"When it’s good!" Mr. Mi Keli shouted at this time

Five minutes passed quickly before you knew it. Look at the score. Mr. Harry won overwhelmingly. At first, Mr. Harry got a lot of points by making a return fist, a sandstorm and a missile needle. Then, time was running out. Mr. Harry was in no hurry to earn more points. Instead, he made a protective block attack, which could not only defeat his opponent’s murderous look and make him feel more anxious, but also earn a little more points for himself. At last, Mr. Harry was dragging his feet. However, this tactical delay was very real in the time limit match.
Drew didn’t say much about biting his teeth and taking back Absuolu, so he left, didn’t he? This time, he lost because of his negligence, and there was not much difference between the two Poké mon forces.
The horse is the final, and Aaron always feels the need to wake up a little, but his judges can’t do without their seats.
"Peace of mind is good, Aaron’s May words should be no problem" and Mr. Mi Keli seems to have seen through Aaron’s mind again, and Aaron sighed.
"But I dare not say that now May has really caught up with Drew and Drew, and Mr. Harry has finished the calculation. Moreover, Drew is not the most poisonous rose and rain-winged moth, but Abu Solu, so it has been calculated in May, and it is its constant Poké mon-Flame Chicken. Mr. Harry must have some countermeasures."
"That’s true, but personally, May is more difficult to calculate than Drew." Mr. Mi Keli suddenly said this, and Aaron was also one leng.
"After all, May is also Aaron. You cultivated it yourself." You smiled brightly.
"Well, if you pay attention to the word, I will be happy."
"Forget it, forget it, joke, but there are more uncertainties in May’s words. Didn’t Harry cheat May many times? Even so, May still has a tendency to be cheated, which can be seen from this."
"This is not a bit over, but people are too simple …"
"Look at you, too. Besides, May Poké mon’s training in combat is complete. Come on, Aaron. At the very least, it is impossible to have water fluctuations to block his vision."
"Yeah, maybe that’s what it is to talk like this." Aaron also laughed at this time. Although Aaron really wanted to vomit, even if he wanted to have that kind of mistake, the flaming chicken wouldn’t fluctuate, but he forgot it because he knew Mr. Mi Keli’s detailed meaning
Because simplicity means that although something may be thought in the brain, it is generally instantaneous. To put it bluntly, it is difficult to find rules in this kind of person! There is great uncertainty in action. This kind of person can be said to be easy to clean up, but it can also be said to be very difficult to some extent [pop-up reading] Forty-six finals! May VS Harry!
"Well, it’s finally the final, and the two sides are May and Harry. What kind of performances will these two coordinated trainers bring us? Let’s wipe our eyes! " In the final, May and Mr. Harry have reached the two ends of the stage. Mi Keli said among them that it doesn’t matter if Aaron talks aside. "It turns out that you will be such a normal prologue." It’s not the first day for May and Harry not to talk about this. It seems that Mr. Harry killed Drew just now, which is particularly serious, and Mr. Harry is also grinning and showing his teeth. The momentum is quite aggressive.
"Then the game will begin!" Mr. Mi Keli stretched out his index finger with his right hand and pointed to the middle. The number on the screen behind him began to change from 5 to 459[] "I L baby Cacturne!"
"Flame chicken!"
Both of them immediately called out what Poké mon’s opponent was. Poké mon naturally knew for a long time, because it was impossible to change the Poké mon field in this game. What should I do if Poké mon was seriously injured in a battle? This is the player’s own problem, because everyone’s conditions are the same, even if you may have met a strong opponent in the past, you can still attribute it to your bad luck. From this point of view, luck also accounts for a large part.
"Missile needle!" Mr. Harry immediately attacked first. In the gorgeous battle, there was no definite order to attack the base. Just like this, whoever shouted out first attacked the dream first. As soon as Genaia issued a large number of needles from his hand, he quickly attacked the flaming chicken, but the flaming chicken jumped to avoid it.
"Jet flame!"
The flaming chicken spewed flames in the fire, but Menggunaya made a protective block.
And from this detail, Aaron is also frowned.
"It’s really fine." Mr. Mi Keli has retreated to the side of Aaron at this time, and Aaron sighed naively.
