Guangling satrap squinted and said, "How come the satrap soldiers are not worth the price?"

Xu Fengdao: "Of course not, my Lord. Just rest my horse and get ready. I’ll send you the money the next day."
Xu Fengma Line told the Affairs Department and Ou Haili after leaving the Taishou House.
There is nothing to hide from Guangling prefect that he wants five million and two thousand silver. He can pay for it himself, but Xu Feng can’t bear to pay for it himself.
Pay 5 million or get fired? Xu Feng still chose to be dismissed.
Ou Haili calm face after Xu Feng said, "I know that the day is going to send him five million and two thousand. Go out first."
Xu Feng didn’t dare to say much. He nodded and said that he took the door carefully.
Xu Feng didn’t see O ‘Haili behind his door, and he was still glad that O ‘Haili didn’t drive him out of the group.
Running a company, Ou Haili’s face is livid, like trying to choose someone and eating the devil.
He didn’t care about giving the Guangling satrap five million and two thousand silver, but the grain and grass were not taken away by Lingyun.
He would rather have the food eaten by the dog and give the dog five million and two thousand pieces of silver than see it fall into Lingyun’s hands.
Let Xu Feng go and ask the prefect of Guangling to make a move, which is the case. At the same time, he is also sending a message to Lingyun. He is not a soft persimmon.
He also wants to give Lingyun a warning not to attack his warehouse all the time.
Unfortunately, this operation ended in failure. I didn’t expect that the hundred thousand troops of Guangling Prefecture were no match for Lingyun’s thirty thousand men.
On that day, O ‘Haili learned that Qingzhou granary had been looted again during the night game in the real world. Although he had long known that Qingzhou granary was difficult to protect, he almost spit out one mouthful blood when he learned the news.
These three granaries were looted. He bought grain and grass this autumn, leaving Chen Xianguo with 200,000 stone and thousands of guards killed. The loss of Ou Haili has exceeded 100 million.
Even if the Euclidean Group has tens of billions of assets, this situation will not stand up several times.
The loss of grain and grass also reduced the prestige of Ou Haili in the company.
After more than a month, Lingyun landed in western Liaoning, and three ten thousand ships continued to sail to Le Lang, where the grain and grass headquarters were hoarded in Le Lang.
The batch of grain and grass unloaded in Beihai before has also been combined with Qingzhou’s batch to wait for three ten thousand ships to come.
Soon after Lingyun returned to western Liaoning, he came to Lu Bu to attack Cao Cao with his troops.
At the same time, Chen Xianguo, who was driven out of the regiment by Ou Haili, also came to western Liaoning.
Chapter 527 Insufficient motivation
"You said that you used to be the manager of the Euclidean League?"
"I am responsible for things in Xuzhou."
"You said you were kicked out of the regiment by O ‘Haili because I ransacked the granary?"
"It was because I worked hard in the Euclidean League for more than ten years that I was expelled from the League, and I didn’t miss the old feelings at all."
"I don’t care if he misses the old feelings. You said you would tell me the location of other warehouses in Xuzhou?"
"Don’t blame me for being unkind to him."
"You said your name was Chen Xianguo?"
"Well, you live here in Xuzhou first. I don’t have time to go to this thing for the time being. Let’s talk about it later."
"When it grows, I am afraid that Ou Haili will build other warehouses to move things away." Chen Xian National Road
"Just don’t let Ou Haili know when you come to western Liaoning. I have my own opinion. No, you go ahead." Lingyun said.
For people like Chen Xianguo, Lingyun doesn’t like it. If it weren’t for Lingyun, it would never be taken in.

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