"Because of this, he is terrible! This man’s imitation ability is too strong, and I haven’t told him the trick yet. He can imitate it by his own feelings. I think he will learn my posture before long! I depend on this, just like Hatake Kakashi in Naruto * * *! " Feng Xiao quite some nai tunnel at the same time very envy Ye Qing this ability.

Ji Xiaofeng bit his teeth. If that little guy really has such a * * * * word, it is estimated that the status of the five major gun gods will be lost at any time in the near future. He suddenly felt a kind of pressure to see if his marksmanship is still not good enough after practicing hard. You must be more strict with yourself in the future, or you will be defeated by that * * * guy sooner or later.
Ye Qing’s wonderful tactics finally succeeded. Club I regained one point, and the score became five to four. It was very difficult and very unexpected that they could reach this level. Everyone would be one-sided at half-time. Club I’s defense line should be vulnerable to the attack of the Royal Forbidden City.
Loli and her partner are also surprised. Club I seems to have a comeback trend under the leadership of Ye Qing. Will they create a greater miracle after defeating the old fish story? The story of beating the old fish unexpectedly has surprised many people. If we beat the Royal Forbidden City team with two gun gods again, then Club I will be qualified to rank among the first-class teams!
The ability of being able to compete against the city by a first-class team with only one person is so outstanding that Feng Xiao has always been arrogant and conceited. He also has to admit that his ability is very strong, and his light has been concealed. In this game, no one can overshadow him.
"Do you think it is possible for Club I to win the game?" Loli told her partner that her partner hesitated. "I don’t know. Maybe there will be a miracle. After all, they have already beaten a strong team. Who knows if they will be upset again?" But it’s hard for them to win this game. The two gun gods haven’t joined forces yet. If they join forces, it should be impossible to beat the city! "
"Yes, neither of the two gun gods has joined forces to attack, but one is very difficult to deal with. Now Club I has played a comeback rhythm, and I think the two gun gods should join forces!" Loli nodded and said that I couldn’t help worrying about the club.
Chapter 375 Two Gun Gods Join Hands
Although Club I pulled back a point in the second round of the half-time, it was not easy for Ye Qing to fall in love, because he knew very well that the two gun gods had not joined hands. Once they joined hands, he would ignore the influence of other factors. In an absolutely fair environment, Ye Qing knew that he was not an opponent of the two gun gods.
How much lethality can the two gun gods jointly exert? Ye Qing method estimates that it is very powerful. If he stops the rest of the players by one person, he can stop them even more, which will be enough to break their defense lines. The strength of Xiaodong and Qinglong cannot be ignored. If they attack a point with medium strength, Ye Qing really doesn’t know how to resist.
Like everyone’s estimate, Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng joined forces with Feng Xiao’s troops to attack point A, and it was he and Ji Xiaofeng who started. Ji Xiaofeng didn’t want to go all the way with Feng Xiao, but in view of the fact that he was left alone in the last round, the situation was really embarrassing and he still obeyed the order for the benefit of the team.
The Royal Forbidden City team rushed out of Gate A, and Jiangnan Kun was eager to try. On the day of this game, he was killed by a meteor several times at half-time, and he wanted to show his anger at half-time.
Jiangnan Kun, the boss of the team, is always high above him. He also goes his own way in the team and likes to show off. Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng can always clean up the mess for him, saying that the offensive point is to wipe his ass
Jiangnan Kun doesn’t feel that he is dragging his team down and constantly causing trouble. He is the kind of person who can never see his own shortcomings, and he naturally despises others at the same time, such as being the sniper God Jiang Yuhan. Everyone thinks that he is the greatest professional sniper in the F world, but Jiangnan Kun doesn’t take Jiang Yuhan seriously. He always feels that this once-silent cousin is just a very ordinary player who can be defeated if he wants to make efforts.
Jiangnan Kun can despise even the rain and cold in the river. The situation is that I club is in urgent need of an outbreak after he has been depressed for a long time. After this round of rushing out of Gate A, he forgot that Feng jokes directly surpassed Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng and rushed to the front first.