"From just now, I found out that you deliberately stepped back and said that you didn’t want to listen to my explanation."
"Oh, dear, is it seen through?"
"Forget it, but it’s really smart. Although it may be Mr. Harry’s consciousness, he thought about it in the past against Drew." Aaron sighed and the horse said that Mr. Mi Keli showed his approval expression after listening to the horse. The expression seemed to be saying that he was not mistaken. At the same time, Mr. Mi Keli continued to look at Aaron and motioned Aaron to continue.
"Flaming chicken long-range attack is generally launched from the mouth. Although there are also gas bombs with both hands, May Flaming Chicken can’t and even if it is really used, how much fighting power can it have just learned? Even the protection of attributes can stop the attack, but it is its biggest shortcoming that its own Poké mon can move and may be crushed. However, there is still a distance between the Flame Chicken and Cacturne, and the Flame Chicken is still in the middle. During this distance, May can’t let the Flame Chicken get close at once to make the melee crush, but if the remote skills are used to attack, the remote skills of the Flame Chicken are all fired from the mouth, which means that although the Flame Chicken can spray flames, whirlpools and burst characters, it can make one move at a time. That is to say, it is not necessary to consider being crushed when making protection against May’s long-range attack, but in fact, at this time, May needs to let the jet flame continue to emit, but May didn’t do it. Is this a habit of trainers? It is not a good habit? "Aaron said, watching the jet flame stop and the flaming chicken and the surrounding protective film have disappeared. In addition to May’s deduction, Mr. Bihali sometimes walked for more than 40 seconds, and Mr. Mi Keli also nodded his head.
"But this habit is not conducive to a stalemate. Although it is really not a real practice to speak from the perspective of victory," Mr. Mi Keli said, but Aaron looked at Mr. Mi Keli and always felt that seeing something else from Mr. Mi Keli’s expression was like saying, "Aaron, you are not enough."
In May, the flaming chicken rushed to Cacturne, and Cacturne immediately unleashed a sandstorm. A gust of dust went straight to the flaming chicken. This time, the flaming chicken did not choose to jump, but followed May’s orders to make a shadow! If it is a large-scale dust, all the dust will be defeated in an instant, but it is this small-scale dust with strong wind that can kill a single illusion at this time.
"No, it’s a large-scale sandstorm!" It seems that a large area will also be said by its owner that Cacturne horse panicked, and then Mamenggunaya began to rotate, and then a large amount of yellow sand began to be emitted from around its body, accompanied by gusts of wind blowing to May, leaving 5 flaming chickens.
"This can’t be a big word explosion!" May blinked very nifty, and then pointed his right hand forward. I wonder if it is the illusion of Aaron. Does this move Aaron feel like May has a way to beat Harry immediately? Looking at this scene in front of him, Aaron’s brain began to calculate quickly and instantly came up with five possible successful schemes to calculate the ability of May Flame Chicken. About two of them are feasible, and now making the big characters explode is one of them. I don’t know if it can be regarded as underestimating the possibility. Aaron never thought that May could fight against Mr. Harry quickly, and paying attention to steady and malicious play was not used to by May. But now the situation is really similar. Aaron doesn’t know what kind of expression he is now, but judging from Mr. Mi Keli’s whistling at his side, his expression is probably a surprise type.
""Sandstorms will be defeated by physical flames! " "Aaron and Mr. Mi Keli don’t know two people mouth began to move at the same time.
Spread the power to the surrounding area, resist the sandstorm, and it may not be particularly appropriate to say that it hit at a certain point. That’s what it means, and because of the fire chicken’s profit, when Cacturne made a mistake just now, it was close enough to launch a big character at close range. The bottom blasting force is enough! The Chinese characters burst into it and it was almost fatal.
""Cacturne will protect at this time ""
Although Mr. Harry knows that if he loses the shelter of sandstorm at such a close distance, he will definitely be attacked by the flaming chicken. This is a room. Sandstorms don’t last for a long time after being used outdoors, but if he is hit by a big-character explosion, the outcome of the game will be obvious. Although Mr. Harry is well prepared in tactics, the Cacturne level is still the difference in combat effectiveness in Cacturne. If he is hit by a big-character explosion, he will definitely be seriously injured.
