Mei Qing hesitated to explore the tunnel. "Autumn adults are not ready at first, so they have to mobilize you to see if you still need to tidy up and hand over?"

Autumn laughed. "What else can be handed over? It’s our experience that Brother Mei can be appreciated by Sixth Master in the group. Don’t forget our old brothers when we get to a good place. Supposedly, my brother thinks highly of me. When my brother should set the table for his brother, it’s urgent for Lord Wu C to postpone it. Then Brother Mei should not refuse. "
Mei Qing’s eagerness in autumn’s eyes is by no means false. He is roughly convinced that the group is a blessing or a curse. Another doubt in his heart can’t help but raise his own potential. There is nothing lovely to covet the sixth master’s kindness to himself again and again. Is there any mystery in it?
Mei Qing’s heart is suspicious, and his mouth is passive and autumn is not much to talk about. Let Mei Qing tidy up the common things, which is followed by five C.
"group?" After listening to Mei Qingyan, Huang Zhongman’s eyes suddenly opened into two cat’s eyes. "Mei you …" Or he felt a little rude. The fat man took a long breath and instantly returned to a playful smile. Hey hey, look at Mei Qingdao. "Brother, you are a little boring. You said a few days ago that you were not familiar with Sixth Master. How did you get into the group in the blink of an eye?"
Mei Qing some depressed tunnel "I deceive you to do? I’ve always wanted to ask you. These days, all of us in the Royal Guards are acquainted with each other, and I’ve heard all about it, but I don’t know that Sixth Master is an official. What is it just to hear your sixth master call this sixth master? "
"The Sixth Master is the Sixth Master. What else can it be?" Huang Pang’s eyes flashed a tree and said, "Alas, it’s really stupid to think that I have a foolish life. Huang Ye is so handsome and handsome. Why can’t anyone appreciate me? You have won the appreciation of Liu Ye for chopping wood. You don’t know which way it is."
With that, Huang Pang leaned in and said, "I said that it’s really good for my brother to get there. Don’t forget my brother. You have to leave some soup for your brother if you can eat meat, right?"
Mei Qing fat nonsense a few words is already walking and should be this fat another day will put wine to congratulate this just pull out to Zhang Qizheng’s house and say hello but didn’t say specific trends light way another day to elaborate, then hurried out to see the carriage has been waiting outside the door.
Mei Qing tentatively asked, "I don’t know if your Excellency led the official straight to the group or should you meet the Sixth Master first?"
Five c light said "group" and closed his mouth no longer.
Mei Qing lowered his voice and said, "So there is one thing to discuss. Recently, the case has been sorted out. Suddenly, there seems to be a secret thing. It seems that Master Liu has invited Lord Wu C and led me to report it to Master Liu."
"Oh?" Five C looked at Mei Qingdao suspiciously. "Yes?"
Mei Qing said quietly, "This instant noodle was mentioned in Sixth Master, but it is not convenient to transfer it to your adult. Please forgive me."
Five c looked at Mei Qing several times and saw that Mei Qing lowered his eyes without saying a word and gently "well" said to a pair of drivers, "Go back to the health station first."
Once again, I came to the door of Liuye with seven turns along the long corridor. Mei Qing did not feel a bit like revisiting the old place. When he came, he could say that he was like a dream, but this time he took the initiative to come.
"Confidential things? What secret matter? " Six ye or the same a face of gloomy tunnel "as far as you can have anything old and confidential leave? Already let’s hear it. "
Mei Qing said slowly with a face of answers, "The official does have confidential information, but there is still one thing before. I want to consult Sixth Master first."
"But it’s weird. What’s the matter with you? Where are these twists and turns?" Six ye a face of impatient tunnel
"When I was an idle person, my position was humble, and I was thanked by the kindness of the Sixth Master. Today, I’m impressed by it again. Therefore, if you have something to do with your life, please order Mei Qing to die in front of you, "Mei Qing said respectfully.
"Ha ha? Ok! " Six ye grinned and reached for the case. A rosewood paperweight was knocked on the case "Dangdang" and raised to his eyes and looked at it. "Is it really a piece of material?" How many pieces of wood can you break with your small body? Also came to repay the kindness? What else can I point to you for? "
Mei Qing listened to Liu Ye’s sarcastic words, but his face was absolutely ashamed and angry. He said, "Liu Ye said it was so, but Mei Qing didn’t understand that Liu Ye didn’t plan to rescue Mei Qing several times, but he meant it."
Six ye heard Mei Qing’s face smile is not a frozen Mei Qing words white since Mei Qing didn’t have his own Mei Qing he what is that active rescue and transferred to the group?
