The next day, Sun Jian came to Si Shui again with fifty thousand troops.

Of the 50,000 troops, 20,000 were brought from Changsha by Sun Jian, and the other 30,000 were Gongsun Zan soldiers.
Compared with Changsha soldiers in Sun Jian and Liaodong troops in Gongsun Zan, the strength is stronger. This 30,000 is the most powerful soldier in Gongsun Zan’s hands-Baima Yicong.
In order not to be noticed by Hua Xiong, Gongsun Zan didn’t let anyone raise his flag this time. There is a flag of Sun Jian in the army.
Gongsun Zan with thirty thousand troops in Sun Jian twenty thousand troops.
Liu Bei’s three brothers are among them.
Today, Hua Xiong didn’t count all the soldiers and horses early in the morning. The day before yesterday, Sun Jian was defeated. Hua Xiong Sun Jian didn’t dare to come today. It’s probably Gongsun Zan.
Hua Xiong was still resting in the mansion when Sun Jian arrived.
Wait until the soldiers came to report that Hua Xiong came to the wall with Su Li and others.
On the wall, Hua Xiong first looked at the flag flying high. A big Sun character was indeed Sun Jian Shuai Banner.
Then Hua Xiong’s eyes searched in the army, but Gongsun Zan and others deliberately hid Hua Xiong in the wall of Gongsun Zan. They wore ordinary soldiers’ armor and needed to bow their heads a little in this army. Hua Xiong wouldn’t recognize them even if his eyes swept past them.
It’s not like 50 thousand people are there in the armor of the Lord. It’s easier to find someone than to find a needle in a haystack, but it’s definitely not a short time.
Unless you’re wearing fresh armor
I saw a circle around the city wall, but I didn’t see feather Hua Xiong, so I had to point out the military forces and fight Sun Jian.
However, Su Li stopped Hua Xiong and said, "The general can’t be defeated by Sun Jian last time. How dare you come again today? The general should be careful."
Being stopped by Su Li Hua Xiong is also hesitant to look over again.
After carefully scanning a circle, I still didn’t find that Hua Xiong couldn’t resist lighting the military forces and killed them regardless of Su Li’s dissuasion.
In Hua Xiong’s view, the last time he killed Sun Jian, he was defeated today, but Sun Jian is just around the corner. What else can there be?
to be continued
Chapter 37 Hua Xiong died.
Gongsun Zan, who was mixed in Sun Jian’s army, saw Hua Xiong leading the army out of his heart and said, "This time, you will not die in my hand."
"It is said that this Hua Xiong has the courage to know how to find a soft persimmon."
At this time, Gongsun Zan had no resentment against Hua Xiong. Liu Bei said that he was afraid of Hua Xiong, otherwise he would send troops as soon as Sun Jian came and Hua Xiong would not fight as soon as he came.
If Hua Xiong is not afraid of him, Gongsun Zan doesn’t believe that Hua Xiong can be afraid now. Obviously, in Hua Xiong’s eyes, he is better than Sun Jian.
Gongsun Zan didn’t know that Hua Xiong was afraid of feather instead of him.
Hua Xiong flatters Sun Jian and beheads Sun Jian’s Zu Mao. This time, Hua Xiong doesn’t want Sun Jian to run away.
Gongsun Zan didn’t kill Huaxiong, and he was also worried that Hua Xiong would flee after seeing him.
He will wait for Hua Xiong to go deep into the army, and then he will be killed when he breaks away from France.
For a pretence, Sun Jian and Hua Xiong retreated with the army after a few moves.
Hua Xiong didn’t know that Sun Jian was defeated. He wanted to escape and chase after him with fifty thousand fighters.
Sun Jian and his army retreated five miles back. When retreating, it should be Gongsun Zan’s 30 thousand white horse righteousness from the front
But now unconsciously, Gongsun Zan’s 30,000 white horses have fallen behind and transferred to a position with Sun Jian’s 20,000 soldiers.
Hua Xiong, who was bent on catching up with Sun Jian, did not notice the change of Sun Jian army.
Gongsun Zan saw that he was no longer hidden before being chased. Baimayi turned from the instantaneous incarnation of the tiger and pounced on Hua Xiong’s fifty thousand fighters.
Gongsun Zan Baimayi is his most elite soldier, which is better than the 50,000 fighters that Hua Xiong has brought out now.
Hua Xiong’s fifty thousand fighters are not the best fighters in Dong Zhuo’s hands.
At the same time, Sun Jian also killed a comeback with his twenty thousand soldiers.
Gongsun Zan went straight to Hua Xiong and went to Gongsun Zan. The strength is also extremely strong, not weaker than that of Huaxiong. The strength of the two is equal.
Gongsun Zan soon killed Hua Xiong.
Hua Xiong also knows Gongsun Zan. Although Gongsun Zan is wearing ordinary soldier armor now, Hua Xiong can see Gongsun Zan clearly at such a close distance.
Heart in a surprised Hua Xiong "this fellow how here? Not good! " Hua Xiong look around Gongsun Zan and soon saw that feather not far behind Gongsun Zan.
Feather appearance is much more than that of Gongsun Zan.
See feather to kill here to Hua Xiong heart frightened quickly BoZhuan horsehead to run.
Gongsun Zan didn’t know that Hua Xiong saw the feather behind him before he ran back to Hua Xiong, or was scared away by his fame and chased Hua Xiong.
Feather also went belly-up in the place where the dragon crescent moon blade was chased here.
When the escaped Chinese hero came back to see it, he was even more frightened when he saw it.
Feather speed is faster than that of Gongsun Zan. When it is ten feet away from Gongsun Zan, it leaps high from the steed, and then draws a circle in the middle like a big bird with both hands and right hands. It holds its left hand high and closes it.
Ten feet away, the feather appeared behind Hua Xiong in a blink, and two feet of beard fluttered in the air.
Hua Xiong felt a dark cloud floating over his head, and when the horse turned around, he saw that the feather had fallen.
My heart is cold and I want to raise my combat knives, but I have already raised my half feather dragon crescent moon blade and split it on his head.
Feather this knife flew from ten feet away, and it was very powerful. One knife went to Hua Xiong, and both men and horses were split in half.
Just before he died, Hua Xiong thought, "I didn’t expect me to pass. It was really a warm wine to cut Hua Xiong."
In fact, if Hua Xiong didn’t run away blindly, he wouldn’t have been killed by a knife.
But before he saw Yu, he was already afraid to face Yu. Just now, he saw that Yu Wei couldn’t afford to fight with Yu.
In fact, now the strength of feather is higher than that of Hua Xiong, and the first line is the five-star peak.
Now Yu is only 27 years old, and there is a great chance of breaking through to six stars before he is 3 years old.
And Hua Xiong is also a five-star high-order and one step away from the peak. Although it is not a badminton opponent, it is not a big problem to fight for dozens of rounds.
Hua Xiong didn’t know his death was very wrong until he died. If those players hadn’t told him that he would die in the hands of feather, he would have lost his courage if he couldn’t make a move in the hands of feather.
Hua Xiong was killed, Gongsun Zan and Sun Jian joined forces to kill the remaining enemy forces, and Hua Xiong brought out 50,000 fighters, and thousands of people fled back to other prisoners.
After returning to the camp, Sun Jian sent Yuan Shao a good news. This time, he was beheaded, but Dong Zhuo’s first general was definitely not small.
Not a third-rate warrior like Hu Zhen.
However, Sun Jian said in the good news that Hua Xiong was killed and did not mean that Hua Xiong was killed by Yu.

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