Until he went all the way back to his room and the door, the whole person was like a clockwork doll standing still.

There are fingertips shaking uncontrollably behind the door panel.
Jin Yu, they will never make friends again.
But I can’t help but simulate the farewell scene in my mind several times.
What expression should I show and what words should I say?
But when this thing really came, my brain just stopped working, and a bunch of words came to my mouth, and finally there was a clumsy long time no see.
Jin Yu pressed her hand on the door and clenched it into a fist. The aura around her was on the verge of madness, trying to break out.
In the end, it was severely suppressed by reason.
The young man bowed his head and looked down at this angle, but he could see the blue veins standing out on the back of his hand and his knuckles were white.
His breathing deepened rapidly and gradually calmed down.
Jin Yu raised his head slowly by covering his hand lightly in front of his eyes.
Refers to a pair of beautiful eyes, but at the moment, the bottom of the eyes is dim and lost, and the eyes have no focus.
Corners of the mouth gently pull to reveal a nervous smile.
Why did you suddenly appear again?
How can you have the heart to let me do this one by one?
Lu Yuan’s pen snapped off the desk, and his brain buzzed, and his scalp was numb and goose bumps followed.
Ningyi winked at him.
Let’s just say there’s a tough guy
Lu Yuan took a long breath after he had recovered from that strength.
This level of expressiveness is crazy, okay!
If it weren’t for the inappropriate rules, he would want to announce everything on the spot and give the role of Jin Yu to Fang Zhi!
One of the investors saw the way out, and Yuan and Ning Yi were both satisfied with each other’s knowledge. They frowned and told the workers to take a break, and then called them all to the lounge.
You are going to choose the party to know. "
Ning Yi gave him a strange look: "You can’t miss the strength gap between Fang Zhi and others in that scene just now."
Nodding at the origin of the road is right
"In fact, the drama here doesn’t give too many details. Not only does he know how to convey the details to express his emotions, but he also clearly understands the role of 26-year-old Jin Yu. If he wants to be crazy, he will be crazy in a forbearing manner, but he will be crazy in a restrained manner instead of making an ordinary reaction according to the teachings."
"What about Wang Zhen? His performance is actually not bad, and this is a personal show. I don’t deny that he is really good this time, but he is a newcomer after all and has no experience in joining the group."
Investors frowned and analyzed the pros and cons.
"If he knows his own way of acting, it will be very uncomfortable for other actors. One thing will slow down the filming progress. Wang Zhen is not only experienced, but also has acting strength and popularity. We have invested a lot in this play, and so many actors and actresses directly inspire new people. It is too risky.
Ning Yi suddenly spoke at this time: the team members cooperated naturally and tacitly. "
"That’s a small variety player who is also an amateur actor. Even if he wins the championship, it doesn’t mean anything. Now the program has just finished. He is a little hot, but how fast the update iteration in this circle may be? After a month, the audience will almost forget him."
"Variety" Lu Yuan doesn’t watch variety in peacetime and doesn’t pay attention to it.
"It’s just that Star 1 was a hit this year, and you didn’t know it. Look at it again. Lin Ji has never spoken." It’s still a student of Lin. "Lu Yuan’s expression was even more surprised, and he turned to look at Lin Ji:" Why didn’t you say anything before? "
Lin Ji hasn’t said anything here, and another investor poof bursts into a smile.
"I guess it’s teacher Lu, you know? You may not know it here."
Paused and positive color way
"In fact, I also support the general idea of Zhan. Although Fang Zhi is really excellent, the scene just now was also amazing, but I prefer to be safe and conservative. It took two days for that to happen. She sighed and shook her head: If it is discovered today that Wang Zhen was kicked out and got the role, many people will make a fuss about the fact that Lin Ying Emperor is a mentor, saying that he only got into the crew because of it, and all the actors were detained by random people."
The investor also spent a lot of money and had to consider the direction of market public opinion in this play.
Only when this kind of untrue story is not taken into consideration can we know that it is indeed more suitable for Jin Yu’s role than Wang Zhen. On what they say and how to wait until the day of the screening, this kind of false rumor will naturally break down .59989.99999989896
Both sides have different opinions.
Lu Yuan took a look at Lin Ji, who was still leisurely drinking tea with teacups.
"Lin also said," Hurry up and vote for you. Hey! ! !
Lin Ji looked at the two investors lightly.
He knows that what he says now will be regarded as biased.

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