"Come on! It was bitten by a spell and took this opportunity to kill him! " Chen Kai got excited from the ground. He knew that the caster had a certain time to move after the spell itself, because the power of the spell itself not only consumed their vitality, but also stirred their magic.

Van Kerry naturally knows the situation of gold Goblin at the moment, and he is also unambiguous. For the first time, he raised his tomahawk close to Goblin’s body and slammed it into the other’s body. The sharpness of the tomahawk in his hand is definitely not comparable to that of Sabas Kilo hatchet, but he rarely used to have a tomahawk that didn’t adapt to it. But if he couldn’t split it with different monsters, then the head of the red tarantula would be improper, or it would be a shame to go back to his hometown to farm.
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Chapter 35 Gold Goblin (End) (Recommended)
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The blood-red tomahawk crossed a heavy arc in the middle and split like a flash in the neck of the gold goblin. Van Clee wanted to kill this goblin once and for all, but the defense of this goblin was too strong. The sharp tomahawk didn’t completely cut off the other side’s neck, but cut the spine and got stuck there.
The severe pain made Goblin make a terrible roar, and at the same time, the staff in its hand was swung directly towards Van Cleef’s body and smashed in the past. This golden Goblin not only possessed the attainments of order magic and biological magic, but also possessed the strength of order biology. The staff made of bones was waved and whistled by the golden Goblin, and those who hit behind Van Cleef with a stunned expression were thrown out by this heavy blow.
Not far behind Van Cleef, Chen Kaike clearly heard the fracture sound of the other person’s body and bones, and saw the blood spit out from Van Cleef’s mouth and mixed with dirt. Van Cleef’s long life was also lost in this blow, and his life value was still dropping at a rate of one percent per second. How can Chen Kai sit on the ground and rest directly from the ground and run away despite the danger of being attacked by Goblin fireballs?
At the same time, he directly took out his backpack and put it in a box and stuffed it into Van Cleef’s mouth. Chen Kai knew that this kind of injury was definitely not cured by therapy. Such a terrible injury would definitely kill the aborigines once it was treated from time to time. But Chen Kai’s magic is not to mention releasing the therapy now. He can’t even release a flame. He can temporarily control Van Cleef’s injury with the fruit of the purple emperor and then slowly help him recuperate with the holy water of life.
But for the time being, Van Cleef has lost his fighting ability. Maybe in a few days, he can lie on a stretcher like the hapless thief Kashgar. Of course, the goblin himself is not much better than Van Cleef. The tomahawk is embedded behind its neck all the time, causing it to growl and shoot fireballs around at random. At this moment, the golden goblin seems to be an injured lone wolf, and it becomes its enemy when it approaches the object. Even if it holds its hand, it is a fireball.
When Llewellyn was carrying Van Cleef for his life, he saw his side rushing towards them with a bone tomahawk growling. The Goblin elite was hit by a fireball by his leader, but it fell to the ground for a long time and could not move. As a result, it was naturally cleaned up by other soldiers in Van Cleef’s team.
However, they pay more attention to saving their lives than picking up those remnants of Goblin Llewellyn, even if they are carrying shields. Sabas Kilo is holding his head and running away. Because the other party’s attack is too hard, there is almost no stop. Releasing Llewellyn feels as if he is in the rain of bullets. The fireballs that fly out one by one are shells that keep falling around behind him and smashing out pits and mud.
"Depend! Don’t you want money for this guy’s magic or is his magic exhausted! " Will carry van kerry has been running for nearly 50 meters away from the gold goblin. In this range, except for those goblins’ bodies, there are only gold goblins’ loyal hands, but these hands are also shaking on their heads at the moment for fear that they will be hit by a sudden fireball, but all goblins have not escaped or are afraid of the power of gold goblins. They dare not escape.
"Sabas Kilo, are you okay?" After running to the safety zone, Chen Kai carried the injury under control. Van Kerry went to Kilo, Sabas and asked about the fireball burning. He looked better than expected. Although his hair was burnt out and his skin was red, his life value did not fluctuate much. This shows the strength of the shield guardian. Of course, Chen Kai did not know why Sabas Kilo’s physical resistance would be so strong. He guessed that it might be that the high attribute would increase his resistance to abnormal energy.
"Well! Is the hair burned? What about the head? " Sabas Kilo wiped his head with a lot of ash. As his hand was erased, his forehead was exposed. Then he looked at it and sighed. He had a beautiful long blond hair and now it has turned to black ash.
