You know, the place you’re going to is a very dangerous place. Now that you have three refining crystals in your hand, you should refine your armor and other equipment quickly, so that your defense ability can be stronger and your chances of living in dangerous areas can be greatly enhanced.

"The player’s dragon soul needs to consume one refining crystal and one gold coin to build refining. Do you want to build refining?" I just spoke to the blacksmith and immediately sent the instructions. Of course, because I was talking to NPC, this instruction was told by the blacksmith (I was the only one who could hear that! )
After I got it, I made sure that I received a refined crystal 1 gold coin from my baggage, and I immediately picked up my fox dress after hitting the blacksmith. After a ringing, it was a tea kung fu +1 fox dress and it was already released.
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Dragon Soul VS Condor ()
I just took the +1 Fox Dress from the blacksmith. I didn’t even plan to look at the attributes. I immediately handed it over and quickly chose the equipment to build refining.
"The player’s dragon soul needs to consume a refining crystal 2 gold coins to build refining. Do you want to build refining?" I just handed over the case of equipment building and refining to the blacksmith, and immediately sent an inquiry about whether to build and refine.
After obtaining my confirmation that I received a refined crystal 2 gold coins from my baggage, I was immediately picked up by the blacksmith +1 Fox Dress +2 Fox Dress+2 Fox Dress was already released after a ringing.
Hehe, I chose to pursue the +1 demon and fox dress and continue to build refining and knock it into a +2 state, which is naturally inseparable from my strategy.
After all, the success rate of +2 refining is 75~9%. The fox is a demon. According to the limit of’ the higher the equipment level, the lower the success rate of refining’, the success rate should be around%, but if I count my high lucky value again, the success rate should be greatly increased and decreased, and there should be a 9% chance.
Personally, I think my luck is not low, and today is not my unlucky day, so I have the courage to dare to rebuild the +1 demon fox dress and refine it into +2 equipment.
Ding! +2 Demon Fox Dress was successfully built! 》
Since there will be failure from +2, there will be a sign from this time on. It seems that I was right just now, and today is not my unlucky day, so the +2 fox dress has been successfully built.
Ok, gossip is not much to say. I quickly took the +2 demon fox dress and checked it out.
Demon fox dress +2 demon device Kyubi no Youko fox fox flame condensed into clothes like a dress. In fact, it is not as hard as a dress. It needs level 3 physical defense 2162 magic defense 2662 agility +3 physique +3 active defense skill power up 5%, lasting 5/5 weight 35 incidental skill fox dress.
Kyubi no Youko Fox’s defensive stunt consumes 5 mana. Kyubi no Youko Fox’s red flame forms clothes to rebound from physical attacks. The rebound effect is 35%. Kyubi no Youko Fox’s red flame is wrapped outside the demon fox’s dress, so the player does not need to be burned by the flame. When the skill lasts for 1 minute, it will cool down for 1 hour.
Compared with the original, the +2 fox dress is really a far cry from the original. You know, the original physical defense of the fox dress is only 152, and now the +2 defense has reached a height of 2162, which is 66 times higher than before and after.
"It may not be the luck to refine the +2 fox dress into +3 again." I picked up the last refining crystal in my hand and Nuo Nuo said to myself, "This last refining crystal will make refining for artifact depravity tears. After all, it will help to go to Xuanyuan Mausoleum but it is very dangerous to have artifact depravity tears to strengthen the life limit."
Thinking of this, I immediately fell into tears and chose to build refining!
After the delivery of the last refining crystal 1 gold coin, the tears of +1 artifact depravity finally came out after the blacksmith’s beating.
Fallen Tears +1 Artifact Fallen Artifact Set A necklace part has unparalleled power, among which the secret of the set is gathered together. The set of fallen Artifact Sets can know the wearing requirements. Players with evil and fallen power have physical attack power 66 magic attack power 66 total health value increase by 3%, total mana value increase by 24%, and the weight lasts for 25/25. The attached skills change the sky and night field.
Change the sky and night domain skill consumption by 1 mana, and expand in the range of 1 meter around you. In your own night domain, your own attack defense will exert 2% power, while your opponent’s attack defense can exert 5% power, maintaining 1 minute skill cooldown for 24 hours.
+1 artifact falling tears physical attack power and magic attack power have been enhanced by 1 point, which seems dispensable to me. After all, it’s only 1 point, not 1 point. The attack power base can be ignored before I reach the top.
However, the increase in the total life value of +1 falling tears has increased from 25% to 3% now, which is not a small digital progress.
Moreover, the total increase of mana has also increased from 2% to 24% now, which is enough for me to have a longer sharingan time.
After the three refining crystal departments were built, I screened some potions that were more suitable for me in Xuanyuan Imperial City and set out for the outside of the Imperial City.
At the moment, I’m holding a grass sword in my hand to kill the flying eagle here. Fortunately, the BOSS-level strange deity in the cave where the sword tomb is forbidden didn’t come, otherwise it would be an earth-shattering battle.
"hmm? The forbidden area of Sword Tomb is so big. I can’t find Xuanyuan Mausoleum anywhere. " Wandering back and forth in the forbidden area of sword burial for half a day, but I can’t find the entrance of Xuanyuan mausoleum. I don’t doubt it. "It’s not a death spokesman who cheated me, is it? Or was the entrance to Xuanyuan Mausoleum modified after the public beta? "
Brush the grass. The young sword flies so fast that it cuts the surrounding siege to fly the sculpture. My brain quickly thinks about it. "Wait … If the forbidden area of the sword burial belongs to a special scene, it’s just the small cave on the cliff. Is the entrance of Xuanyuan Mausoleum in the cave?"
My sword forced the annoying flying eagle around me to look at the small cave with steep mountain wall, that is, the mysterious cave guarded by the carved gods. Nuo Nuo said to himself, "Well, there is a 5-level fairy beast carved gods guard in that cave. If there is no accident, it may be the entrance of Xuanyuan Mausoleum."
"Through the snow! 」
"Royal sword flying! 」
Since it is speculated that the cave guarded by the 5-level fairy beast god carving may be the entrance of Xuanyuan Imperial Tomb, when I directly stepped on the snow mark and flew from the ground, I broke away from the siege of flying sculptures, and then quickly sacrificed the Shushan leading sword and royal sword flying skills to release instantly!
"Crazy carving out to sea! 」
As soon as I stepped into the cave, I saw that the wings of the carved gods were recycled and gathered, and then suddenly, the general momentum was suddenly squeezed from all sides. It was the unique skill of the carved gods that carved the sea in the palm of their hands.

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