Suddenly a broadcast-like word came to my ear, welcoming you to the lost world, which belongs to.

Atlantis, Maya
I can’t help wondering, aren’t these two nations feuding? How did they get together? I’m thinking hard, but it’s wonderful, full of temptation, and I’m looking forward to the beautiful sound, but the rhyme and artistic conception of Shao has been lost for a long time, and my heart can’t help but become uneasy and look forward to it …
Chapter DiErSiSan Trial Tower
Walking slowly along the beat of the music, feeling the cry of ancient but unfamiliar life, wandering in the beautiful song, pursuing the long memory, PaoShu starts …
This is a strange city, hidden in the green world, where many earth genocides have found their home. Samsung Chiyou, deep forest, dwarf crypt, stone forest, giant mountain snowman …
One by one, the human race has disappeared in history, but it appears here. In the hymn of life, it once violently murdered them, and they became quiet. In the strange world, they gained eternal life.
In the distance, a city built with different ideas is slowly walking, feeling different customs. It turns out that this place is actually a museum of genocide of the earth, just like the never-ending "Strange Sound" thousands of years ago, and it seems that all life has the common feature of spiral chromosomes. All life on the earth plays a symphony of destiny together. Humans took over the baton from nature millions of years ago, but found that their command skills were so poor …
Life passes quietly like running water, but the soul is anxiously waiting for the final judgment. This is the original judgment city in the sea …
Breathing silently and feeling …
Every life form is so magical and exquisite; So fragile in the face of norms, but so tenacious.
People have the wisdom to change everything according to their own wishes, but they have not found that they have been lost in the process of change.
Look at these once tried to change all life by one’s own efforts, race, energy and soul forms appear in this trial city, and suddenly understand that human life is a part of nature, and choosing the road of destruction will inevitably destroy itself. Only by tempering the soul from past memories …
I smiled and watched the eternal souls of all races passing by along the ancient stone road engraved with mysterious carvings come to a huge stone tower, which is the highest place in the judgment city-the judgment tower looks up at the top of the tower, and there may be something I need.
In this way, I stepped step by step and came to a tower step with the mysterious melody beat. A huge hammer was unceremoniously waved at my head, and I took a big leap in a hurry to hammer down on a stone slab with a thickness of three meters and issued "Mao!" A loud noise turned out to be a splash of gravel, and the slate was full of flames, and there was a slight crack. PaoShu started.
Keep your eyes open and see which sneak attacker this is. When you see a ten-meter-high head with double horns.
The orcs are staring at me with red eyes.
Not from zheng secretly darling this is not Popeye Niu Mowang? No, he’s supposed to be the oldest tauren in the maze of Misha Island.
Without waiting for me to think about it, it was hit by a hammer again. Looking at such a strong hammer wind with a "whoosh", I didn’t even want to be busy. I jumped sideways for a long time and both fell, which aroused the fighting will of the tauren. It roared a big lift and could be used as a truck tire. Big feet slammed into the ground and suddenly the ground shook and dizzy. leg cramps
I smiled bitterly at this foot, but the standard cosmic wave tauren rushed to me with a tearing roar and a strange cry, and it was just unbearable to my head. A sledgehammer hit me, and I couldn’t help but be stunned because it was "Mao!" A loud noise, but I didn’t hear it, would make a "poof"-he looked at me doubtfully and disappeared, looking around for my body
A moment later, I smiled at him at the platform above his head and waved to him.
"Big guy, I’m here. I’ll see you later."
The tauren looked up and saw me, and seemed to understand me. I laughed and roared, and half crouched down. I was so frightened that I forgot its legs and feet, but it was very energetic. Maybe I jumped off this 20-meter-high platform in one step without saying anything and ran away. As I expected, he landed behind me. "Boom!" A loud noise followed by a hurried chase …
Hiding in a hidden corner, I couldn’t help but wipe my sweat and listen to the footsteps of the tauren when I was far away. I secretly wondered if it was time to try my second set of forms-mecha transformation, otherwise this big guy could really get rid of it. I was thinking of suddenly seeing a huge shadow coming out of my head and the tauren again. I wry smile way
"Big guy, you have worked hard."
He didn’t have the heart to talk to me, so he hit me with a hammer. I’m waiting for something. Keep running. I can’t believe hide-and-seek can’t hide from you
The tauren is chasing after me. I’m using the illusion. I just stopped to catch my breath, but in less than half a minute, he can find himself wondering when this tauren’s nose will become more clever than a dog. He definitely intends not to let me climb this tower. We must find a way. What on earth did he find my hiding place?
I was thinking that the tauren had found me again, and naturally it was an unkind sledgehammer. This time, I ran away and left my mind to find that he didn’t come to me at the moment when I cast the illusion, but looked up at a corner high in the tower. My heart was white. From that position, I could see at a glance that my heart was proud and smiled a few times! I’ll catch you, a guy hiding in the shadows, and take out a "confused" secret passage from the parcel-I can’t tell if it’s not a cover if I run fast.
Suddenly I laughed, and suddenly I felt that my personality had suddenly returned to that distant past. At that time, I didn’t care too much and didn’t expect too much. I was preoccupied with going to the interstellar adventure road. Maybe I have been delayed in this place for a long time, maybe I will delay it, but I know that this is by no means my final dream.
I can’t help but think that the fierce tauren found me again in that "expert advice". Obviously, the patience and good temper of a stranger like me have been greatly challenged. Seeing that he is full of majestic power, he knows that if he doesn’t run, a field will become a meat pie.
But this time, before I ran, I gave him a good gift from Japan, a gift package with unified skills and exquisite standards. I don’t know, "bang", a smoke fan surrounded the surrounding scenery and fell into a confusion …
I smiled at the high place, and the slender figure should be a girl of fifteen or sixteen years old with three black braids behind her, just like the three most beautiful rivers. The girl’s growing mind embraced the past and the present yesterday and looked forward to her wearing a green dress with a light seven-color pattern, as if flowers were blooming in the green world, expressing poetic feelings and jumping and laughing …
In a flash, I slowly almost got drunk, as if I saw her, as if she were a beautiful girl when she was a girl. She was still looking for my figure, and I slowly walked forward and trembled.
"And you are?"
She Zheng turned her head with a strange youth, a strange amorous feelings and a strange beauty, and those hearts smiled
Looking at such a strange and beautiful smile, my heart was secretly disappointed, and my face became dim, which instantly made me inexplicably worried and worried, and I was strangely puzzled.
She spoke to me with strange language and her unique mellow sweet voice, and I wry smile way
"I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying?"
She couldn’t help thinking for a moment and then suddenly asked Tai Lung fluently.
"Who are you? What are you doing in our lost city? And what are you doing in my house? I didn’t invite you "
I’m not a foolish doubt way
"This is your home? Your home is this strange tower? "
She laughed
"Yes, this is my home. Can I ask you something? Why don’t you answer me? "
I wry smile way
"Excuse me, I’m sorry. I’m leaving now. I’m in the wrong place."
He says, he turned and prepared to leave suddenly she angry way
"You can come and go if you want, but it’s not so easy. You can stay for me today."
I was puzzled and turned to see this strange girl who was not yet childlike eating people and looked at me as if I had just broken her favorite baby Barbie doll.
I couldn’t help laughing light way
"I have business to do, so I won’t care about it with you. And is that tauren your partner?"

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