"It has been treated simply, but the situation can be said to be barely controlled. It needs further treatment and rest, but it will definitely lose its combat effectiveness in a short time because he has three broken ribs!" Chen Kai slowly laid Van Cleef flat on the ground. Compared with Sabas Kilo, Van Cleef was as miserable as it was. There was a significant depression in his chest, which was the location of broken ribs.
"mom! This damn bastard! " Hearing Chen Kai’s words, Sabas Kilo couldn’t help hammering the ground with his fist, and at the same time, he looked at the other end with hatred. Goblin stopped breathing. Chen Kai looked at Goblin’s state through his vision. Although he couldn’t see the magic of gold Goblin, he found that his health had fallen to less than 250,000 through health observation. It can be said that because of Van Kerry’s crucial attack, Goblin lost nearly 50,000 health and suffered heavy losses.
If Van Cleef’s axe had been cut deeper or simply pulled out, the damage would have been even higher, but Van Cleef had been hit hard. It was very good that Van Cleef could have saved his life in the face of Goblin’s blow.
"You have to pull out the axe, so that you can do more damage to that Goblin! Sabas Kilo helped me attract that guy’s attention! " Chen Kai checked his own fighting spirit value. Now, although he has not recovered completely after a period of time, there are already 23 fighting spirit values, which is enough for him to perform two magic body steps. Chen Kai wants to rely on the magic body steps to directly rush behind Goblin and pull out the axe, so that Goblin is bound to be hurt again, and maybe he can completely put the other party on the whole party.
"Can you do it?" Sabas Kilo looked suspiciously at Ll, but thought that the other party almost killed the elite eldest brother Brin’s secret skill. Sabas Kilo felt that Ll must have relied on this method and responded to Ll with direct action without saying much.
Sabas Kilo once again grasped the shield that had not been completely cooled and still exuded high temperature, growling and rushing toward the gold Goblin. A layer of khaki quarrelling slowly condensed on the shield to form a quarrelling siege hammer again. This time, the shield rushing was almost Sabas Kilo’s bite of a tooth. Those scalding water broke the friction part of the armor in violent movement. This kind of intense pain made people feel like needles, but for the defenders who are as strong as a rock, they can bear the pain. Therefore, Sabas Kilo’s footsteps did not stop for a moment, and gold Goblin killed the past.
But beside him, a faster figure jumped directly, and the speed was definitely faster than Pisa Vaskillo. I don’t know how much because his sight also saw a figure flash by, and when the figure disappeared, the other party had rushed behind Goblin, waiting for him to cast a quarrelling siege hammer to create opportunities.
"kill!" Seeing the terrible speed of Llewellyn, Sabas Kilo thought that the chances of success in this operation would be very high. Without thinking about it, the shield quarreled with the khaki-colored quarrelling siege hammer, which spread in an instant and slammed like a beast. In the gasp, gold Goblin hit the other side’s body and couldn’t hold back to attack Llewellyn. At this time, Llewellyn directly grabbed the tomahawk handle, then raised his foot and kicked it hard to Goblinley. The reaction force pulled the tomahawk out of Goblin’s neck bone.
"poof!" As ll bite a tooth, this axe from the devil is pulled out of Goblin’s neck, and at the same time, it brings up a large area of green with a little silver light, and the blood rushes out as if it were free from Goblin’s body to form a green fountain.
Looking at the fountain that keeps shooting up, Chen Kai just landed, but he didn’t stop himself. He clearly saw that Goblin’s health remained. Although a large amount of blood loss caused some damage, compared with its remaining health, this damage did not hurt its vitality. Chen Kai bit his teeth and stopped his body. He grabbed the tomahawk that was about to fly backwards, and the axe handle was rotated and the axe blade was chopped on Goblin’s neck.
Chen Kai’s attack is very dangerous, because he almost chopped out the tomahawk with a Goblin fireball. As a result, when his tomahawk hit Goblin’s neck, the fireball of the other side also stung him hard. Chen Kai’s nearly 100 points of residual life fell by nearly 70% in an instant, leaving less than 300 points. However, compared with Goblin’s injury, Chen Kai is simply less rainy in Mao Mao, and gold Goblin is still alive and half dead.
