After learning the skills, Gao Rang and Bai Ziwei arrived at the meeting place with Grandet and them immediately.

Boss Kang has been waiting here for a long time since he came to the rendezvous point.
Kang boss naturally saw the announcement just now. After seeing Gao Rang coming with the first person in three turns, Ziwei in white, the whole person was too excited to say a word.
Gao Rang took the initiative to greet the boss Kang, who was standing there, and said, "Hey, how is boss Kang? I said I would bring a three-way job to help you. I’m not bragging!"
Kang Boss’s words were pulled back to the normal state from the silence, and once again he put on a smiling face of vice industry and replied, "Ha ha ha, brother Gao (he also knows Gao Rang’s name, so he called it when he got closer). As expected, please do it this time," said Kang Boss, bowing to you.
However, Gao Rang suddenly said, "Wait for Boss Yikang, I think we are still going to be ugly. If you entrust this deputy this time, we don’t know what’s going on inside. It seems a bit wrong for the front desk brother to ask you if you can’t explain it clearly." As far as I know, there have been several groups of players before. It is impossible for this pair to have no news, right? "
Boss Kang wiped his forehead and felt a little embarrassed to say, "In fact, this vice is not an ordinary vice. Every time the vice map has changed, the vice difficulty will increase with the failure of one pass. To tell you the truth, now the vice difficulty has reached the highest level of two turns, and the number of challenges left is about 2 hours."
Gao Rang once again asked, "So what about this secondary income …"
Without reaching the height, Mr. Kang interrupted, "When it’s okay, there’s really not much left. I don’t care what happens this time. I want a special prop’ Lian Zhen mask’ that can change the player id."
Now that boss Kang has said this, Gao let them have nothing to say
Grandet will Gao Rang and Bai Ziwei join the team and then directly start a small dish in his hand.
A flash of white light led Gao Rang and others to a new map.
It was not until Gao Rang entered the new map that he found that there was an extra person in his team.
Player id tonghuayu
Grade 49
Professional nature guardian (hidden profession)
This is a girl who looks very tall. She is about 17 meters tall, but her face is very cute. People will find the picture very strange, but this flower rain is still a beautiful woman.
For beauty, there will naturally be a group of * * silk kneeling, and now there are two * * silk of cat and cat in the team around this sister.
I don’t know why Grandet saw that the beautiful woman showed a pair of cold models. Maybe he wanted to play hard to get!
Ye Ye is honestly staying with Tutu. In his opinion, it is better to like Tutu himself.
Tong Huayu saw Gao Rang’s strange eyes and introduced himself with a smile. "Hello, Chairman, my name is …"
Gao rang directly interrupted the beauty and said, "I know your name and occupation. I want to know how you got into our new alliance team?"
I’m not angry at Gao Rang’s interrupting my self-introduction. Tong Huayu continued to smile and said, "Don’t worry, I didn’t join the team maliciously, but only one."
After hearing this, Gao Rang nodded to Grandet Grandet and shared it with Gao Rang and Bai Ziwei.
Hidden Stars (Hidden) Recently, the astrologer of Zhongzhou Imperial City observed the celestial phenomena at night and found that the five main stars in Ziweixing Palace unexpectedly left the main palace and fell into Wuzhou continent. Among them, Lian Zhen fell into Nanzhou land, the giant gate fell into Beizhou land, the seven kills fell into Zhongzhou land, Pojun fell into Dongzhou land, the wolf fell into Xizhou land, and the hidden five main stars would inevitably bring great disasters to Wuzhou continent. Please find out where these five main stars are before the disaster comes and investigate the clues of the reasons for their hidden fall. Free sharing requires the first taker player "Tong Hua Yu" to complete the progress of 3/5 (the seven wolves have been investigated). After completing each investigation, you will get 2 gold coins and 1 level (before the second turn to 5) and a mysterious reward. Complete all five surveys and you will receive a super mystery award.
After reading this, Bai Grandai will add this sister’s reason
"So it is! Well, welcome to join our’ new alliance’ team temporarily. Our team doesn’t have so many rules. I hope you don’t have any other ideas in the coming and going. "I don’t know what the glory is, but I always feel a little unbelievable.
Now that the flower rain has been recognized by Gao Rong, it is a formal exploration for the deputy.
Fortunately, the countdown ended about 2 hours after this pair entered, which means that Gaotai doesn’t need to finish this pair in 2 hours, which is still worthy of everyone’s happiness.
Grandet, the official former captain, directly handed over the captain to Gao Rang and said to Gao Rang, "Gao Rang and I have discussed with the old cat, and then the captain is you. In addition, through some previous observations, I, the old cat and others have found that you have an unspeakable leadership temperament. After that, you have to take on the whole team, and in terms of strategic and tactical formulation, we also feel that it is necessary to change. We are all old cats to formulate the most effective tactics alone, but through some previous battles, we find that this method is not scientific. At the same time, we It is also found that Ziwei in white is better than the old cat in tactical and strategic analysis. Many old cats can’t find the details, but they can carefully detect where it is. With the consent of the old cat, we decided to hand over the chief tactical division in the team to Ziwei in white, and the old cat can give suggestions to the deputy. Of course, others can also come out with combat opinions. "
Gao Rang and Bai Ziwei were completely blinded by two people, so they made a job change trial alone. I didn’t expect others to arch their present position.
Since this is the decision made by most people after discussion, neither Gao Rong nor Bai Ziwei can refuse.
In this way, the "new alliance" department fought for the first time after the restructuring.
A new character has appeared. What kind of person will she be?
Chapter two hundred and twenty Discipline is iron
The overall color of this map is gray-black, surrounded by some strange-looking boulders. Gao Rang and others walked for more than ten minutes without seeing a monster.
But in this ten minutes, Gao Rang and others saw that the flowers and rain were different.

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