands behind him.
Two people look at each other.
Shen Jianing’s eyes are much more strange.
"Didn’t you tell me that everything was false when you were in a famous village?" Liang Ping still naively looked at Shen Jianing’s beautiful face.
However, Shen Jianing had to say, "Liang Ping, you are really stupid and cute. Haven’t you heard a word?"
"What words" Liang Ping asked.
"Beautiful women love to lie," said Shen Jianing, with her beautiful eyes flashing slightly.
Liang Ping stared at Shen Jianing’s appearance and saw from her beautiful face that there were some faint heaviness and unwillingness besides strangeness.
Liang Ping was puzzled and asked eagerly, "Although I know you are the left hall master of Luoshengmeng, I also know that your heart is not in Luoshengmeng, isn’t it?"
"Ha ha, I have a choice?" Shen Jianing asked Liang Ping, who seemed particularly serious.
Liang Ping was asked to look at the ink defect outside the hall at the same time. Seeing the ink defect, he shook his head and seemed to imply something to Liang Ping.
Chapter 376 Two people and money
Liang Ping’s suggestion to ink defects is a face of persistent looking at Shen Jianing and asked.
"Shen Jianing, didn’t you choose to die? Your master Qianyu Gong paid a heavy price and sacrificed his precious life. Do you think Qianyu Guild supports you to join a criminal organization like Luo Shengmeng?"
"Ha ha sin?"
Shen Jianing mei said, "Liang Ping, you are really ridiculous. From the first day I met you, I found that you are particularly fond of preaching to others. But do you really know other people’s lives? Everyone is different? This sentence is also what you have often said. Since you know that everyone is different, you should know that different people will make different choices and different people will have different fates. Isn’t it hard for you to preach to others?"
In the face of Shen Jianing’s charming expression, Liang Ping has a feeling of wanting to be angry, but after gnashing her teeth, she said calmly, "Hehe, I really feel unworthy of your master. How did he tell you before he died and what are you doing now?"
"Hehe, Master?" Shen Jianing said, "Do you know what my master said to me?"
"I don’t know anything." Liang Ping’s hearing is amazing. Of course, Qian Yu Gong said to Shen Jianing that he heard everything very clearly
Shen Jianing laughed, "Even if you know what, now you should act according to my rules when you enter my game world." Speaking, Shen Jianing suddenly disappeared in a flash, but a red ribbon appeared when she was sitting on a log stool.
There is a pink note on the ribbon that clearly says, "This vice name is human and financial, so you can successfully get through the game obstacles and board the second platform."
"People and money?"
Liang Pingjie chanted these four words.

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