Chen Kai’s tomahawk attack didn’t hit Goblin’s injured position, but he hit the place where there was no bone in front and the throat was sharp. Although the barrier of metallized skin in Goblin was weakened a lot, it was still severely cut into the other side’s neck. The two injuries in tandem were almost equal to cutting Goblin’s head. Now the whole Goblin is only left with the spine to support his head, and a lot of green and silver blood was ejected from the wound.
"honk! ! ~ ~ People die ~ ~ "It is difficult to spit out these words from the mouth of Golden Goblin. It held high its staff and tried to smash it toward ll, but it couldn’t be smashed. Because behind it, Sabas Kilo’s shield slammed into its body and knocked it out with a heavy blow. Then other soldiers rushed to the ground, waving weapons and chopping it hard. In less than a minute, this golden Goblin was completely chopped into paste. The only thing that can prove that it had ever been in something with that white bone.
"Finally D is dead!" Chen Kai looked at the pile of rotten meat on his stomach and gasped heavily. It was not until this moment that he felt the terrible pain in his body. A large number of fire elements were eroding his body as if he were going to kill him completely. Chen Kai had to drink a bottle of precious life holy water to save his life. Chen Kai felt that it was not enough to move that kind of thing. Although the price of the two was similar, the former could be bought in the market and the latter was almost impossible to buy except for picking it himself.
A few hours later, the broken Goblin territory was turned upside down by Chen Kai and his men. In this camp like a garbage dump, Chen Kai and his men searched for a lot of things, besides a lot of minerals, there were a lot of herbs, but they really got very few things, especially metal things, almost without Chen Kai. They searched the whole camp and found two broken pots, but it is estimated that no one would cook anything in these two pots because when Chen Kai and his men found it, a Goblin corpse was being cooked inside.
"This Goblin territory is really poor!" Chen Kai was lying with his eyes open because he kept stuffing various minerals into his backpack in front of him. So did Sabas Kilo and Hasakes. In fact, all the red tarantulas in Kashgar and Van Clee were doing the same thing, pulling the battle profits into their arms.
"If you are poor, please save some for us ~ Knight Kaichen, your equipment is much more valuable than these minerals. Why do you still grab things with us miserable adventurers!" Sabas Kilo said half jokingly that his tone of voice was very serious as if he were seriously criticizing Ll, but it was very funny to cooperate with his bare forehead and cheeks.
"Words can’t say that. Do you know the value of these minerals in Zerah fortress now? Enough to change three equipment like me. "Ll is not afraid to tell the truth about the price of ore in the fortress now. He also knows that he must not be greedy for ore, which will cause others to resent it. Although there are still many protections for players in the game, in case Ll does too much to make Van Kerry’s goodwill decrease too much, even if Ll is important to them, he will be killed and stripped of his body.
"Is there so much ore in the fortress now?" Sabas Kilo is a little incredulous. Although he heard Chen Kai say that the fortress has just been rescued from the siege, it is reasonable that this material should not be so scarce for ore. After all, as far as they know, there are several mines around Zela fortress with rich ore.
"Because those mines were temporarily destroyed, it takes less than half a month to resume production. Now, in the face of demon danger, the army in the fortress can’t wait to divide an iron ingot into two parts, and the demand for ore, especially precious ore, naturally becomes greater!" Chen Kai naturally knew that there were special mines in the fortress and there were thousands of miners in the past, but these miners were either recruited as soldiers when the devil attacked or killed when the devil captured the mine. Now, in addition to being destroyed by the devil, the mine is difficult to repair temporarily, and more dead creatures are entrenched, which hinders the production recovery.
It is a difficult task to recover the mining area for the fortress that can be cleaned up in the wild by players’ strength now, because there are too many dead creatures in the mining area, so it is faster to recover them because there are too many people to deliver vegetables, and the most important thing is that the mining equipment in the mining area has been completely destroyed, even if it is not half a month after the capture, the fortress can slowly invade the mining area, and at the same time, the lower the level of dead creatures in the mining area, the lower the recovery rate. What’s the lack of shortage? Those mines occupied by seven dead creatures produce high-grade ores, which are very important for the fortress to buy at high prices.
The high-level and middle-level people in the fortress hope that the high-priced acquisition can make some players risk their lives to go to those mining areas for private mining and then sell the collected ore to the fortress. Although the amount of ore is small, it is better than nothing. At the same time, the players also get some benefits because of this. Players don’t rush to train, but risk their lives to rush into those high-level mining areas every day. Once they dig a lot of high-level ore, they can make up for the losses caused by hanging it once.
