At this moment, Kabi’s mind is full of Cherina’s appearance. He tries to disperse the transfer report in this way, which is also a temporary escape. Slowly, he recalls every conversation from the scene of meeting Cherina, and he clearly remembers that he didn’t wake up until the VIP lounge woke up before boarding the plane.

"Thank you!" Kabi barely smiled and said to the opposite.
Then Kabi put the cooled coffee into his throat and stuffed the unmoved syrup Banji into his mouth at random. When his stomach gave off some warmth, he stood up and grabbed the big black backpack around him. A few steps away from the VIP lounge happened to be at the door of the VIP lounge, and his mobile phone rang the bell.
Kabi wasn’t surprised. He took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket and didn’t even aim at the screen of the mobile phone. He knew that it was Mr. Haas calling. After sliding and unlocking, he directly said, "What? Mr. Haas! Is it handled like this? "
"Ha ~ ha ~! When did you become so direct, but I appreciate this way of dialogue, so are you ready to listen clearly? " When Mr. Haas spoke, Kabi also heard Mr. Haas lighting a cigarette in a lighter from the receiver as usual.
Kabi said "hmm" that he should ask the question directly, not to mention having a general conversation with Mr. Haas in a roundabout way, so he actually stopped to go to the boarding gate and approached a corner secluded place and said, "Has Paris made the first offer?"
It was heard from the receiver that Mr. Haas was hanging out with the smoke ring for a few seconds before he said slowly, "of course!" Haofu Club is always in such a hurry. They have already made the first offer to Granada by mail, and this offer certainly includes the price of that guy Bam. I’m afraid that old guy Coboni is already in an emergency meeting with the board of directors. Do you believe it? "
Instead of giving a positive speech, Kabi changed his tune and asked, "What about Atletico Madrid? Has Shadugir also been quoted for the first time? "
As soon as Mr. Haas heard it, he was very surprised. He repeatedly said, "As far as I know, Atletico Madrid is also discussing the possibility of selling Shadugill. After all, the price is surprisingly high, and it is said that Paris Saint-Germain is crazy. They want to buy the three favorites of the European Golden Boy Award in the next summer transfer window. It is not easy to implement this plan and it is definitely not possible to get things done with money."
As Mr. Haas said, everything is true. Kabi has never escaped. Since the team has received the first offer from Paris, he thought that he must show his attitude to Mr. Haas at the first time and then said, "Mr. Haas! I won’t consider buying me in Paris for the time being! Understand? "
I don’t think Mr. Haas was calm and said simply, "Don’t worry! Young man! Please leave all the answers in summer! Because I believe that the summer transfer window will be more exciting! " to be continued
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four Storm
At the boarding gate, there are quite a few passengers preparing to board the plane. There are still a few passengers looking at Kabi from time to time. It is easy to guess that those people are fans, but whether they are Granada fans or not, Kabi does not want to delve into it.
Before boarding the plane, the only thing Kabi wants to do is to find a quiet place to contact coach Coboni again, so that coach Coboni can know his attitude for the first time. Perhaps this can also be used as a bargaining chip for coach Coboni to negotiate with the board of directors.
After playing with coach Coboni for about half a season, Kabi knew more or less that coach Coboni didn’t want to leave the team in the next few years, even in Turin and Madrid, but at that time, coach Coboni gave up coaching in the same way to resist the pressure from the board of directors
In the case that all transfer reports have not been reduced, Granada is now facing the temptation of 120 million euros. Assuming that coach Coboni has resisted this temptation after losing sleep for several nights in a row, it is hard to think that he can resist the old men on the board of directors, and then Granada will lose two generals in a row in the summer.
With the absence, Granada will naturally choose to fill the second and third line offensive players. It is not difficult to find a real substitute for Kabi and Bam in the transfer market. There will be no more than three people. Instead, they will lure the first-line stars to vote with huge acquisition funds. How many are willing to join the middle-class team like Granada?
On the one hand, it is to temporarily keep the team’s hope for the future, and on the other hand, it is to cover up the temptation with huge sums of money. It depends on how coach Coboni can talk about the board of directors. If you think about it, you will not get ready to board the plane. It is really unlucky to say that it is rare to go back to Marseille to deal with urgent matters.