Feng Xiao was surprised to see Jiangnan Kun’s back appear in front of him and quickly shouted, "Kun, what are you doing less?" ?”
"Kill the enemy, of course! How many people have I killed and how many times have I died? It’s a shame! I’ll give them some color to see see! " Jiangnan Kun is very serious tunnel
"Kun Shao’s tactic is not like this … can you …" Feng Xiao was a little anxious, and before he finished his words, Jiangnan Kun scrambled to say, "No, your tactics can exclude me!"
Feng Xiao suddenly gave a wry smile when he heard this. Your sister, this guy is always making trouble and asking him to win the game. This is simply adding difficulty and pressure to him, but what can I do? Who is the boss?
Jiangnan Kun took the lead and rushed into Avenue A. Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng were able to follow him closely, and then followed him left and right, trying their best to cover him. The two gun gods completed Jiangnan Kun’s bodyguard escort, and it was difficult for someone to kill him.
Ye Qing continued to go sideways. Because he attacked the middle gate in the next round, the other side suffered heavy losses. Ye Qing was worried about attacking the ambush in the middle gate meeting again. This round, he decided to attack the A gate. When he made this decision, he was a little delayed. When they rushed out of the base and appeared on Avenue A, Jiangnan Kun had already rushed to the center of Avenue A.
The two sides immediately had a positive encounter with Ye Qing, and the four machine gunners fired volley bullets in a row in a sign, flying neatly in the past. It was a veritable hail of bullets. Jiangnan Kun ran in the front and was naturally the first to see the other four machine gunners rush out. He was also shocked. Some sad tunnels "Your sister, what are so many people! Lao Feng, Xiaofeng, you! "
Seeing too many people on the other side, Jiangnan Kun suddenly lost his confidence. It is more appropriate for the two gun gods to do this kind of charge. He immediately chose to retreat Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng Naineng, but the other side played too tightly. Where can Jiangnan Kun retreat? It is very rhythmic and some shots directly to his head.
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng locked the target of Ye Qing’s attack almost at the same time, and both of them fired at the same time. Obviously, they all thought that Ye Qing was the biggest threat. If he killed him, he would be able to defeat the I club. When Ye Qing flashed out, Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng failed to shoot him in the head in an instant, and Feng Xiao was surprised to find that Ye Qing’s posture was more and more similar, but his flexibility was a little worse.
"I rely on this to make progress too fast!" Feng Xiao exclaimed in his mind that although Ye Qingshi is his best posture, he himself has no way to solve this posture. After all, who will have nothing to think about how to crack his posture?
Ji Xiaofeng is very familiar with Feng Xiao’s posture, and he also treats Feng Xiao as an imaginary enemy in private practice. He has a certain research on Feng Xiao’s posture, and Ye Qing also knows that the two gun gods are not easy to deal with. After he exploded Jiangnan Kun, he did not choose to attack the target, but shot at Qinglong behind them.
He wants to kill the other gunner before the two gun gods kill him, so that even if he is killed, it is not a loss. His marksmanship has made a new breakthrough in this game, and he has mastered it better than before. Two or three shots have already exploded the green dragon.
Dong Laoer and others’ firepower immediately overshadowed Feng Xiao, Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng. The firepower of them has been shooting at Ye Qing, and eventually Ye Qing was killed by Ji Xiaofeng. Dong Laoer also made Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng a bloody meteor, but also won directly with the help of the number advantage in the confrontation with Xiaodong, and killed it in W with one gun.
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng didn’t expect that an encounter would make them lose a lot, and then the two of them were left in the blink of an eye, while the other side was dead. One enemy, three gunners, still had a strong firepower, and they gradually came up with a refund. After all, the other side had a sniper who flashed out at any time to threaten their lives.
"wow! It seems that the ice cream team will win this round again! " Loli is a little excited and doesn’t know what. She always tends to support the I club. She has an inexplicable affection for this team, perhaps because of her appreciation of Ye Qing.
