It’s those who say it. So what? Nothing can come back.

"That how line? Don’t worry, I will be responsible. "Zhao solemnly said that since he saw the appearance of Ye Lingling, he would be responsible for Ye Lingling’s beauty beyond his expectation, and he would not lose.
"responsible? How are you responsible? " Ye Lingling listened to Zhao’s words with a touch of self-mockery.
"I’ll marry you," Zhao walked up to Ye Lingling and said seriously.
"What did you say?" Ye Lingling suddenly raised her head and her beautiful face was hard to believe. She didn’t expect Zhao to say such a thing.
"Anyway, even if you don’t marry me, you will marry a man in your family. Are you happy to marry me?" Zhao smiled and sniffed the fragrance of Ye Lingling’s body with a smile. He suddenly felt that it was easy to catch up with Ye Lingling. He didn’t guess wrong that Ye Lingling and Tianlong Limu Wanqing were the same personality …
"I" Ye Lingling’s eyes looked at Zhao with a little panic. "Let’s talk about it later. I don’t want to consider so many things yet."
At this time, Du Guyan was also surprised to see Ye Lingling, and she was envious that Ye Lingling was so beautiful, much more beautiful than her, and her appearance had not been seen so pure by men. If she were a man, I am afraid that this girl would like it.
"Then I’ll go now and I’ll come to see you again in a few days." Zhao turned to Du Guyan as if he had seen Ye Lingling. Now it’s meaningless for him to stay any longer. He also needs to give her some time.
"Well, master, take care." Duguyan is reluctant to continue to stay with Zhao for a while, but she can see Ye Lingling’s current state.
Chapter 3 Yu Tianheng is dead again
"Hee hee ling ling what do you think? Why don’t you marry the master? The master is so powerful that you won’t lose money anyway. "After Zhao left, Duguyan sat down beside Ye Lingling and put her arms around her shoulder and said with a smile.
"Wild goose, wild goose, don’t talk nonsense." Ye Lingling was blushed by Duguyan, and her heart was a little restless.
Zhao Duguyan has been chanting him in her mouth these days, and of course she knows it very well.
Zhao Tiancai’s dual status is honorable, so all men and girls can’t help but be moved, and she is no exception.
It’s just that she’s a little embarrassed and a little unable to turn around
Besides, there are many women around Zhao, such as Duguyan. If she is really with Zhao, what should she do with them? Zhao is so powerful, maybe it was him just now to ease her embarrassment. He may not care about her …
Ye Lingling face some worries and some at a loss.
"I’ve known you for so long, and you can’t fool me with your little thoughts." Duguyan Qiao’s face held out her jade hand with a malicious smile and rubbed it hard in Ye Lingling’s chest.
"Yanyan, what are you doing?" Ye Lingling’s pretty face was crisp and red, and she quickly opened Duguyan’s messy hands.
"Hee hee, I’ll try the feel for the young master. I just tried it. It’s good. Ah, the young master will definitely like it." Duguyanjiao said that looking at Ye Lingling is like looking at a small white rabbit.
"You and I haven’t said that we will be together with him yet, and who knows if he is an expression?" Ye Lingling said softly, with some disappointment in her eyes.
"But you have been thinking about the young master. Do you like Zhao?" Ye Lingling didn’t good the spirit said
"How many girls don’t like the young master? I wish I could be a servant girl beside him," said Du Guyan.
"Still locked? I think Zhao Ke didn’t treat you like a servant girl. "At Duguyan, Ye Lingling said softly.
As the saying goes, only a lonely goose can recognize Zhao as a maid. If so, how could Zhao send her back to the Royal Academy of Heaven?
Duguyan looks like Zhao. If that’s the case, she’s already eaten up.
"Maybe." Listening to Ye Lingling’s words, Duguyanmei’s eyes were in a trance.
She can’t say for sure what she and Zhao are. They are close anyway.
She needs it in her heart, and that’s enough. She won’t expect too much.
Two stunning girls sitting on the bed with their legs in their hands are more beautiful than each other, but at this time they have their own worries in their hearts, and they are silent and don’t talk again.
