Lingyunfeng dance GongSunYing three people came out from behind the room bed after seeing Zhang Niujiao’s door.

I didn’t find anyone hiding in my house before I covered Zhang Niujiao with a bedspread.
Zhang Niujiao also had all kinds of big scenes. Although he was shocked, he didn’t shout loudly.
Although nervous after seeing Lingyun’s three faces, I still called Lingyun to sit down.
Chapter 163 Preparation
Zhang Niujiao really didn’t expect Lingyun to come here in person to his room.
Zhang Niujiao heart feel at the moment if you yell a lingyun three people must not escape.
However, this idea did not stop in Zhang Niujiao’s mind.
Even if Lingyun three people stay here, what’s the point? Can you exchange Zhang Xue with Huang Pusong?
Not to mention that Huang Pusong needs to be tortured by Zhang Xue, he will let Lingyun go.
Even if Huang Pusong is willing to exchange him and Zhang Niujiao gets Zhang Xue, there is no place for him in this world.
First of all, he betrayed the black mountain thief, and Yan Yan will definitely know that the black mountain thief will never be the first leader of the former black mountain thief here.
Therefore, the idea of leaving Lingyun three people disappeared in less than a second.
There is no choice but to stay in Lingyun. Zhang Niujiao is Cong.
Lingyun to nature is not afraid of the black mountain thief GongSunYing now in six-star strength Montenegro thief even if the more than 20 at the head together is not GongSunYing opponent.
Lingyun three people need to be completely surrounded by the black mountain thief. After GongSunYing’s strength can easily break through, three people can easily dump the black mountain thief in this mountain forest.
Black Mountain Thieves are good at fighting the jungle in the mountains, which hardly affects their speed.
However, Lingyun’s three targets are also faster than ordinary Montenegro thieves. In this mountain forest, you need to run out of one peak and enter another, and Montenegro thieves will never find them again.
Of course, it is better not to be discovered by the black mountain thief, but not to be discovered, which not only needs to run away, but also affects the next plan.
Lingyun Zhang Niujiao room three people and Zhang Niujiao sit around the table.
First of all, Zhang Niujiao whispered, "Why are you here? It’s not good to be found."
There is no idea that Lingyun three people will be forced to leave Zhang Niujiao’s heart naturally worried that Lingyun three people will be discovered by other black mountain thieves
Lingyun didn’t say some pleasantries vaguely with Zhang Niujiao and went straight to the theme "I’m going to take people into the mountains to destroy you"
Zhang Niujiao didn’t expect Lingyun to want to bring the army to kill him.
"Is there a problem?" Lingyun see Zhang Niujiao stay shut up and asked.
"No problem, no problem, no problem, no problem." The first two are no problem. Zhang Niujiao answered without thinking. He was worried that Lingyun was dissatisfied and could answer no problem. After waking up, Ma changed his mind.
How can there be no problem in leading troops into the mountains?
Lingyun didn’t care that Zhang Niujiao asked casually, "What’s the problem?"
"What’s the problem?" Zhang Niujiao repeated Lingyun’s words. At this time, he felt utterly confused. His mind was like a paste. He felt that there were problems everywhere, but he couldn’t say anything specific.
"Do you think about it" Lingyun also saw that Zhang Niujiao was upset at the moment and didn’t always urge Zhang Niujiao to calm down and think about it.
This matter is a great achievement, and it may be able to destroy the black mountain thief in one fell swoop. It may be the same as before or worse. It takes more time and energy to destroy the black mountain thief.
So see Zhang Niujiao am utterly confused lingyun can let Zhang Niujiao a person calm down.
Without Zhang Niujiao and Zhang Niujiao, it is very difficult and almost impossible to catch all the black mountain thieves in the mountains.
Lingyun needs Zhang Niujiao’s accurate analysis, Zhang Niujiao’s accurate grasp and Zhang Niujiao’s definite idea whether Zhang Niujiao can completely control and stay in central Montenegro.
At this time, apart from Zhang Niujiao and Ming Chen, there are 21 leaders in Montenegro, five of whom have reached four stars and the other 16 are Samsung.
Apart from these leaders, there are more than 100,000 ordinary Montenegro thieves left.
Well planned, Lingyun can lead an army to surround these hundreds of black mountain thieves and destroy them.
This requires Zhang Niujiao to cooperate with it.
Without Zhang Niujiao, Lingyun can hardly surround more than 100,000 black mountain thieves even if he comes in with a million troops.
A million troops into the mountains must be a huge black mountain thief. You can find it from a distance and avoid evacuation and a million troops playing hide-and-seek in Montenegro.
In the end, 99% of the million-strong army returned in vain, which was consumed and lost a lot of soldiers’ lives and materials.
And with Zhang Niujiao’s coordination Lingyun needs hundreds of elite troops, there is a great chance to eliminate more than 100,000 Montenegro departments left behind.

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