It’s not difficult to save people, but it’s hard to find out how to save people and then take them out,’ said Tang Shui with his head propped up in his arm.

"Shao Shao has been in prison. It makes no sense for Cang Lan to stick to the frenzy again. Maybe they are on their way back now."
"I hope so," Fang Hu didn’t good the spirit way. "Gong Sunhu has already done it. Now the morale of the major imperial legions is low. If we go like this, our imperial army will be finished."
"Isn’t that what I want to see?" Blue shine suddenly leisurely said
Everyone was stunned.
Speaking of what shallow water Qing wanted to be voluntarily imprisoned by Gongsunhu except Biqing, no one knows the reason. After the killing of Lei Gang, the army commanders and their subordinate generals have expressed their loyalty to shallow water Qing. In this case, after shallow water Qing completed the cross slope agreement, he could strike a blow at Huanglong, but shallow water Qing did not do so, but let everyone stay dormant for some time before planning.
People don’t know that Shallow Water Clear wants to make this decision. Shallow Water Clear explanation is to give the new emperor a chance. If the emperor doesn’t want to kill him and doesn’t treat everyone badly, he can also accept his fate. Of course, by the way, he can also paralyze Cang Lan and give him a chance to secretly go to Heaven City to save Su Yun. I believe Cang Lan will not be interested in Yun Ni and others after learning that Shallow Water Clear was imprisoned.
After all, Yun Ni is also the daughter of Yun Feng Dance. Unless Canglan really intends to kill all three of his empire’s best high commands, his significance really moves Yun Ni.
If you want to kill Yun Ni and others in shallow water, you should be ill.
However, behind this reason, the shallow water is a huge risk. Once someone is not shallow water, or is determined to expose the truth of the death of Lei Gang and others by selling the shallow water, then waiting for the shallow water and his subordinates will have a butcher knife
All the people who have attended the meeting these days are very strict with their own departments for fear that something will happen.
But as time goes on, no one can guarantee that there will be no problems in the future.
Fang Hu and Mu Xue will never forget that it was accidental and inevitable to take them to the south gate of Deshan to betray them. It is a secret that many people will be leaked, and it is really impossible to say how many people will no longer be optimistic about it because of the shallow water clearing, and they will take refuge in Gongsunhu for a bright future.
In particular, the Central Army Corps is a time bomb. After the meeting that day, although Shallow Water Clear arranged a fake military action to deceive the middle-level officers of the Central Army Corps, it is a problem whether it can hide from the past and Takuya. Once GongSunHu knew that Lei Gang’s death was directly caused by Shallow Water Clear, things would be in trouble again.
It can be said that the decision made by Shallow Water Clear is risky and risky, and it is already a shoo-in for the rebellion plot to make such a choice. It is not only Yun Feng Wujin Yehong and others who have seen Shallow Water Clear’s mind that they are more determined to follow it.
At this moment, Bi Qing said that the current situation is exactly what Shallow Water Qing expected, and everyone could not help but look at Bi Qing together in a daze.
Bi Qing is a leisurely way. "What I admire most about Shao Shuai all the time is that he is not only an excellent strategist, but also has a keen political mind. It is not difficult for a warrior to fight the sky, but it is not easy to manage it well. If the Tianfeng Empire is ruled by a purely martial emperor, it is unfortunate for the country, but unfortunately for the people. Shao Shuai is not such a person. He is really adventurous this time, but only by taking risks can he get it. This adventure is of great significance for the future. I can’t say more that I can ask everyone to try it."
Fang Hu said mercilessly, "What if Gong Sunhu took the opportunity to control the bureau and killed him?"
Bi Qing hey hey smiled. "Don’t worry, the shallow handsome is not so easy to die. I have already sent someone to peg the military prison. Yun Shuai Jin Shuai also warned Gong Sunhu that he can let go of the Sixth Army Corps. That’s because everyone doesn’t care about him, but if he dares to kill the shallow handsome privately, he has to weigh the consequences first. You can rest assured that Gong Sunhu’s human nature is bolder than the sky, but he never dares to lightly touch the shallow handsome when he is absolutely sure. Everything he is doing now is actually a seasoned road."
