"I’ve heard for a long time that hidden weapons of Tangmen claims to be the first old man in the world. Let’s get a vestige!" Khalifa Luna put her hands on the armrest of the wheelchair with a sneer at her mouth.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh …" Tang Zhiqiu suddenly jumped from his horse and shot twelve short arrows faster than in an instant!
Khalifa Luna fired thirteen migratory locust stones from the two handrails of the wheelchair according to the motive, and twelve of them accurately hit the twelve short arrows of Tang Zhiqiu, shaking them off!
Tang Zhiqiu’s figure had just fallen to the ground when he suddenly heard a whine from the steed. It turned out that the 13th migratory locust stone in Khalifa Luna had shot through the horse’s head, and the steed was killed immediately!
Tang Zhiqiu’s wrist shook, and two silver lights bloomed and flew out to the wheelchair Khalifa Luna!
After this light shoots, it rapidly increases ten times, twenty times and thirty times … It is the ultimate hidden weapons of Tang Zhiqiu-the dart of mother leaving the soul!
In the face of such a powerful enemy, Tang Zhiqiu knew that his other hidden weapons must be useless. Just now, he directly went out of the mother’s soul dart!
Khalifa Luna’s face changed, and an iron gallbladder shot out of the wheelchair to meet the dart in front!
Bang! The iron dart bounced back when it hit, and the light it gave back suddenly disappeared!
However, the female dart is ten times more powerful than the dart, emitting more brilliant and dazzling light, knocking the dart out and continuing to attack Khalifa Luna!
Khalifa Luna once again shot out the second iron bravery according to the motive and hit the female dart!
The female dart slowed down slightly and then continued to fly, but the third iron gallbladder hit again!
The female dart paused a little-it was still flying forward. The fourth iron gallbladder ejected the female dart from the wheelchair and collided!
The flying potential of the female dart finally failed and it was about to fall to the ground!
But the fifth iron bravery has already flown back to Tang Zhiqiu’s chest with the "bang" of a mother’s soul dart!
Tang Zhiqiu has been exhausted since he issued the mother dart. He can’t hide from this mother dart!
However, at this moment, a gas-forming crack suddenly appeared in front of Tang Zhiqiu, which was the magic-time crack when the two-seat cardinal Antonio controlled it!
After Antonio sent Ling Feiyang to the battlefield, the rift continued to note the situation. Seeing that Tang Zhiqiu was about to die, Antonio immediately targeted and created another rift in front of Tang Zhiqiu!
Antonio deserves to be the greatest magician in Europe. He can use magic to rescue Tang Zhiqiu ten miles away! When the female dart was shot, the crack was immediately sent to another one, and the light suddenly disappeared!
However, in the house ten miles away, Antonio fell to the ground clutching his chest in pain!
Antonio didn’t expect the mother dart to carry a huge energy field!
The root of this energy field is not from Tang Zhiqiu, but from Khalifa Luna, who teaches the Buddha!
Khalifa Luna is the most powerful magician in Persia, although he doesn’t know martial arts. His energy field intensity has already surpassed Antonio’s!
After Ling Feiyang’s game, Khalifa Luna still felt that his 90% chance of winning was due to his full confidence in his own strength!
Khalifa Luna’s initiative also stems from this confidence!
He has the confidence to destroy all the remaining Song masters on the battlefield by himself!
This almost horrible energy field is Khalifa Luna’s winning chip!
The mother’s soul dart completely destroyed Antonio’s energy field. Antonio was not only seriously injured, but also became an ordinary person who could not magic like Gonzalez and other three archbishops. It happened ten miles away, but Ling Feiyang and others didn’t know it!
"Someone must help them in the dark! But this person who helped them must have become a cripple … "Khalifa Luna said to Tang Zhiqiu in her heart," Even if you were lucky enough to pick up a life, we won this move! "
Tang Zhiqiu’s heart was so tired that he dragged his tired body out of the court. Khalifa Luna spoke Persian in his mouth and then drove the wheelchair to move to the left.
After this step, Khalifa Luna has been adjacent to Bingxin, and one goal of Khalifa Luna is obviously to kill Bingxin, the "queen" of the Song Dynasty! to be continued
Chapter 471 Ling Feiyang VS Buddha
In the late battle of "Killing Chess Array", Khalifa Luna, the Persian king, personally attacked and displayed the extremely terrible energy field, which not only defeated the "mother’s soul dart" of hidden weapons, a revered Tang family, but also destroyed the energy field of Antonio, the first magician in Europe.
Khalifa Luna has approached Bingxin, but Ling Feiyang certainly can’t put Bingxin in danger and immediately shouted, "Last four into four!" "
Ling Feiyang’s move is to get Bing Xin out of Khalifa Luna’s attack range, but Bing Xin cried, "Do you not believe me so much, Feiyang?" Don’t you make me a deserter by playing chess like this? "
"Since I am the chess director, you must listen to me!" Ling Feiyang cried
Bing Xin knew that Ling Feiyang had a good heart, so he cast his flying figure and floated out into the distance!
Khalifa Lunafa attacked Bingxin and immediately drove the wheelchair to move forward, trying to attack Ouyang Ke!
"Wang Siping San!" Ling Feiyang immediately called Ouyang Ke to listen to Ling Feiyang and immediately moved to the side to hide the attack range of Khalifa Luna.
"Brother Yi asked me to meet this Buddha!" In this chess game, Yang Miaozhen, the "right horse" of Song Kingdom, has never had a chance to play chess. At this moment, he saw Khalifa Luna gradually approaching himself and immediately shouted to Ling Feiyang.
"Listen to my command and don’t act without authorization!" Ling Feiyang to Yang Miaozhen call way
Khalifa Luna rushed to the front line in order to crush the remaining masters of the Song State one by one. However, Ling Feiyang had guessed that he intended to let Bing Xin, Ouyang Ke and Yang Miaozhen avoid their sharp edges.
Because Khalifa Luna is a "king", she has to turn her wheelchair around and call out to Ling Feiyang, "Are you Song people all cowards?" Always hiding from this game of chess? "
"Avoidance is not also a tactic of" Chastelain "? I let them hide from you because your opponent is me! " Ling Feiyang said bluntly

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