"The elder brother of the soul …" Li Dalong crustily skin of head said.

Contra looked at him puzzled. "Brother, what’s the problem?"
"I’m curious. Even with crystal source light, it’s not easy to make these three raw materials. Are you going to do it slowly?" This is the question that Li Dalong thought of before he went to sleep last night.
But this question made Contra immediately sit up and take notice of him, thinking that Brother Dai, a friend, really had two brushes and people actually thought of the most crucial place.
Powder is not a simple material fusion, it requires a certain proportion of oxidant, and it also requires some specified processes to make it, and it takes a long time
However, since Li Dalong asked Contra, he still answered him very readily. "Hehe, brother, look, this is something I recently got …"
As he spoke, he pulled out something similar to a cigarette box. "This is a kind of Aegean miniature science and technology box that specializes in fusion and dressing."
In the demonstration of Contra, Li Dalong gaped and witnessed how a powder was made in just half a minute.
When I saw the corner of the box being beaten, the raw materials were stuffed in, and then Contra took out a small piece of metal with red, yellow and blue light, which was about the size of a piece of paper.
Contra explained, "This is the cheapest miniature compact crystal source."
Crystal source is stuck on the narrow side of the box, followed by the rustling of Contra pressing the box. It is estimated that it is * * that Li Dalong noticed that the crystal source volume is not only getting smaller but also the light is weakening, which seems to be absorbed by the box and merged.
Finally, when the crystal source is consumed, all the light disappears and the box stops ringing at the same time.
Contra boxed the box, and the polished spun yarn flowed out and was caught by a test tube of Contra.
"This is it?" Li Dalong’s eyes are straight. Isn’t this thing a little better?
"Ahem, brother soul, I have an idea." Li Dalong pretended to be polite again.
Contra waved, "Go ahead, brother."
Li Dalong Trail "Brother Soul, can you lend me this thing? I also want to get some gunpowder."
"Ha ha!" Contra smiled heartily. "This simple brother, just share your locker."
Locker sharing is a very real function. Players can hide a part of it to designated friends. Usually, both parties can put it in this part, but who should the property belong to or who should it belong to?
Simply put, Li Dalong and Contra share part of the post-Contra. Even if Li Dalong is trained in the wild, he can make the Aegean miniature science and technology box return to the warehouse. However, the science and technology box still belongs to Contra. If he doesn’t want to share it again, he can take it back at any time and share it, which can also be replaced and traded at the same time.
It’s not strange that Li Dalong knows that after all, he is a novice and needs to know too much knowledge.
Contra laughed. "Brother, after I go first, you make gunpowder and share it directly. Sometimes I just come to the warehouse to withdraw money and let you take it yourself."
Li Dalong suddenly rejoiced, so that every time they traded, they didn’t need to Call. When they went back to the city, it was always a trouble.
After making more than 20 copies of gunpowder, Contra was so happy that he left. Of course, he went to get his explosive crossbow to find his other field
When he left Dalong, his classmates also made their own tricks.
Mad dog dragon has formed a very good habit since he was imprisoned, that is, he moves very quickly and works very efficiently. Because he can’t surf for a minute or two for three hours, he is not interested in wandering around, killing lizards and seeing beautiful women.
Li Dalong plunged into the shabby grocery store in the village. Don’t underestimate the little dark room. Although NPC here is very low-level, it doesn’t sell any advanced props, but sparrow is small, but it can buy all kinds of life and auxiliary props.
After Shopping in Li Dalong, I went back to the warehouse and immersed myself in it for a while, and then I became very popular.
Where is he going?
The answer is obvious. Where else can he go except the mine in the southeast?
At present, in the ninth continent, Mad Dog Dragon knows that two places, Maomao Village and Mine, are really poor children.
Today, the mine is still so busy that I can’t afford to pay the players. Compared with yesterday, there are many more people in the mountain field artillery team who blocked the entrance again.
Yesterday was responsible for collecting the violent blood blade to recognize Li Dalong "ha ha brothers you again? Welcome. "
Of course, he has to smile at Li Dalong because he knows this man can afford the money.
I don’t care whether you kill or set fire to people or rob them of money these days, that is, I can pay, that is, I am a grandfather.
I have to say that Li Mouren has a strong vanity. This product is very simple and high-profile. After paying two copper coins, a group of newcomers "envy, envy, hate, loneliness and coldness" swaggered into Cave 5.
No one is still in Cave 5, but to Li Dalong’s surprise, the tunnel seems to have deepened a lot today. When he came to the end, he found Tintin Fish again.
"Haha, Tintin is so hardworking." Li Dalong is in a mood of money and gunpowder today. That’s a great opportunity to say hello for the first time.
But when he came closer, he was dumbfounded when he cried.
Tintin fish is shaking and shaking with his hands holding something like a warm water bottle.
This thing Li Dalong knows that this is a portable semi-automatic mini-excavator. In the real world, the robots on the construction site are all very small and solid. Hold the handle with both hands, and the probe in front of you will point where to drill. The efficiency is definitely five times stronger than that of your shovel hammer.

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