The dust stopped the explosion of Chinese characters and shot out. The flame of the explosion of Chinese characters pressed against the protective film.
""Then the flaming chicken will meet ""Go after the point attack! " (Aaron) "Keep making big characters explode!" (Mi Keli)
There is a disagreement between the two! Hearing this, Aaron immediately looked at Mr. Mi Keli. Mr. Mi Keli looked at the scene with a smile. It should be said that Aaron knew that he was wrong when he heard what Mr. Mi Keli said! But if you admit this, you must admit that May is really strong now! It’s too strong for my head to keep up with the calculation.
The explosion of Chinese characters did not stop, but continued to be cast. Unconsciously, Mr. Harry’s expression began to deform. It seems that he also saw May’s intention. Because the flaming chicken has been supplying the flames at the back, the explosion of Chinese characters has not changed from the word "big" to the word "medium", while Cacturne’s protection seems to have reached its limit
"The flaming chicken will stop the continuous explosion of Chinese characters and then chase after Cacturne with the explosion of Chinese characters!" Aaron’s prediction has failed, but Mr. Mi Keli continued to talk about it as if two people were fighting each other and both sides made a unit attack at the same time. Then in the second round, one person made 15 unit attacks and the other person made a unit attack to knock down his opponent, and before leaving, he told the loser how vast the world was and deliberately finally made a unit attack!
The protection disappears, and the Chinese character explodes and hits Cacturne. At this time, May’s eyes are also sharp. As May orders the flaming chicken to immediately stop the flame and rush to Cacturne! In fact, it is not accurate to say that the flaming chicken really started to move as soon as the protection disappeared, and May ordered to go one step further, that is, when the protection was about to disappear, May ordered it
Cacturne wanted to escape, but he couldn’t. The Chinese characters exploded and hit Cacturne. Although Cacturne was pulled back, after all, it was from the acceleration and the acceleration was not large, while the flaming chicken turned on the light and the acceleration was extremely high. Immediately! One rushed to the rear of Cacturne and then kicked Cacturne in the back with fire! Cacturne was instantly attacked by a flame. Cacturne came to be a silent Poké mon, but now it is also making a very sharp sound. Although it is much worse than human beings and ordinary Poké mon, it is already a high decibel "scream" for them. At the same time, Cacturne’s stress on both sides seems to be such a pinch, and it has already knocked it down. The flaming chicken also immediately broke up the big characters and exploded. The other three judges next to the flame immediately typed "",but it was Aaron, the trainer, who was so absorbed in watching it that he didn’t respond [no popup window reading].
Forty employment truths? Accept?
"It should be said that I am very tempted to listen to it, but before that, I have a question." After listening to Mr. Mi Keli’s narrative, I looked at the table application form. Aaron said, "If you don’t carry out the danger with such good treatment, you always feel that the sky will not fall off." Aaron said that Mr. Mi Keli looked at Aaron and looked at the side. Xiaoyi and Xiaoyong could also see the same expression from their two faces and turned white.
"Then I’ll tell you the real intention of our four alliances." Mr. Mi Keli seems to sigh naively and then raise his head. "Naturally, this kind of treatment is really very good for a few people who have no work experience, but in the end, paying you three people’s salary is equivalent to hiring three more search officers, and the salary is paid equally by the four alliances. Even the salary of a search officer has not reached the root, which is Mao Mao rain and can be controlled at such a negligible price. Living in two beasts makes it natural for them that there is nothing to be unhappy about. "Mr. Mi Keli directly said," Oh, maybe three. "Mr. Mi Keli finally added that he looked at Xiaoyong Xiaoyong and was one leng [].
"Did my brother tell you?"
This can confirm that Xiaoyong also has a monster.
"League can’t take the initiative to other people’s positions, and if they really take the initiative to find you, they certainly won’t recommend the most common Poké mon official position to you, and even Xiao Yi is just 18 years old this year. Regardless of whether the league can be so dominant and hasn’t grown up yet, it will be said by other leagues that it has ulterior motives. Until last year, all the leagues didn’t make moves to Xiao Yi and Aaron. You are all unknown, but this year is different. Xiao Yi, you have grown up and added this trip. Your outstanding performance in the movement, even if you are invited immediately, seems to the outside world to be completely justified. After this operation, according to the intelligence, Chengdu Alliance is ready to invite you to become a Pokemon quasi-search officer. "
"Quasi-search officer?" I’ve never heard of such a job, Xiaoyong, asking questions.