Moreover, although he listened to Mr. Haas’s suggestion that the answer should be left in the summer, he was like a man who was waiting in front of the TV to watch the finale of the play and met with a stop. At this time, an obsessive-compulsive disorder was still in his body. Fortunately, he saw that the passengers who were going to Marseille had boarded the plane for seven or seven to bring him back to his senses, otherwise he would have to die.
After the recovery, he finally remembered that there were still things to do, but it was difficult to find a place near the boarding gate. He managed to find a small one and took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to coach Coboni before boarding the plane. When the season is over, I hope we can sit down and discuss whether to stay or not.
Just when I took back my mobile phone, I heard the ringtone ringing from it. Coach Coboni replied to himself at the first time and took out his mobile phone. When I saw it, I found that it was a hemp rat, an idiot who didn’t know what to do, and then he was impatient and "scoffed" at the words.
"Don’t tell me how luxurious the private jet is. I’m boarding now. Would you please stop wasting my precious time, you idiot?" Kabi said and dumped his head.
The hemp rat naturally arranged private flights without taxiing to take off, otherwise it wouldn’t be the idiot’s turn to come over. But after hearing the impatient tone of Kabi, the hemp rat still smiled and said, "What? The closer you get to Marseilles, the more nervous you get? Ha ~! I didn’t expect you to be such a valued friend! At this time, the attitude towards friends is so bad! "
"Damn me!" Kabi scolded himself in his heart because he couldn’t figure out that he always had the leisure to listen to the idiot talking nonsense. Although he hated it, he often hung up and blamed himself for being a disappointing guy.
Kabi swallowed his breath and felt that the whole mood was much better. Then he frowned and said, "Friend! Please! Don’t let me miss my flight, okay? I didn’t hang up. I’ve been very polite to you. "
Maybe Marmot talked to Kabi while sipping champagne in the private cabin. Anyway, that guy’s attitude sounded more relaxed, like soaking in a hot spring in the depths of a snowy mountain. Then he still smiled and said, "In fact, I am very careful! Because just now I asked my private pilot to help you see the weather changes near Marseille, such as whether you can arrive at your destination on time by flight? Listen to me, there will be a storm in Marseille in a few hours. After all, it is a port city with great influence! "
Kabi snorted and said, "You are an idiot! You can’t be an airport worker. Is that an idiot? Won’t they inform us passengers when the weather changes in Marseilles? Besides, I also checked the weather there before I left. It’s not as bad as you said. I think your head is full of feces, okay? "
Hemp rat also smiled and said, "Are you French not only romantic but also always so naive?"? Do you trust a pilot’s first news or do you choose to trust the so-called airport personnel? Of course, my destination is in the opposite direction, and it won’t affect me. You still don’t believe me when I wake up so carefully? Alas! I wish you an idiot a transfer in the middle! "
Faced with fewer and fewer passengers at the boarding gate, Kabi is a little anxious. Even though he knows that the flight will notify a passenger who has not boarded the plane, he seems to be shocked by the hemp rat for a few seconds. It doesn’t make sense for him to choose a letter or not. He will never change his way back to Marseilles in an urgent situation, will he?
"Shut your crow smelly mouth! Be careful when you go back to practice, I’ll kick your football in the mouth! " Kabili said
The more I compare with Ka, the more excited I get. But Ma said, "Do you need me to arrange your stopover procedures before? Just let me know your stopover city when you need it. I promise to arrange it for you. Well, maybe you can return to Marseilles around tonight."
It sounds that the idiot of the hemp rat really cares about Kabi, but it can’t be delayed any longer. Before ending the call, he also teased the hemp rat, "No! thank you In addition, I hope that the torrential rain in Tessella Island for three consecutive days will make you an idiot hide in the hotel room. Goodbye! " to be continued
Chapter three hundred and ninety-five Suddenly turned
Cabby collapsed in the soft seat in the cabin, and the tiredness made him sleepy. It was not until he saw that the flight on the small screen in the first class had officially left Spain that he gradually shook up and then stood up again.
