There are many old people and children who are also addicted to the game, but the factors that make them addicted are different from ordinary players.

What they feel is that the real environment in the game is hard to find in the real world.
There is even a family who built their own house in the game, and the family experienced the farmer’s life in the game.
There are many things in Tian Yinghao that players can hardly experience in real life.
As this month passed, Tian Yinghao became more and more influential in reality.
With the word of mouth of players, more and more people who don’t like games join in. Their purpose is not to gallop on the battlefield, but to experience different life sentiments.
Couples dating can not only cost no money in Tianyinghao, but the environment is not comparable to the real world.
Students can take classes in games so that they don’t spend a lot of time picking up their children on their way to school. Parents can also save this time to do other things.
Because many local ruffians are addicted to games, this game life is not the biggest dream of these idlers.
Because they spend a lot of time playing games, they naturally spend less time hanging out, which makes residents living near them laugh more these days.
Moreover, the data released by the state have significantly decreased the crime rate in this month.
No matter the cases of stealing, robbing, raping and killing have decreased significantly, many police uncles have confided that this month is the easiest month for them to join the police for many years.
A month later, the influence of Tian Yinghao abroad was also gradually increasing.
At the beginning of the announcement, Longyou Company made a lot of announcements in every country in the world, but after all, this game is a historical background of China, which doesn’t attract many westerners very much. Although they all know that there is such a game, they don’t really want to play it.
A month ago, when the "Tian Yinghao" ball was synchronized with the public beta, few foreign players, especially whites and blacks, bought game consoles.
The most obvious thing is that Lingyun didn’t see white players and black players in the game for a month.
However, a month later, the influence of Tian Yinghao was gradually reflected, and many people, both white and black, bought game consoles.
Even Lingyun saw a pure white player with blond hair among Zhao’s ten thousand soldiers.
Longyou Sihai Company announced that the number of game consoles sold has reached 3 billion.
That is to say, three out of ten people have bought the "Tian Yinghao" game cabin, and this number is still increasing.
This is the ball, not China. Look at the data of China alone. There are already adults in China’s 2 billion population who have entered Tian Yinghao.
This is the height that all the previous games have reached.
Chapter 3 Grade List
Accompanied by Huang Pusong, Lingyun’s level is not high, but these two attributes of intelligence and spirit are rising steadily.
Although not as exaggerated as the wind and dance strength constitution, compared with many people, Lingyun’s intellectual and spiritual attributes are definitely at the top of all players.
Number 99
Call lingyun
Grade 12
Power 14
Intelligence 1
Constitution 14
Spirit 16
Skill Long Snake Array (Proficiency%) Long Gun Array (Proficiency%) Round Array (Proficiency%)
Achievement method
Official riding the capital
Strength and physique are two attributes that Lingyun is still about five points lower than ordinary players.
But the intellectual spirit is ten points higher than that of ordinary players.
Wind Dance is now growing in strength and physique, but she has been in the game for a month, and her intelligence is a little more than when she first entered the game, from four to five.
Game announcement Congratulations to the player for being the first to reach Level 2 on a rainy night.
Game announcement: Because some players have reached level 2, it is necessary for players to reach level 2 before they can be listed.
Seeing the announcement of the game, Lingyun was shocked. "How can a player rise to level 2 so soon? How strange is it to kill? How many talents will rise to level 2 so soon?"
Lingyun’s own 12-level ordinary players are mostly around 15, and the first echelon players are at most around 17 and 1.
For this announcement, many players were shocked, especially some players who still believe that they have the highest level and are the most awesome. At this moment, they all cursed the player named Watching the Moon on a Rainy Night.
Especially when I saw the first player who reached level 2, I was able to announce the game. These players’ resentment about watching the moon on a rainy night deepened. They all thought that watching the moon on a rainy night robbed their headlines. If there was no rainy night, the game announcer would be them.
But soon they lost their temper, because in half an hour, the original name of watching the moon on a rainy night added another name to the lonely ranking list-the lack of the moon
However, the second player who is short of the moon and rises to level 2 has no game announcement.
In half an hour, two players have reached level 2, which makes a group of level 17 and level 1 players completely lose their temper. Even if there is no rainy night to watch the moon, there will still be a moon shortage. Even if there is no moon shortage, God knows who will be behind.
However, this has not affected these players’ belief in upgrading. They are just leveling maniacs who are more and more motivated after seeing the ranking list, hoping that their names will be in front of the ranking list instead of behind it.
However, on the first and second rainy nights, watching the moon and the lack of the moon both brought a month’s word because of their names, but it made many players think about what they were.
At the same time, because of the ranking list, several players can guess what a ranking list will be.
In the past, they all didn’t have any lists in Tian Yinghao, but now that there is a ranking list, there will definitely be other lists behind it, which is also the interest of many players.
"Grade is not everything." Looking at a 1 and 2 Lingyun behind his panel grade comforted himself.
Hiding in the grass like Lingyun is as happy as the sea. Looking at the two names in the ranking list, I also comforted myself by saying, "It’s okay, my achievements will definitely be higher than yours."
Both of them are level 12, and Ji is at the bottom of the first batch of gamers.
Even some players who are interested in playing iron in farming are higher than them.
Only those players who have entered the game will have a lower level than the two.
Just as Fu Ruhai was hiding in the grass to comfort himself, Ma Xiao and the west wind rushed towards him from a distance and kept shouting, "Brother Hai, help! Brother Hai, help! "
Behind the longitudinal Ma Xiao west wind are more than 30 yellow turban insurrectionary troops. After seeing it, they hurriedly went through the formalities to ask the longitudinal Ma Xiao west wind not to lean over.
However, the words "Help by Hai Ge" never stopped in his mouth.
Seeing the longitudinal horse whistling and the west wind getting closer and closer, I finally felt bad and jumped up from the grass to escape, but it was too late.
When he jumped out of the grass, the longitudinal Ma Xiao westerly wind had gone through the back and jumped out like a sea, just caught in the Yellow Scarf Army and the longitudinal Ma Xiao westerly wind.
What has been promoted to long happiness, such as sea clothes, looks at first glance more advanced than the captain’s longitudinal horse whistling west wind.
More than 30 yellow turban insurrectionary army instantly focused on the happiness as the sea.
Then Fu Ruhai was hacked to death by disorderly knives, and then Fu Ruhai appeared in the resurrection array in the Han army camp.
And when Fu Ruhai was cut around, the horse whistling and the west wind had run away and disappeared.
Half an hour later, Longitudinal Ma Xiaoxiao returned to the camp and shouted, "Hai Ge is really brave. He would rather die than let his younger brother block the knife. This life is Hai Ge. Without Hai Ge, your younger brother will definitely be killed by those yellow turban insurrectionary troops."
Originally, I wanted to settle accounts with Zong Ma Xiao and Xi Feng. After listening to Zong Ma Xiao and Xi Feng’s words, Ma changed his attitude. With a cold face, Ma smiled and said, "Don’t mention it, don’t you die once? It’s no big deal."

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