"Not necessarily the Royal Forbidden City team and two gun gods are not dead. Anything is possible!" Loli’s partner is still very cautious and never dies. After all, the strength of the two gun gods is there. If they don’t die, then I club can’t say that it is a sure victory.
Number advantage doesn’t mean strength and advantages. Three worms can’t compete with one chicken house. Number advantage doesn’t mean anything.
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng’s posture is clever, although they all have a refund in their hearts, but they all know that retreating will seriously reduce the hit rate, which will lead to faster death. Besides, they have the dignity of a spear god, and they can never retreat in front of the enemy, which is really beneath them!
Although the posture of cold-blooded and emotional people seems to move very flexibly, it is ridiculous and full of loopholes in the eyes of Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng. They keep shooting rhythm and harmony, which has a wonderful aesthetic feeling like a beautiful concerto.
Cold-blooded and affectionate are running out of bullets, but they can’t kill Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng. Instead, they kill Dong Laoer one by one. His marksmanship is slightly stronger than cold-blooded and affectionate. His marksmanship is also much higher. When Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng fired cold-blooded and affectionate shots, he was also shooting at Feng Xiao. When Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng freed up their hands to deal with him, he had already exhausted Feng Xiao, and at this time the meteor flashed out again. This is the fourth time that he has flashed out, except for killing Xiaodong. The previous shots were all in vain.
For the fourth time, the meteor flashed out and was quickly shot in the mirror. Unfortunately, it still failed to hit the posture as flexible as Flash Man. At this time, Ji Xiaofeng Ji Xiaofeng once again showed his strength after hard training. Feng Xiao saw that his posture seemed to be more * * * * than before. He frowned and said to himself, "Xiaofeng is really hidden!"
Ji Xiaofeng didn’t entangle with Dong Laoer again, but the gun swung and fired several shots in a row. He actually flashed out quickly, made a shot and quickly retreated. The meteor burst its head. It was the fastest speed to retreat, and he was not far from the bunker. He could go back in a blink of an eye. It can be said that he has done his best, but Ji Xiaofeng still grasped the tiny opportunity.
Dong Laoer was surprised and immediately turned some shots into strafe. This is because many people will unconsciously make changes under pressure. Many people can calmly shoot some shots at once, but once the situation changes, it is very likely to turn some shots into strafe. Once this change occurs, it means that the gunner has panicked.
Panic shooting usually suppresses the trajectory, and so does Dong Laoer. He feels that his gun is shaking all the time, as if it is scared. It seems that the trajectory is a little messy. Almost no bullets fly out of one track, some fly high, some fly low, some fly to the left, some fly to the right, and very few bullets can accurately hit Ji Xiaofeng, not to mention head shots.
Ji Xiaofeng’s posture is so flexible and unpredictable that even Feng Xiao can’t grasp the law. Dong Laoer has no way to lock Ji Xiaofeng’s figure. After Ji Xiaofeng killed the meteor with ease, he and Dong Laoer fought with each other.
At this time, there is only one person left on both sides, and all eyes are on the two of them. Who can win is the team hero? Club I hopes to equalize the score in Dong Laoer alone, and the Royal Forbidden City team hopes to expand the score in Ji Xiaofeng alone, but they are convinced that Ji Xiao Summit will win because he is a gun god!
Chapter 376 Terrible hand speed
The battle on Avenue A has reached the end. Dong Laoer is much weaker than Ji Xiaofeng in posture and marksmanship after all. How long did he fail to persist? He was shot in the head by Ji Xiaofeng. After Ji Xiaofeng showed his strength, it was really terrible. Even Feng Xiao was under pressure. He felt that Ji Xiaofeng could compete with him even if he didn’t have an94. It’s hard to say who could win the match between them.
The score of the two teams became six to four, and the club failed to equalize the score after all. They have been behind since the half-time, and they have never surpassed it. Dong Laoer is very annoyed and a little guilty. After all, he lived the longest in the last round, but he failed to score a point for the team.
