This Nanshan Wei is a very awesome figure, and the whole world is very influential. Even the leaders of China have to give him three points. I didn’t expect such an awesome figure to live in front of me.

Gao Rang wondered if he was dreaming, so he secretly pinched it and found that he felt something. It was all true.
Dahua Group is not the world’s largest consortium. It is said that this consortium controls 7% of the world’s wealth, and this group is all but now it has become the second largest shareholder of this group.
"Well, there are still many things in the group that I have to go first. Contact me if you have anything!" Say Nanshan did not directly signal the secret to give a mobile phone to Gao Rang.
High let some at a loss took the secret handed the phone.
When I gave Gao Rang a mobile phone, I also told him that "this mobile phone uses energy as a limited renewable energy source on the 23rd colonial planet. Besides, this mobile phone has a universal positioning system. If you are in danger, the mobile phone will automatically give an alarm and someone will come to protect you in 3 minutes."
Say that finish the secret also directly from here.
Soon everyone left the apartment, leaving room for Grandet and Tang Yue.
At this time, the three people haven’t been able to understand what is going on from this sudden situation, so Gao rang Nanshan and didn’t give it to himself.
After reading the charterer’s will in the folder, let them know the end of the matter.
It turns out that this chartered woman is Li Eqin, the former chairman of Dahua Group. It’s true that an old woman can be the richest man in the world.
In her will, the charterer gave the property to Gao Rang and gave him 15% of the shares of Dahua Group.
However, this 15% share concession cannot be resold, and the group shareholders can’t get a penny of dividends. This money will be used to help the poor. Of course, if it is used to help the poor, it can still be mobilized.
In addition, the chief supervision officer of Gao Rang’s regiment is also very wonderful, and there is no decision-making at all. However, he can supervise the regiment every year to all the squeezing workers in the poverty alleviation fund department and other regiments, and he can also supervise them.
Although Gao Rong can’t get a penny in cash, he is in charge of food, clothing, housing and transportation by Dahua Tuan, and Grandet and Tang Yue in the apartment also have the same treatment.
It is also written in the will that the chartered woman hopes that her ashes can stay in this apartment, which is a kind of mourning for her father.
At the end of the will, the charterer also told him that he must make a breakthrough in the game "New World" and strive for the top of the game.
In addition, the will also explains why no one lives on the first and fourth floors of the apartment, because there is a device in each of these two floors.
These two equipments were left by the father of the charterer. It is said that the two equipments are very important. It was not detailed in the will, but the will said that Nanshan would not tell Grandet the secret before June 6, 2666 AD.
Through this will, I understand what kind of person the chartered woman is.
Before, it seemed to Gao Rang that the chartered woman was a powerful old woman with a bad temper, but now he knows that the chartered woman is not.
A rich man rents a house, but his heart is poor, which is why everyone and the poor are grateful to Dahua Group, which helps many poor people every year.
More than one million people have been helped by the poverty alleviation program of chartered women.
Every year before, poor people who can’t afford to see a doctor were kicked out of the hospital, but since the chartered woman set up the poverty alleviation fund, Dahua Hospital has been set up in every corner of the world to treat those poor people who can’t afford to treat them without charging them a penny.
Every year before, children who couldn’t attend school because of lack of money were kicked out of school. However, since the chartered woman established the poverty alleviation plan, Dahua School has been set up in every corner of the world to collect those poor children who have no money to attend school, and they also don’t charge them a penny.
It is precisely because of the help of the chartered woman that those who have been rescued by her have been revived. These former poor people have worked hard to help the poor with gratitude to Dahua Tuan. Some people have become doctors who are willing to help the poor, teachers who have no money to learn children for special education, lawyers who seek justice for the poor and politicians who are committed to improving their lives.
More and more people have become more kind and beautiful with these people.
It is precisely because of Dahua Tuan and chartered women that the whole world has become a better place. This contribution not only affects one or some people, but also affects the whole mankind.
It is precisely because of this that Dahua Group has been selected as the most influential group for more than four years in a row.
Of course, due to human nature, most people in the whole world still don’t understand Dahua Tuan and the chartered women continue to live a selfish life.
The wish of the chartered woman is now her last wish, that is, to make the world a better place.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Transition
Gao Rang and Grandet have been acting in a daze these days because of the death of the chartered woman, but their faces are still clouded.
On the fifth day after the death of the charterer, Nanshan personally brought the charterer’s ashes and scattered them in the courtyard with Gao Rang, Grandet and Tang Yue.
After scattering the ashes of the chartered woman, Nanshan left directly.
However, after that, every few days, special people will come to Gao to let them eat and drink and clean regularly.
On the first day after the death of the charterer, Gao let them finally come out of the shadow of the charterer’s death.
With this week’s muddled game, the level of Gaorang has reached 32.4%, and the level of Grandet has reached 31.9%. Because these days, Gaorang and Grandet are very unstable when they play games, when they are not playing, Tutu will go with Aries to rub the experience (in fact, Tutu is the main force). Now the level of Tutu has surpassed Gaorang and Grandet to reach 33.7%.
In addition, the atmosphere of Aries changed as soon as Dahlia joined the team.
The original three stooges in Aries didn’t listen to anyone. Now that Dahlia has joined the team, she has become the big sister in the team. Except in the battle, everything is Dahlia, and the queen is in charge.
After this transition, both Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn have reached level 36, and the Queen Dahlia has reached level 35.
In this issue, Aries invited Gao Gao to brush the level 3 skeleton nest pair several times, but they were all turned down in a bad mood.
On this day, many wild teams in the Aries group brushed the level 3 skeleton nest, but it was either because their teammates didn’t listen to the command or because their teammates were too weak. In the end, they played so many times that they never even saw the level 2 boss skeleton master.
And the main teams of those big organizations have also knocked down the second-floor boss skeleton Buddhist, but even so, they are still stuck on the third floor.
On the 3rd floor of Skull Nest, the main teams of most large organizations are stuck on this floor. The second elite monster, the supernatural North Wolf and Sijun, succeeded in coming over to that elite, but they were abused by Azkana, the ultimate boss Skull King, without any temper.
See vice are stuck, those big organizations are not dead, but search and kill the wild boss within their sphere of influence. Only with better equipment and more skills can they become stronger and have a chance to get through this level 3 skeleton nest vice.
In addition, the highest level in the game has reached level 41 now, and it will soon be achieved after three turns from level 5.
The main team of Super God outside Aoki City in Dongzhou has a rest here.
Today, they have killed two boss. Although many super-gods are looking for the boss all over the sky, the refresh location of boss is not fixed, and there are two cities in the whole Dongzhou, and each city has a very vast territory. In this case, finding boss is almost as rare as looking for a needle in a haystack.
Niu Mowang sat in repose.
On one side, the female assassin Chang ‘e asked her, "Boss, how did you collect the things you need to change your job?"

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