"meaning? What do you care? " Master Liu, scratching his head, seems to feel that this is a bit unreasonable. Supposedly, his official is as heavy as Mei Qing’s role, so what reason should he rub it flat and round? I don’t want to meet Mei Qing today, so I really came to ask myself what it is. I looked at this guy with a serious expression and somehow felt guilty.
"Well … it’s not that I can’t tell you, but …" Sixth Master straightened his sitting position and coughed, tapping the paperweight in one hand on the palm of the other hand. "How about this? I won’t bully you. You go to the group first and give you a living group. I want you to stand firm and stick to the end. When you’re finished, I’ll live to give you a promise. What do you think?"
While seeing Wu Bing, Liu Ye’s tone of speaking to Mei Qing has always been rigid, and his eyes can’t help but show some surprise. He has been with Liu Ye for so many years and naturally knows that Liu Ye’s temper is like a prison-like boot. It’s really unexpected that Mei Qing is so kind today.
Mei Qing didn’t expect that Sixth Master would actually discuss the fact with himself. He also came on impulse and didn’t want to have a statement. Since Sixth Master can have this promise, Mei Qing also bowed down the slope and said, "Thank you, Sixth Master Mei Qing, for doing his best, so he excused himself." Then he said that he would leave.
"Come back!" Six ye cold hum a "don’t you have confidential things to tell? Make it clear to the old man before you go! "
"Oh, it’s the official who almost forgot." Mei Qing looked up and took a closer look at the Sixth Master and said slowly, "The official intention is that although Venus is flashing in the hands of Sixth Master, it’s actually not the Venus ebony that the ancients said, but it’s a imitation of Tianzhu lobular sandalwood with gold foil for fear of adults’ ignorance, so I’ve come to the secret report and hope that adults will check it out."
"So that’s it." Liu Ye looked at Mei Qing with a serious face and said calmly, "When the officer knows, you can retire."
Stay Mei Qing honestly with five c exit after six ye calmly face somewhat strange smile "pa" to throw the paperweight in his hand to the case a hey hey say with smile "how little bastard and his father a beat! This little king lamb! " Speaking of which, he suddenly made a conscious slip of the tongue, and his eyes blinked for a few moments before he let go and laughed strangely.
Chapter 23 Someone is like jade
Mei Qing looked at the piles of big sheet piling books piled up in front of him, and his eyes were glazed over.
He never thought that he had come to this secretive group to do the copying.
I didn’t expect that my direct division was actually the crown of snow and ice.
Mei Qing, a real person, couldn’t help but come up with all kinds of smells from this female Taoist priest.
Today, the Taoist officials are blessed with many treasures, such as Zhang Tianshi’s awards in previous dynasties, which have almost reached the point of being rewarded. In addition, Tao Zhongwen, a real person who was hot before Shao Yuan’s program a few years ago, is one of them.
And the real BiZhen is one of them. One is that she is an extremely rare female crown among many ordained Taoist priests and is in her youth. Secondly, it is said that she often goes in and out of the government, and it is vaguely heard that this woman is the most favorite double-cultivation Taoist couple in today’s saint
And the Taoist temple where Bizhenren Qing Xiu is located is the famous Dongyue Temple. The real name of Dongyue Temple is Dongyue Rensheng Palace, which is a folk custom. It is said that this view was built by Zhang Liusun, the founder of Xuanjiao in Yuan Dynasty. At that time, a large-scale Dojo was in the capital, second only to Chongzhen Wanshou Palace. The repeated expansion of Dongyue Rensheng Palace was donated by several queens, emperors and princesses of the government, so it was dyed with a thick royal color. Bizhen’s Dojo here can show its extraordinary position in the eyes of the incumbent.
Before Mei Qing, I heard a little about it, which means that the secret secret of the royal curtain has always been taboo for people who can’t tell the truth from the clouds and mountains, and everyone likes to hear it. Later, it was not until the experience department that several incidents of this female appearance were discovered. It is true that its identity is extraordinary, and most of them are vague and vague in those files. It is quite taboo to mention it. If it weren’t for Mei Qing’s keen-eyed memory group, it would have leaked directly, but it never occurred to me that this real Bizhen person was actually a member of the group, and Mei Qing would never have guessed what his real identity was.
At this time, the Bi real person was sitting opposite Mei Qing with a layer of brilliance as straight as dysprosium fairy, which could not be slightly blasphemous.
"Mei Gongfeng’s handling of affairs is like this. Most of these manuscripts are messy and difficult to argue, and the language involves secrets. Therefore, it is necessary to use the talents of the public." Bi Zhenren’s voice is also as clear and faint as a fairy voice, and there is a smell that makes people resist orders.
Mei Qing frowned and looked at these messy manuscripts in front of him. As it was said, the handwriting was both scrawled and messy. If you sort out this pile of things, you don’t want to be afraid of it for three years.