"I’m worried that in case the military plane leaks before that."
Bi Qing’s face sank. "This is a shallow handsome choice. He would rather die than be a disaster."
Lonely at night
Cangtiancheng dingguo gongfu
A carriage came out quietly from the back door of Dingguogongfu clause, and Yun Ni Ji Ruozi and others were sitting in it.
Su Yun bowed to the car on the road and said, "Su Yun’s late arrival in saving people frightened several ladies."
Yun Ni’s gentle voice slowly sounded, "These days, the general of Japan and the Soviet Union gave us a few generals who tried their best to please us."
"Su Yun, tell me if my brother really wants to kill Shuiqing?" Cang min shan Wen
Su Yun smiled bitterly. "Don’t you believe Princess Min at this point?"
Pale sensitive a lift car curtain "so clear water? Has he decided to rebel? "
Su Yun primly replied, "Shallow Shuai Tian Zhong will never rebel out of turn. At best, it’s just self-protection. Please rest assured Princess Min that before I came, Shallow Shuai had told me that if Princess Min asked about this, she would tell me that she would not kill Shallow Shuai and never rebel, even if she cut her job, she would regret it."
"good!" Cang Min nodded. "I believe him."
Said the drill back into the car.
Su Yun’s heart is a wry smile. You believe in shallow water, but do you know your brother? Do you know that it is impossible to clean up the roots without killing shallow water? You know, Canglan was ruined because of the shallow water. How could he not report such a great hatred?
Thinking of this, he also sighed and came to the two back door guards and took out two silver tickets. "Thanks to the two brothers this time, run for your life and you will not be spared."
A guard hey hey smiled. "General Su, you won’t. We really got the silver talent, right?"
"I can understand your feelings."
Another guard said, "In that case, please tell Shao Shuai that he is holding high the banner of righteousness. My brother will come to the silver ticket and ask the general to take it back."
With that, the two guards hurried away from them and let the Qing family run for their lives first. Fortunately, Su Yun had already taken their family away first so that they didn’t worry about looking back.
Looking at the back of the two people leaving, Su Yun murmured, "Cang Lan, you are much faster than the marshal thought."
Chapter ninety-two defection
Snow Lotus Mountain is located in the west of Fengtian City, St. Will. The original name of Fengtian City was Dole City, but later it was changed to a famous scenic spot in St. Will, among which Snow Lotus Mountain was written.
Known as the Ten Scenes of Guanlan Mountain, Snow Lotus Mountain is only one meter above sea level, surrounded by mountains, with a pleasant climate and charming scenery. However, Snow Lotus Mountain is ranked among the top ten scenic spots in Guanlan not because of its outstanding landscape painting, but because of a building here.
Dolair prison
This is the place where the Principality of St. Willard committed crimes. Those who entered this prison were not prominent officials and nobles of the present age. These people eventually entered here after being dismissed from their posts for various reasons. Many of them were places of interest. Scholars and tycoons left several historical sites in Mo Bao during the years of confinement. Therefore, the handwriting of celebrities in Xuelian Mountain can be said to be an ordinary bed everywhere. Maybe they slept in an ordinary slate of the most famous writer at that time, but they left inscriptions by contemporary celebrities. Here, bowls, chopsticks and utensils are more likely to be used by several people or inscribed with poems or words.
Because many high-ranking officials in feudal times, especially in eastern cultural countries, were also famous for a while, the only thing left after they lost their power was their rich knowledge. Therefore, anyone who can leave a word here will stay in the future generations and eventually become a number of cultural celebrities. Of course, there are also many rude people who enter such places. For example, a nobleman from St. Will once wrote an inscription on a large stone carving "So-and-so pees here" during the claustrophobic years.
However, in any case, Dolair prison has finally become the most desirable place for all senior officials and nobles in the mainland after the failure of the power struggle. Here, they can trace back to the past through the inscriptions left by their predecessors, and calm down their feelings in the past years. In the end, it became a national prison, but it has evolved into a world prison. However, nobles from all over the world hope to make Dolair prison their own burial place. It is not a vain death for future generations to mourn together.

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