"Since you want to play to the end, don’t blame me for killing!" Lu Zhan didn’t show it, but he was really angry.

Chapter 239 Double play again this time
Lu Zhan knew in his heart that the actor was disgusting, as if he had eaten a fly, but he wanted to beat the actor in vain. At present, he can’t rely on unification but on himself.
You do it. No matter what you do, I just need to take the game.
Lu Zhan came to the road with the dog head. His policewoman stopped when she reached the line of soldiers, but the dog head continued to move forward and obviously wanted to continue to send people’s heads.
Lu Zhan didn’t care if he sent it. I’ll mend my soldiers first. Anyway, he’s ahead of Wei Lusi by two heads. With the number of times the dog sends his head, it’s worthless. He still has a chance
When Wei Lusi took the head of the kobold, Lu Zhan was recruiting soldiers. Someone sent the head to Wei Lusi and Hammer Stone, which became very careless
Lu Zhan saw the opportunity to go sideways to the front of the line. It was a shot at Wei Lusi.
The dog’s head is very professional and has been moving forward, so Wei Lusi’s position has been retreating, but the policewoman is also following Wei Lusi
As a result, when the dog head died, Wei Lusi’s blood volume also dropped a lot. When the dog head died, the hammer stone hook immediately hit the policewoman, but Lu Zhan was ready to return to the line protection at the moment the dog head died
Finally, the single 1v2 situation has been restored. For Lu Zhan, his only advantage is that he has two Dolan swords output higher than the other side, while Wei Lusi has not returned home although he has got the head.
If it is other ad heroes, it is difficult to ensure the eye position while ensuring the equipment without assistance, but the policewoman put the clip in the square grass differently from Lu Zhan, so that he can be assured.
It will soon be promoted to the second-level land exhibition. It will be faster to upgrade your experience alone. As soon as you upgrade, you will shoot a Q skill at Wei Lusi.
Messenger of peace! Lu Zhan took Wei Lusi by surprise, so Wei Lusi was already half blood.
Lu Zhan smiles. Sometimes the game depends not on the number of people, but on playing him alone. The principle of playing a good position is that ad is not bad.
It was a dozen land exhibitions, but it was very strong. He kept walking, avoiding the hammer stone harassment, but harassing the Wei Lusi policewoman. He played a very aggressive role in his hands and suppressed the other side by suppressing the range.
With the passage of time, when the dog head sent out four times on the road, the land show had risen to level 5, and the dog head was worthless
In just a few minutes, Lu Zhan’s policewoman has made up two more soldiers than Wei Lusi. Overall, the policewoman takes two heads herself. In fact, Lu Zhan has no big disadvantage in the economy.
This Lu Zhan once again beat Wei Lusi to death and beat him home, which was tantamount to letting the other party eat a lot less experience, but Lu Zhan never went back
"It’s almost time to watch this wave carefully and double kill again!" Lu Zhan smiled and said that he played games as quietly as a man and rarely said such things. This time, it was the actor who aroused his anger.
Behind Lu Zhan, Xu Jie and Wang Zhuo looked at each other and played an advantage. They had seen it before, but it was rare that they could still have an advantage in sending people’s heads. This made them take Lu Zhanpei to a new level. It was absolutely impossible for them to do it. After all, even if the other party was in the pit, the Diamond would be put here.
They are all looking at Lu Zhan and saying that if you want to kill twice, you will kill twice. They no longer doubt that now they want to see the process of killing twice.
At this time, the policewoman is almost full of blood, and Wei Lusi and Hammer Stone are half blood and a little more.
Lu Zhancao ensures that he rarely knows the opponent’s skills, but he can constantly harass the opponent through range and Q skills.
Lu Zhan policewoman played coquettish and accumulated a headshot, so she went to point one. Wei Lusi policewoman didn’t suffer even if she fought for the headshot. What’s more, he had a long range and he had already left before Wei Lusi could point him.
When encountering the assistance of hammers and robots, you can get a miraculous effect through the protection of small soldiers. You will finally be in a very safe position when you come and go freely in the pile of soldiers, and you have never been caught by hammers and stones once.
At this time, it has been 7 minutes, the flashing of the land exhibition and the barrier have been completed, and the horse will be promoted to level 6 with great moves.
After Lu Zhan finished talking with his roommate behind him, suddenly the hammer stone came out of the grass and caught him.
"How to hook!" Wang Zhuo exclaimed that the hammer and stone hook were all missed before, but the consequences would be unimaginable if the hammer and stone were pulled first.
Sure enough, the hammer stone in this hook immediately rushed to press the Q skill again and Wei Lusi followed the policewoman’s output.
The hammer stone has two controls, besides the Q skill hook, the e skill doom pendulum can also knock people off. After the policewoman was pulled, she was hit by him again, and the e skill was knocked off.
This wave of policewomen’s blood has exceeded half.
However, Lu Zhan didn’t panic at all, and directly followed the policewoman who came to Wei Lusi. Just now, she accumulated a headshot and directly hit it. At the same time, the Q skill and the angel of peace in her hand also played out.
Q skills hit the hammer stone at the same time, and the policewoman received by Verus stood opposite each other.
"Don’t …" Xu Jie saw that Lu Zhan didn’t panic, and an idea rose in his heart. Combining with Lu Zhan’s just saying that he would kill him, he realized that maybe Lu Zhan deliberately let the hammer stone hook.

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