"Wild goose, wild goose, why don’t you tell me something about Zhao again? I want to hear it …" For a long time, Ye Lingling said that she suddenly wanted to know everything about Zhao …
It’s late at night, and tonight is destined to be a sleepless night.
Zhao since Duguyan came out of their dormitory and ran directly to Tiandou outside the city.
Just now, he suddenly said goodbye to the two beauties directly because he felt that there was a strong breath locking him.
That smell is very strong, and it’s almost the same as a bone fight. Zhao’s preliminary judgment should be that Yu Yuanzhen, the patriarch of the Blue Overlord Sect, was shocked.
Yuan Zhen is a 95-level title, and the strength of Douro is equivalent to that of Bone Douro.
It’s probably Yu Tianheng who came to him. Yu Tianheng has a distinguished position in the Blue Overlord Sect. He beat him so badly that he naturally provoked the Blue Overlord Sect.
But it seems a bit whimsical to deal with him like this.
I feel that this place is almost remote enough. Zhao stopped.
Eyes raised and looked at the distance quietly.
He just didn’t go to Shrek College, but came to a remote place outside Tiandou City just to teach Blue Overlord a lesson.
Yu Tianheng, if he insults, he will insult the blue overlord.
Zhao stopped soon and two figures appeared in front of him, namely Yu Yuanzhen and Yu Tianheng.
"I didn’t expect you to find me? Indeed as expected some meaning "jade yuan shock some amazing looking at Zhao Zhao young sample some amazing so young to have such a keen perception is really a genius.
"Blue overlord patriarch jade yuan Zhen ninety-five titles Douro" Zhao was indifferent to see jade yuan Zhen light said.
"You still have some eyesight. How should you deal with bullying my grandson?" Yu Yuanzhen said slightly that although he lamented Zhao Tiancai, Zhao should be punished if he offended them, otherwise the world would think that they were bullied.
"Bullying? It’s all Yu Tianheng culpable of punishment. I want to start work on my woman. My hands are already very light. If I hadn’t looked at him as a blue overlord, I wouldn’t have let him go, but since he came today, I wouldn’t want to leave. "Zhao’s face has a sneer.
Since Yu Tianheng wants to die, don’t blame him for being cruel.
"Zhao you still dare to arrogance? You want to be white. Your life is now in our hands. "Yu Tianheng looked at Zhao’s eyes full of murder and could be a little afraid, but he breathed a sigh of relief at the thought of his grandfather here and looked at Zhao’s mouth with a sneer.
Zhao is very strong, but this is relative to him. What can he calculate in front of the title?
Yu Tianheng thought about all this with a wicked smile on his face. He remembered Zhao’s insult to him. Zhao took away his lonely goose and was so close to her that he wanted revenge.
These days, he sees clearly that there are many beautiful girls around Zhao, each of whom is extremely waiting for Zhao to die, and he is also going to tease Zhao Mei.
The woman around Zhao is really beautiful, but the horse will belong to him
"Grandpa, I think Zhao just wants to talk to us about the Blue Overlord Sect. If it is not in addition to his future, it will definitely bring disaster to our Blue Overlord Sect." Yu Tianheng said in the side that he doesn’t believe Zhao. What waves can he turn up?
Aside Yu Yuanzhen looked at Zhao’s face with a heavy suspicion. Zhao Tiancai was so good that he really didn’t want to be like this, but it was Zhao Tiancai who was so good that he had to kill Zhao and Yu Tianheng. If the empress Zhao grew up, they would be in big trouble.
"Zhao, would you like to join me? If so, I may forgive you." Jade Yuan Zhen looked up and said lightly.
"No, you can do it, but you have to consider the consequences."
"Grandpa won’t talk nonsense with him and kill him quickly." Yu Tianheng listened to Zhao’s answer and couldn’t help laughing. He wanted Zhao Yi to die, so he could go to soak Zhao Mei and let him die in print.
Zhao robbed his woman, and he also wants revenge.
If he can take away all the women in Zhao, so much the better. Will Zhao wait for humiliation?
Chapter 33 Yu Tianheng dies!
Jade Yuan Zhen Shen has a strong breath towards Zhao.
His eyes looked at Zhao and he couldn’t help sighing. Zhao’s talent is true, and it would be a sin if such a genius died at his hands.

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