Chapter 45 Xu Shu

"Say yes? Still don’t say it? "
Young Xu Fu fell silent and forgot to commit suicide.
Lingyun’s heart is a little proud that he is a few words, which disturbs the mood of the young man in front of him. "It was so young that everything was done with enthusiasm without experience."
But let Lingyun have some accidents to return this boy, that is, a headstrong man. In a few years, it is estimated that it will be similar to the headstrong Zhang Fei.
But now, when watching the teenager think silently, Lingyun feels that the teenager has suddenly changed, just like being resourceful, resourceful, resourceful and resourceful. The temperament of the young man is completely different, which makes Lingyun feel like he is facing two people.
"Xu Fu?" Lingyun kept chanting in his heart to find out from his memory whether there was such a person in the history of the Three Kingdoms of China.
"Okay, I’ll tell you what."
Just when Lingyun felt that his horse was going to be white, the young Xu Fu suddenly interrupted Lingyun and said thoughtfully
"It’s not a big deal, even if I know you can’t help me, I can talk to you."
At present, Xu Fu, a young man, is indeed a Xu family member, but his father died when he was six years old.
Chui fook was always in trouble when he was a child, so he was very unpopular with the Xu family. Chui fook let them have no face in Yingchuan City.
Therefore, although Xu Jiazhong distributes some money to his mother every month, this money is just enough for them to live, and there is no money left to buy clothes.
Even Chui Fu’s sword in his hand is only bought by him for half a year.
Therefore, Xu Fu is very urgent to make one thing for the Xu family to recognize. He feels that he is not an idle person. He has his own ideals and goals.
Therefore, I want to hold Lingyun after discovering that Lingyun is sneaking in front of the Xu family at sunrise.
Chui fook grew up smart and came to Xujiazhong. When he was a child, he also had high hopes on him. But as Chui fook grew up, he danced with guns and made trouble everywhere. Chui fook made Xujiazhong more and more disappointed.
If they were a civilian who took the official career and strengthened Xu Jiazeng, instead of a reckless man who knew how to shoot a sword.
The Xu want fighters just can attract several strong effect root not bad chui fook a..
With Chui Fu taking his own road and staying away from his family, the Xujiazhong people gradually stopped paying attention to Chui Fu after many times of persuasion, and the status of Chui Fu’s mother in Xujiazhong dropped sharply.
"Do you want to prove to the Xu that you are not wrong? Is your choice right?" Lingyun said after hearing Xu Fu’s words.
Chui fook nodded and said, "Yes!"
When listening to Xu Fu telling his story, Lingyun finally lost sight of who Xu Fu was in the history of the Three Kingdoms.
It was the history of the Three Kingdoms that helped Liu Bei kill Lv Kuang and Lv Xiang, Bumen and Jin Suozhen defeated Coss, and recommended Zhuge, Xu Shu and Xu Yuanzhi.
Historical Xu Shu was originally named Xu Fu from Yingchuan, but when he was young, he was arrested by the government for revenge and then rescued by his friends, and later changed his name to Xu Shu and moved away from home.
From then on, he abandoned his sword and went to school everywhere. After several years, he achieved something and went to Liu Bei in Xinye, Jingzhou.
Because of the murder when he was young, the Xu family ignored him or fled with the help of friends. Therefore, after changing his name, Xu Shu refused to be a Xu family. Most people in the world mistook him for a poor brother.
Think of Xu Shu lingyun know eyes named chui fook young * * close is Xu Shu a few years later.
According to the plot in the game now, when Xu Shu draws his sword and kills people in another year or two, Xu Jiazhong will definitely be more disappointed with him. It is very possible to sit and watch him be arrested by the government and be indifferent.
And Xu Fu will definitely be disappointed with the Xu family after being rescued by a friend, but he is still very concerned about family glory and doesn’t want to give the family a dark place. After changing his name, he will never do housework again.
Lingyun’s heart is very entangled in doubt now. If you let Chui Fu continue to practice martial arts and reveal his identity, it is very likely that this famous counselor will be abducted into your own hands in the future, but it is very likely that the historical wise man will praise Xu Shu and will never appear again.
If Xu Shu is a martial artist, it is a great loss. Many people have no hope of becoming counselors, but he Xu Fu has this talent, but his mind is always in martial arts.
If you don’t become a counselor, it is definitely a great loss.
Lingyun quickly made up his mind whether to get him into his own hands first, saying that if he is not one of our own, even if he becomes a counselor, it will also enhance the enemy’s strength
Moreover, if I pull him to my side now, I won’t let him concentrate on his studies.
After deciding in my heart, Lingyun said to Chui Fu, "I have a way to make the Xu family recognize that you can do martial arts and get ahead in the world and increase your family’s expectations."
"What way?" Hear lingyun said chui fook quickly asked.
Ling Yun said, "It’s simple to have you join the army. Now, if you can make a great contribution when the yellow turban insurrectionary thieves are in chaos, will Xu Jiazhong still have no position for you?"
"This ….." Chui fook hesitated. At the age of sixteen, he was full of fantasy and hope for the future. He didn’t think he would earn fame by joining the army. He hesitated that there was a mother at home. What should he do if he went home with Lingyun?
Chui fook although lingyun discussion is conation, but also dare not immediately promised.
Since childhood, his mother has been dependent on him, and his feelings for his mother are replaced by everything.
"Why? Do you have any secrets? " Lingyun also saw chui fook hesitation.
"I need to go back and talk to my mother," Chui fook replied.
Lingyun is not surprised by this. Xu Shu is a famous filial piety. He gave up his future for Cao Ying because of a piece of paper, and he was unwilling to give Cao Cao a plan because of his mother’s suicide.

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