If Ye Qing lived to the end, he would definitely give Ji Xiaofeng the residual blood to die without being killed. Dong Laoer felt that his strength was too weak. Although he never thought about what brilliant achievements he would make on the road of F professionalization, he wanted to help Ye Qing complete his dream. How could he help Ye Qing if he didn’t have enough strength? He is not strong enough, but he will drag his feet. He regrets that he didn’t pick up girls so much during training, and he has a feeling that he will hate less when the time comes.
Ye Qing actually understands his teammates very well. They have worked hard enough, but Nai’s talent is not high, and the speed of progress will not be fast. I don’t know when they will be able to grow up, but the rocket will stand out from the crowd. His teammates are no longer at the same level as him. In this case, he has two choices: one is to leave the team and develop a better team to form a new powerful array to compete for the championship, and the other is to stay in the team and replace his teammates with those well-known players to be his teammates.
This problem has been said many times that it is a law to avoid a problem. Cold-blooded and emotional meteors may not realize this, but Ye Qing has long realized that his difficulty lies in being embarrassed to exclude his teammates from the team, but the reality makes him have to re-examine this problem. Maybe after this game, Da Mi should start preparing to form a new team. We can’t wait for a moment.
In the fourth round of the half-court, Ye Qing decided to attack the soldiers in two ways. Although they are defenders, they don’t want to sit still and fight with each other. It is the fastest way to solve the battle and the most unexpected way for their opponents.
Club I, three people attack Avenue A, and two attack doors are going to double-team. Of course, this should be based on the fact that the other party has gone to attack Point A. If the other party has someone in the middle, there is no way to double-team.
The troops in the Royal Forbidden City team attacked point A once. In this round, they commanded Feng Xiao to make tactical adjustments. In preparation, the troops attacked point B. This arrangement was directly wrong. The enemy in the middle of the attack also let the people rushing from Avenue A pounce.
When I club two people meet, only to find that the other person didn’t attack at point A, Ye Qing suddenly patted his forehead and said, "Mom, your judgment is wrong! Go to point B! "
After he finished, he took the lead in rushing towards point B. It was the road in the back garden, and the rest of them followed without hesitation. Anyway, they were used to following Ye Qing’s arrangement, and they hadn’t used their brains to think about how to fight for a long time.
After entering the B hole, the sound of 4 installation success has already sounded. Ye Qing knows that it is very difficult to win this round, even if the other side doesn’t have a bag, it can’t win because the other side’s people get together and occupy a point to defend. They will pay a considerable price to storm and can’t attack!
"Mom, the egg did it with them!" Ye Qing whizzed smoke bombs and flash bombs at point B. Then Ye Qing rushed into the point B with three machine gunners. The meteor was covered at the mouth of the cave. The people in the Royal Forbidden City were distributed on the platform and blasting point at point B. The firepower was quite reasonable. Feng Xiao was obviously an expert in layout and defense.
Ji Xiaofeng and Feng Xiao are both on the platform at point B, and both of them come out from behind the bunker and shoot at Ye Qing at the same time. The lethality of these two people together is quite amazing. Ye Qing’s firepower is almost instantly attracted by them. Qinglong and Jiangnan Kun are ignored, which gives them the opportunity to shoot some freely.
In an instant, three people from Club I died, and Ye Qing, the machine gunner, was left. One person was still moving flexibly, but Ye Qing failed to kill one of the two gun gods. The meteor was shot twice at the mouth of cave B. He suddenly realized that it was very difficult for him to kill the two gun gods. The third time he flashed to his mouth, he changed the target of being killed to Jiangnan Kun.
Jiangnan Kun has been killed by a meteor gun many times in the half-court. Meteors think this guy is the best to bully him. As soon as the muzzle mirror is turned, it just locks up and flashes out. Jiangnan Kun will kill Jiangnan Kun with one shot and finally kill the other person.

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