I’m very happy and grateful to Shuiji for this matter. When Dugujian studied, Shuiji did his best, didn’t slack off, and worked hard to practice, which made him quickly understand that the first three forms of the Seven Decisions of the Heavenly Sword became the highest martial arts among the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect except the elders.

In February, by chance, Shuiji suddenly received an epic level, and the demand was to stop the destroyer from calling the ancient destroyer corps to this world, which meant that he would become the savior in the game.
When Shuiji listened to the request, his heart was filled with joy-how many teenagers dream of becoming a savior! Even if you can become a savior in the game! Shuimark thinks that once he really succeeds in saving the world, his savior will be recognized by everyone, and the goddess in his mind will inevitably turn her attention to him.
At that time, he can pursue feather as his savior. He believes that feather will never be indifferent to himself if he wants to become a savior-women love the strong!
On March 3rd, in the Tianjian Sect’s general altar, the secret temple has just completed all the trials. The water mark of the Seven Heavenly Sword Departments is quietly staring at the old man with his back to himself in front of him. The water mark will never disrespect the old man in front of him, even if he is young and crazy, because his achievements can definitely be folded by China people.
"Mark ….." Lonely Sword slowly said, "You have done my best and I have nothing to teach you. I hope you can have good luck. It is enough for these martial arts to carry forward our Chinese martial arts."
"Brother Bai!" Water marks should be respectful.
Lonely sword turned around and nodded with satisfaction and smiled kindly. "I have given you the nine-instrument Buddha sword in the town. You can stop it-I know that you have a mission to save the world, and I won’t leave you much. Go! You have the strength to finish what you want to do! "
"It’s Master Brother who leaves!" Water mark bowed with his hand, turned and strode away from the resplendent hall of secrets.
Dugujian watched his brother’s water mark leave and started slowly back to his room. As soon as he got back to his room, he lifted his mask.
"Shout ~ ~ ~ finally sent this kid away all day long, pretending to be serious and really tired." Du Gujian was relieved before he was dignified and steady, but now he looks like an old rascal or an old urchin.
"Ha ha, if your disciples hear this, they will definitely fall to the ground." Suddenly there was a male voice in the room, followed by a middle-aged man in a suit who appeared in the room-this man was none other than a game designer, Wu Han.
Lonely sword looked at Wu Han pie pie way "cut ~ ~ is it possible? My room is specially modified, and the sound insulation function is absolutely perfect. Even if firecrackers are set off, no one will hear it. "
"Oh is it? Then you are really tired! " Wu Han sat in one of the chairs.
Lonely sword depressed complain "didn’t you say nonsense? Are you and I willing to pretend to be serious? If those rabbits knew that I was like this now, would they still learn martial arts from me-if Chinese martial arts didn’t continue to shed ghosts, they would want to create this broken head of the Sword Sect! "
"Yes, yes, yes, I know you have worked hard, okay?" Wu Hanku smiled and shook his head. He couldn’t stand the personality of Dugujian. At the same time, he also admired Dugujian. Because Dugujian had achieved his ideal, Chinese martial arts had sacrificed too much.
DuGuJian also don’t want to argue on this topic, so he changed the subject. "Right now, the’ savior’ has been successfully cultivated. What about the’ world devastator’ in the night wind? I don’t think you don’t know? Writing this’ epic drama’ directed by Wu Han "
Wu Han shook his finger and said meaningfully, "No, no, no, you’re wrong. If the night wind was still his words five months ago, then the director and editor would be me. But now I’m just an editor, and the night wind is the real director. Because the drama performance process is in his hands, all I can do is to push him to perform-I’ve been watching the night wind. Now he probably guessed that we officials are secretly promoting the game ‘evolution’! That is to say, he is playing his own game through our promotion. "
"oh? Do you think so highly of him? " Dugujian came to the fun.
"Haven’t you seen him? Still ask me? " Wu Han asked
Dugujian thought for a moment and smiled lightly. "Ha is also very interesting to that little guy, and his observation is very keen and cunning. He is one of the best among the younger generation."
"So you look good! Look at our night wind director is like directing many’ actors’ to perform their own’ shadows’ … "
The sixth gods dusk Chapter one hundred and nineteen You choose?
The sixth gods dusk Chapter one hundred and nineteen You choose?
The night wind led by the guards soon entered the castle, and there was nothing wrong with the night wind along the way. Some curious people would cast puzzled eyes from time to time.
Finally, the night wind was brought to the castle hall-this hall is half the size of a football field, and the structure is resplendent and finely carved; There are five stone pillars connecting the top floor on the left and right sides, and there are large skylights on the left and right sides of the top of the palace to let the sun shine into the palace; At the front end of the hall, the plush chair feather is sitting quietly with his hands closed and his sword in his hand.
"Miss Yu, Mr. Night Wind is here." The guards bowed respectfully.
Yu slowly opened his eyes and said in a cold tone, "You all go out! You are not allowed to come in without my order!"
"Yes!" All the guards in the hall listened to orders and withdrew from the hall in an orderly way, and the gate was also closed.
"…" The night wind silently stared at the feather and didn’t move a face of indifference and calm.
Feather got up and walked up the steps and slowly approached the night wind-suddenly Feather pulled out the lost angel of Excalibur in her hand with great speed and cut it silently toward the night wind.
The night wind looked at him with a slight surprise and immediately returned to calm, kicking and retreating from the sword of feather.
But the feather attack didn’t stop her. She acted quickly and waved the second, third and fourth swords toward the night wind.
The night wind didn’t ask and didn’t speak. Silence evaded the feather attack. The cold sword light kept appearing in its whole body.
In attacking feather, she didn’t make her skill the purest fencing to attack the night wind, but now she has made great progress in fencing compared with five months ago, no matter how fast, how strong and how sharp she is, she can never get out of three moves if the average person is against the enemy.
However, the night wind is not the same as before, and its speed is much faster than that of five months ago. What is more commendable is that his fighting ability is much more perfect than before, so the night wind simply dodges every sword of Feather.
The attack and avoidance of the two men are intertwined, and the sword blade is broken with rhythm. The light of the sword is like performing a dance that belongs to them. Generally, if there are other people around, they will be performing instead of fighting.
"Swish ~ ~" A sword breaks Rapier’s pledge toward the night wind. This time, the feather sword moves so fast and suddenly that the night wind has no chance to dodge.
The night wind was a little frightened and calmly stretched out his right hand to eat the middle finger and held the thumb tightly, and the high-speed sword move that split toward himself stopped at once in the hands of the night wind.
The two men kept this posture and stared at each other quietly. Both sides had no expression on their faces and their eyes were surprisingly dull.
"Night wind what?" Feather finally spoke. She really knew the true identity of the night wind, but the question she asked was unexpected. Night wind feather would ask him why he had disappeared for five months, but the actual question was "What did you want to kill the ancient dragon?"
After listening to the night wind, he froze and smiled lightly. "Ha, no wonder I think that black knight makes me feel so familiar. It turns out that she is you-Yu!"
"…" Feather didn’t speak silently answered the night wind.

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