"It’s a pity that these swamp monsters don’t have good weapons or my hatchet can be replaced!" When Sabas Kilo heard Chen Kai’s words, he tightened his pockets. They lost all the equipment. Don’t look at the bags of hides. Don’t find the ore piled up. There is a hill that really got a share. Everyone got a small bag of hides.
"Be content! It is estimated that it is good that these swamp monsters can receive these things in this swamp! " Leo shook the hide bag in his hand. The most important thing for him is not the minerals but the herbs. After all, minerals can’t save lives, but herbs can.
"Let’s go! Let’s go back to our camp early. It is estimated that a new swamp monster will come here soon! " Chen Kai took a look at the surrounding environment. Although Goblin camp is very messy, it is a good hiding place after all. Unfortunately, this place is too conspicuous and eye-catching for Chen Kai and others. Chen Kai estimates that if they stay here for one more day, they will be surrounded by many swamp monsters, that is, Goblin.
Listen to Chen Kai’s words, everyone nodded and strode away from this broken camp with their own harvest. Although Chen Kai once wanted to set fire to this place, he later thought that if the fire was too obvious, it might attract more monsters, so he gave up this idea and left a complete camp for those creatures in the swamp. A few hours after Chen Kai left, a group of goblin communities found this place and occupied it directly.
After returning to Van Cleef’s shabby camp, everyone was tired and fell on the ground, and then gulped down the freshly cooked broth. The original pot of potato soup had been completely overturned, so a soldier stayed in the camp and cooked another pot. When Chen Kai and his men ran to search for the Goblin camp, Van Cleef gradually woke up from the coma, but he was bandaged to make him move on a stretcher like Kashgar.
"KaiChen knight? Where do you think we should go after? " Leaning on the stretcher, Van Clee was extremely weak. His mouth kept coughing and a little red blood was coughed up, but these were pulmonary congestion. His body cooperated with Chen Kai’s treatment and it was estimated that when he would get better.
"Should be to the south! I don’t know, this swamp is probably a demon territory, at least in some parts of the north! In fact, some of my companions are trying to search the location of the demon gate to find out the number of demon legions, but this is very difficult! " Chen Kai bent his head and chopped firewood, and then his eyes looked out at a northern region where a small piece of black clouds was looming in the sunset in the northern sky.
"Are you? Demon Gate is really a terrible news! " As soon as Van Clee listened to Chen Kai’s words, he fell silent. He knew that there must be a source for the overall invasion of the demon, but his best guess was that it was a crack, and he would never believe that there was a demon door, because the former was torn by accident and it would be repaired naturally when it needed a little bit, but the latter was different. The demon door could keep pouring out and the demon army needed it to be open, so the northern part of the Hanseatic Empire would probably no longer belong to human beings.
Chapter 359 From crocodile sneak attack (recommended)
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When Chen Kai and Fan Keli were resting in a dilapidated camp, a group of people located on the surface of the dead tree that had been completely burned to ashes in the northern swamp were trying to dig up the soil, because when Yun logged in again, they found a serious problem, and they were buried and almost buried by themselves.
The hole they dug in the original cloud is about two meters deep. After deducting that the tent occupies more than one meter, there is still one meter high, which is located at the root of the tree. Two wooden boards are blocked to prevent the soil from pressing on the tent. However, because the surrounding soil is too soft, although the scroll of soil elements is reinforced before the cloud line, the wooden board square mud wall where the tent is located is still soft. As a result, a lot of soil has completely buried the square tree hole when the cloud line is over.
This is mainly due to the fact that there was a heavy rain in their line. Although the wooden boards blocked some of the rain, in the end, the charred black dead wood did not completely block the rain, and the roots and mud were washed directly and pressed against the wooden boards.
As a result, when they saw water curtain cave and Mud Pond on several lines, a large amount of mud almost flooded the tent along the rain, but the heavy rain outside was still there. If it wasn’t for Dark Bi and Yun, who couldn’t sleep at night and came to check the situation, it is estimated that it should have been randomly sent to other places when everyone was on the line.
"bah! This mud smells really bad! " Clouds keep spitting mud in their mouths. As a result of the continuous rain outside, a large amount of mud flows into the soil hole, and they are desperately digging out clouds and dark knives. Naturally, it is unlucky to drink rain mixed with mud.

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