"I’ll go, too," replied Liu Xiao.

Three people together back to the station.
As soon as I entered, I saw all kinds of fights, except that there were many people in the circle, and there were also various small circles scattered in other places. It seems that someone in soy sauce saw pk’s fingers itch and came to it.
Because after pk, they want to return blood and the challenge is not in the right place. The two of them simply set up a challenge to fight.
Zuo Tangtang watched the enemy attack Xiaoqi quickly and couldn’t help feeling that Xiaoqi had made progress again.
[9 Chapter 91 has been released] [Nearby] Soft soft sugar Look! Xiao qi is not bad!
[Nearby] Call me the truth. Well, there has been progress.
[Nearby] Soft Soft Sugar Pride/That is, don’t look who brought it into the gang!
[Nearby] Dynamic Xiaoxinxin squints/What if you enter the gang early? You may be worse than our sister paper now!
Zuo Tangtangmo
If she’s really drunk, she won’t understand anything. Every time she can hear these dead pits talking about her hand disability, is she feeling too low?
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew and cough. Are you all here?
[Nearby] Dynamic, new, new and scary/
[Nearby] Dynamic Xiaoxinxin Tears Run/Soft Candy! My sister paper is behind me, why don’t you shrink!
[Nearby] Soft and soft sugar shrinks wool. Talk well. You should be a rice noodle!
[Nearby] Dynamic Xiaoxinxin Grief/Soft candy!
[Nearby] Soft and soft sugar/Like us, who never speak ill of our sister’s paper, you don’t care about it! Right ~ hoof ~!
[Nearby] Call me the Truth Emperor Bite Your Finger/Huh? Gummy candy? What? I remember you saying that.
[Nearby] Soft Soft Sugar Resolutely/You must be mistaken!
Watching this group of pit goods amuse Zuo Tangtang as always, she is just a pleasure. Why does this always happen when it comes?
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew them … Is this going to last for a long time?
Dynamic Xiaoxin Xinyi looked at her sister’s paper problem and quickly answered it to save a little bit!
[Nearby] Dynamic Xiaoxin Xinqi is still early! He’s going to spend the night here today?
[Nearby] Isn’t he tired of stewing pig’s trotters? Playing for so long?
[Nearby] Dynamic Xiaoxin feels shy/not tired. We are not tired at all. We take turns.
Zuo Tangtang has a good expression! She didn’t say they were tired. It was Xiaoqi!
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed. I say Xiaoqi.
[Nearby] Dynamic Xiaoxinxin squats in the corner/her sister paper actually doesn’t care about us! Good mulberry heart and good mulberry heart ~
Fortunately, the truth emperor is an old man inside. At this time, he didn’t lose control like dynamic Xiaoxin, but answered Zuo Tangtang’s question
[Nearby] Call me the Truth Emperor, because we always think that we can start in seven days.
[Nearby] Call me the Truth Institute. We decided to train him for one night tonight.
[Nearby] Round pie Yes, long-term training has finally paid off.
[Nearby] Hello, Xiaoqi, left hand. It’s quite a struggle. Don’t forget us good people who took him after we made achievements.
Zuo Tangtang looked at this pile of Xiaoqi "masters" and suddenly felt that something was involved, just to hook up with sister papers! It’s so tall!

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