However, this one is covered with a layer of tin foil paper. Jin Shanshan is red and looks particularly shiny in the light that can reflect light.

He gave a smile.
What a group of people.
He didn’t know who came up with the idea, but it was Seth Passareira who finally gave it to him. He thought it might have a lot to do with Seth Passareira.
But he is not going to delve into this matter.
He entered the system and called out the sound
"Is this a friendly hope?" He asked, "shouldn’t I just add hope to worship?"
Yin Yi solemnly explained, "There are always special cases. This is a special case. We can’t talk about the problem …"
He laughed before he finished explaining his winning streak.
He didn’t really want to hear an explanation at all. He just came to flirt with this cold voice.
Hearing his sudden laughter, he was silent. It was a little confusing for this human being.
Changsheng is too lazy to explain to him.
He is in a good mood now.
It’s a key game, but he just can’t restrain his good mood.
Chapter 53 The situation is good
The first goal of Cesar Passareira’s career Hertha reached a deadlock.
Hertha, who was one goal ahead, played a defensive counterattack comfortably in the next game.
Virva head coach barrio really felt the pressure from home this time!
Virva fans are obviously dissatisfied with barrio’s letting his opponent show off on their turf, so they hissed after the game, but this hiss was not directed at Hertha, the visiting team, but dedicated to Virva, the home team.
It seems that it is also a unified thing for Spanish football home team fans to boo their own teams.
Otherwise, how can Spanish fans play the practice of dancing white handkerchief?
You know, this move is not for the visiting team, it is to express dissatisfaction with the performance of the home team
Virva players are obviously anxious when the home fans hiss.
They rushed in and tried to equalize the score before the end of the half-game.
But failed to do so.
At half-time, the score was still 1, and Hertha was temporarily in the lead in the away game.
Chang Sheng praised the team’s performance severely at halftime.
Then tell everyone to make persistent efforts at halftime.
He didn’t say anything else.
Because he knows these players know what they should do.
After the half-time incident, the tacit understanding between the two sides further increased.
Since the tactics are fine, what else is there to say?
Finally, he took out his crown and waved it to everyone. "Thank you for your gift. I like it very much!" "
Then there was a relaxed and cheerful smile in the dressing room.
Compared with Hertha’s locker room, the atmosphere in Virva’s locker room is somewhat dignified.
But before the game, it was a different scene because I heard that everyone in Hertha Chan was full of confidence.
They talked easily and waited for the field to completely defeat the divided Hertha.

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