After crossing the border, it will be France.
Getting closer to Kabi from the fact that Cherina is about to meet is like playing in a professional arena for the first time in my life, but the pressure from the outside world and the audience is different. This time it is more like a "Dan Zhan" between him and Cherina and a "Dan Zhan" without hostility.
The comfortable soft leather seat can be lowered at will, or it can make Kabi put himself more easily. But at this time, he is lying still and has a fever. The more he rubs the palm of his head, the more sweat comes out. Uninformed outsiders will mistake him for having a phobia of flying.
The careful staff saw Kabi coming to ask if Kabi needed a soft quilt or a drink, but Kabi didn’t want to explain it when he didn’t want to, so he just made a few words to cope with the past. After the temperature dropped slightly, he exhaled the atmosphere and prepared to imagine meeting Cherina for a while.
Even though Kabi is a talented football genius, his imagination in life is pitiful. He can’t imagine how simple it is to go there after taking a taxi to Cherina to study at the university gate. He didn’t think about it directly, which is just to blame himself for ignoring this key point all the way.
It’s hard to say simply that you don’t have enough confidence, just like a shy person’s face will turn red after asking for directions on the street. Moreover, Kabi said that he could kill Real Madrid in front of thousands of fans, but he couldn’t say a confession in front of a girl in the end, which is somewhat ridiculous.
So whether to relax or really feel ridiculous, Kabi chuckled in the corner alone, which made a passenger in a suit look at him. The eyes always felt that Kabi was a neurological cause, and no one would laugh at the back of the chair in front.
Kabi didn’t pay attention to the eyes of the passengers in the suit, as if there was a passenger like him in the whole airplane cabin. He relaxed himself and continued to try to imagine the scene of meeting for a while. Except for leaving the taxi compartment for a while, he entered the campus for the first time to inquire about Cherina’s location.
Kabi didn’t choose to give it to Cherina after arriving at the school gate. He wanted to suddenly appear in front of Cherina without moving. Even though Cherina was in the classroom, he was determined to "ambush" himself outside the classroom. He said that this final effect would definitely scare Cherina to death.
Based on the feeling that Kabi and Cherina have already developed, it’s just that they owe each other a word. So Kabi is not worried that things will backfire, which is also the only part of the whole thing that he is full of confidence. Previously, he deliberately did not contact Cherina for a long time, which was the last effect. He laughed again at this.
As soon as Kabi stopped laughing, he heard the cabin broadcast. When he listened to the whole broadcast, he cursed the idiot Marmot three times at the first time, because the crew gave a message that a typhoon was gradually forming in the coastal area of Marseille, and the flight would be diverted to Montpellier.
"mom! That idiot mouth of hemp rat really hit the nail on the head! Damn the weather! " I will arrive in Marseille on time, and Kabi will be a little impatient at this moment, but it is not up to him to decide which way the flight will go, and he can’t threaten the captain to ask the crew to accompany him to feel the excitement of the plane passing through the storm circle, can he?
The news shows that there will be some drum noise in the cabin. Maybe many passengers want to arrive in Marseille on time, so it is difficult to express some dissatisfaction. So the staff quickly came out to deal with this kind of situation, not only explaining it carefully, but also asking the passengers if they need a drink, trying to appease some passengers’ emotions.
Although Montpellier also belongs to France, it is 17 kilometers away from Marseille, Kabi’s destination. Even if you go to Marseille by train for the first time, it takes nearly an hour, and you don’t want to delay it at all. Kabi is naturally impatient, and he has nothing to do except curse the hemp rats.
"The weather is really strange! Change and become friends! Are you right? " The passenger in the suit sitting next to him suddenly struck up a conversation with Kabi, which made Kabi’s reaction "hmm" casually. But then Kabi said that the tone of the passenger in the suit should not be a standard fan.
Then Kabi decided that the passengers in the suit didn’t know where they came from, so they simply took up the conversation with confidence. "I have a friend who woke up beforehand and said that the weather near Marseille is getting worse, but I just looked out of the window and found that it was very calm outside and it didn’t look like a typhoon. This is really strange!"