No wonder Sixth Master sent himself to tell himself the truth when he finished this, fearing that it would be done forever if he wanted to come.
"Real people have a life, Mei Qing naturally tries his best." Although Mei Qing knows that this job is not easy to deal with, it is not as difficult as it is in his heart. If other abilities are not recognized, it is his own strength. I want to come to the Sixth Master, although he knows that he is good at learning antiques, but he is not clear about himself.
Philology is simple, but if you really dare to say that you are good at it, even if you look at the big sky, some people dare to say that Mei Qing’s textual research is comparable to that of others. At this time, according to dictionaries such as Shuowen and Erya, all kinds of fonts can be recognized as masters, but the origin of ancient inscriptions on bones and tortoise shells can be traced back to the world.
Although Mei Qing himself can’t tell the truth, he is less confident in his writing ability. In the past few months, he has gained a little experience in handling copywriting, and he is more energetic, so he is not as afraid as facing this pile of manuscripts.
Seems to feel Mei Qing’s self-confidence is a little surprised. She wants to be alone in the face of such a stall. I’m afraid it’s a little difficult to face this Mei Qing. When she saw herself, although she was also amazing at first, she soon returned to normal. At this time, she was so confident that she had an expectation for herself.
"Don’t mention it. It’s really a shame to be a real person. There are its own rules here. The word" straight and true "can be matched. Since it is very difficult for the public to be original and don’t disturb the public, please help yourself. If he needs to call a child, he can." Bizhen said and Mei Qing gave directions and got up to leave.
Mei Qing can’t get up and send Bizhen to the door, but when Bizhen will go, he turns around and calls out, "Yes, Mei Gong."
"Oh, yes?" Mei Qing was about to turn back to smell hurriedly turned to inquire again.
See BiZhen thoughtfully for a moment beautiful eye flow gently "nothing" and then smiled and turned around.
Mei Qing saw that Bizhen smiled like a hundred flowers in front of him, and my heart crashed like something was blown up. A desire for fire rose suddenly, but it came straight to the eyes of the beautiful woman. The loose cassock was set off, and it was even more charming, curvy and exquisite. Mei Qing’s eyes suddenly became red and stared at Bizhen’s every move, and an impulse to rush suddenly rose in her heart.
Mei Qing’s feet didn’t move, and suddenly the body really moved, and he felt different. He took a deep breath and grabbed the doorframe and firmly settled his body. He felt that his whole body was burning, and his heart was beating so hard that he didn’t dare to stay longer. He turned around stiffly and hobbled back to the house and sat down.
Although Mei Qing’s body, Tao and foundation are full of vitality, this thought is born from the heart, and it is also difficult to turn around, or it is changed for other monks to encounter such a situation. Naturally, it is white, and they are afraid of being scared to death at once. Mei Qing and Jiraiya don’t give back. Instead, they secretly blame themselves and endure themselves, forcing themselves to pull out a manuscript from the front to press their floating mind to read their handwriting.
After a few glances at Mei Qing, he already knew what it was. Most of the metaphysical words seemed to be a kind of cultivation method. After reading this one, he was not in a hurry to write it as soon as possible, but took another one and read it from the beginning. It was difficult for him to judge the words accurately, so he had to read a certain number of manuscripts to get an accurate understanding.
Once in such a working state, Mei Qing’s mind died, and his body was hot and dry, which was not very obvious. He was still very dry from time to time, and he was so strong that he endured it. So he sat in his seat and watched it straight for an afternoon, and he managed to get it late.
"The dedication can be really rare." I heard that Mei Qing looked up and now I don’t know when Bizhen actually arrived at the door and looked at herself with a smile.
Just now, I worked hard and didn’t show goodbye to Bi Zhen’s jade face this time. Mei Qing felt that the whole body was hot and impulsive again, but it was even more intense than the next time. If he hadn’t had an experience, he would be afraid of making a fool of himself on the spot. So the Mei Qing case also stretched out his hand and firmly grasped the chopping board and restrained himself from shaking slightly.
Bizhen turned a blind eye and explained to Mei Qing in a whisper that it was already afternoon when Mei Qing came today, but it had to be all day when he came another day. If Mei Qing couldn’t eat a smooth day and invited himself to prepare meals, it was Wubing who brought a carriage today. It was still a long way from his home. It was advised that Mei Qing should prepare a horse and come. Today, there is a horse in the view, so don’t worry about it.
Always nagging for a long time always can’t stop talking. Although the image of this real person is pleasing to the eye and the sound is soft and moving, Mei Qing sees it in his eyes and hears it in his ears, but it is as easy as being subjected to the most difficult criminal law in the world. When it comes to an end, Mei Qing immediately rushes to thank him and then leaves with his hand.

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