"Naturally, it is not in such a position, but because the guys in Chengdu Alliance Department want to win over Xiaoyi, they feel that ordinary posts are no good. However, if it is a direct search, the independence of Mandarin is too high, so there is no way to control Xiaoyi’s position. Moreover, it is also unprecedented to recruit search officers directly from civilians. After working with White for a while, they came up with the word" quasi "and" quasi "means endless immaturity, so that they can send special people to watch Xiaoyi, and at the same time, they will not let Xiaoyi do anything too.
"Oh, it looks good." Xiaoyi smiled evilly, and Mr. Mi Keli smiled when he saw it.
"The Chengdu League can afford this money, and if the God beast is to be included in its own pocket, it can be more straightforward in China, and the impact of the attack on four towns by the Rockets before the Chengdu League has not disappeared yet. They can also say,’ We now have Deoxys trainer Gao Qiao Yi’, although your strength is not as good as that of the Four Kings, but the Four Kings have always had nothing new to manipulate the God beast, which will definitely cause great repercussions. This can be very reassuring, and Xiao Yi is also a trainer," said Mr. Mi Keli.
"But in this case, why would Chengdu Alliance agree to the joint employment of four alliances? It’s okay for Chengdu Alliance to hire three of us alone, right? "Aaron questioned.
"This is naturally the pressure from several other alliances." Mr. Mi Keli continued after listening to Aaron’s question. "The Chengdu Alliance Department asked me to evaluate it in two words-timid but afraid of any bad influence, but they really need to be careful. After all, the influence of the previous events is still to make any inappropriate actions. All alliances will gang up and attack together, including our Fengyuan Alliance. In fact, to be honest, I am also very upset about the Chengdu Alliance’s practice. Can I tell you this? At present, several top leaders of Chengdu Alliance are really very nice people, but it’s just a huge cancer, and the brain and spinal cord are broken, so they can’t move. That’s almost the point. It’s ridiculous to deliberately hire a quasi-search officer, and at the same time, it’s ridiculous to hire a quasi-search officer. Moreover, the biggest feature of this person is that they all have beasts. Anyone can think of problems, and one of them is 14 years old. "Mr. Mi Keli said and looked at it. Dragon "Chengdu Alliance is also hesitating whether to do this or not, but Xiaoyi, they definitely want this to be certain, and at this time, it is a few of us who have made suggestions to various alliances", saying that Mr. Mi Keli paused."I went to the Fengyuan Alliance to cross the Chengdu Alliance. White is the East Alliance Sen’s business trip to the Orange Islands many times and the Orange Alliance is also familiar. Sen is in charge of the Orange Alliance. In fact, all the alliances want to control you two, but Aaron, you are too young. You are from Chengdu, and it is not easy to make moves. Now several of us make suggestions, although not directly controlling, but holding shares, but it is better than not coming at all, and it is still others who come out, not their own requirements, but their own’ being’ requests, except Chengdu Alliance 3. Naturally, every alliance is very willing, and a few people except themselves have agreed that they don’t agree there, and then come to Xiaoyi alone after they disagree. What do you think? And if they don’t agree today, they haven’t come to inform Xiaoyi, and you two will be hired by the other three alliances, then Chengdu Alliance will not make any money at all. One side can control 5% (one of them), but there is a high probability of failure, and the other side will control 5%, but there is no risk. Which side would you choose? We included Xiaoyong and Gary Oak in the application because Xiaoyong and Gary Oak are good friends of Aaron and Xiaoyi. With you two, Aaron and Xiaoyi will be more obedient, but after paying more people’s salary and sharing it equally, it will not hurt for each alliance, and the joint employment of four alliances will also form mutual restraint. This is the main purpose of our request for joint employment of four alliances. "
"So it’s really troublesome for adults to think." Xiaoyi sighed after listening.
"No way, this is the society."
"So what should we do?" Xiaoyi asked Mr. Mi Keli?
"It’s up to you."

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