The passenger in the suit is not as impatient as other passengers. When Kabi is puzzled, he is even more anxious and slow. He explained, "Generally speaking, the weather news from the flight captain is the most real, and he can’t joke with so many passengers, can he?" In addition, the typhoon wind circle is moving at a very fast speed, generally moving at a height of 30,000 feet. The clouds you see now are very calm and actually normal, and the plane will definitely pass through those affected clouds when landing. Since the captain didn’t choose to ask to change to Montpellier, he said that the weather near Marseille was already very bad, otherwise the course would not be changed. "
Kabi is a layman who knows this common sense about the weather, but at least he understands the reason why the flight must change direction. After greeting the passengers in suits, he arranged his own itinerary and arrived in Montpellier. After finally deciding to take the train and continue to Marseille, he scolded "Damn weather!" to be continued
Chapter three hundred and ninety-six Vague
When the train stopped, Kabi finally came to the place where he wanted to go back most. He looked out from the platform and saw the wind and rain outside. It was just after noon, but it was even more gloomy outside. Looking at it, there was a depressing feeling, and more than a dozen train bodies were washed white by rain.
When I walked out of the car, Kabi sighed in his mouth. He intuitively didn’t say anything when he was delayed in Montpellier, and this day’s trip was also very difficult. He said that it was a rare holiday for several days. Is it a harbinger of a tragic ending for this trip?
It’s inconvenient to think too much about Kabi. He thinks it’s the first priority to get to Cherina’s university as soon as possible. Then, because he is back in his hometown, he takes out the black cap from his big backpack and hastily covers half his face. Soon, he follows the crowd to the arrival hall.
Knowing about the train lobby is that Kabi has lived in Marseille for more than ten years, but his intuition is strange. On this typhoon day, the arrival lobby is crowded with people, and I don’t know if they are going to travel or meet local people. Maybe there are people who come to the lobby to shelter from the rain. Anyway, it is much more lively than usual.
Kabi didn’t stop at the lobby. He came to the taxi as skillfully as he shuttled through his own house. Just as he approached, he heard his Marseille accent lightly scold "Mom", because there were fewer passengers waiting for the taxi, and there were 100, but fortunately, the taxi kept coming in, which barely made Kabi relax.
Even Kabi can’t predict when he will get into the taxi compartment, but it sounds like he has a familiar Marseille accent behind him. When he speaks a word, he can shake his whole body. Suddenly, he imagines all the consequences of his trip because the man behind him said, "All schools and some shops have stopped playing this damn typhoon!"
For Kabi, it was a damn typhoon, which not only changed his itinerary for a long time, but also stopped all schools, which meant that he couldn’t get into Cherina’s university, so he scolded the man behind him, "Damn typhoon!"
Then, while waiting in line to board a taxi, Kabi tried to figure out how to get into Cherina’s school. Suddenly, he found that there was a lot less taxi. After a while, it took him a few minutes to get into two or three taxis, which made him feel uncomfortable.
It was only in the past ten minutes or so that it was Kabi’s turn to board a taxi. When he was glad that he could finally leave the damn train, his mind suddenly realized that the taxi had met before. If the taxi driver hadn’t greeted him actively, I dare say that he would definitely not remember it.
"hey! Old friends! How lucky you are to meet you at the airport again, and meet you at the train again this time? It seems that this is fate! Haha ~ ~! " The taxi driver laughed, and the whole taxi seemed to vibrate with it.
Then Kabi looked up and said "Oh". As the taste of scallion chicken legs in the carriage became stronger, he made a snap of his fingers to make it clear that this taxi driver was coming back to Marseille to meet himself at the airport. The "bear man" didn’t change his thick meat, and even the taste of scallion chicken legs didn’t change. It’s hard to think how many scallion chicken legs that guy ate today.
What’s even funnier is that the co-pilot seat is where the passengers sit, but the "bear man" guy is full of food bags. Some things that look like biscuits and chips are mixed together and fall on the carpet in the co-pilot seat, making the whole carriage not like a place where people come and go, but a small warehouse where the guy hides food.

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