Now that Lu Bu has gone to Hanzhong, I don’t know when he will return to Chang ‘an. Cao Cao also wants to deal with Lingyun when he can.

I don’t want to destroy Lingyun in World War I, but it’s also good to win Jizhou and Qingzhou this time and gradually weaken Lingyun’s strength.
Especially a few days ago, he was funded by the Outer Warrior Consortium.
That is, the support of Ou Haili made Cao Cao’s funds strong
If you have enough money, you will naturally have the confidence to launch a war.
Lingyun also personally entered Jizhou with a million-strong army.
GongSunYing and Ma San both followed in the army, but Ma San is now a commander-in-chief of Lingyun account, an unknown little general with 10 thousand soldiers.
Lingyun did not expose Ma San, nor did he say a word to Ma San all the way from western Liaoning to Jizhou.
Lingyun believes that there will be many people hiding in the dark all the way to observe.
If Ma San is around him, he will definitely be found.
Even if you pretend to be a horse, your figure is very noticeable. Maybe you can judge the identity of the horse from the clues.
Former GongSunYing was Lingyun’s trump card, and now Dian Wei is also a six-star master. GongSunYing has reduced a lot, and now hiding Ma San is Lingyun’s other trump card.
After arriving in Jizhou, Lingyun still chose defense and did not take the initiative to attack.
His troops are less than Cao Cao’s, and if he consumes less troops than Cao Cao, he will not be able to bear it.
Why rush out and guard the wall when there is a wall to support it? Casualties will be smaller than leaving the city. Why leave the city?
Unless Lingyun thinks he can beat Cao Cao.
But now, although Ma San has joined, Lingyun’s overall strength is still not as good as Cao Cao’s.
Still lack the counselor this point.
But this visit to Jizhou is not without surprises.
I didn’t expect Xu Fu to stay in Jizhou for more than a year and break through to a five-star counselor.
For becoming a monk halfway, Fulai Xu said it was already very Uber.
If Chui Fu had taken the road of counsellor in earlier years, he would be a top counsellor now and a five-star high order at least.
But although Chui Fu has broken through to five-star counselors, the number of counselors here in Lingyun is still far less than that of Cao Cao.
There are only three five-star counselors in Lingyun Bai Sheng Chui Fu, and there are also two four-star counselors, one star, two stars and three stars, which can be ignored.
No matter what level, the number of counselors Lingyun here is far less than that of Cao Cao.
There are at least five four-star counselors in Cao Cao’s side, and there are a lot of them.
Chapter 547 Be compelled
Wei Jun!
Cao Cao’s army is already outside the city, and it is very difficult for Cao Cao to fight Wei Jun only by relying on his present strength.
Wei county has 1.5 million troops guarding the city, and behind it, there are also 1 million soldiers in Xindu.
If Cao Cao ordered the storming of soldiers’ lives in exchange for Wei County, there was still great hope to break through the gates of Wei County after the storming for half a month.
But in this way, both sides suffered heavy losses. Even if Cao Cao hit Wei Jun, it may not be a win.
Cao Cao arrived in Wei County and was not in a hurry to attack the city.
What Lingyun wants to see most is that Cao Cao is surrounded by nothing, and he has enough food and grass to worry about.
Wei Jun’s hay alone is enough for Lingyun Army to persist for half a year.
If we transfer grain and grass from other places for a year or two, there will be no problem.
Last year, a large part of the grain and grass on the market went into Lingyuncai warehouse. Lingyun believed that Cao Cao would never have more grain and grass than he did.
Cao Cao’s soldiers have more hay than him, but less than him. Obviously, they are not as good as Lingyun when they insist. The longer they delay, the better for Lingyun.
Cao Cao’s army fought Lingyun in Wei Jun City three days before, and also sent people to fight.
But three days later, Cao Cao asked the army to surround all the walls of Wei County.
Two million troops surrounded Wei County.
Lingyun in the city doesn’t care. He also wishes that Cao Cao would wave here.
Cao Cao also besieged the city and did not let the attack, but let that Dian Wei fight in the city
Gong Sunying went to war in front of the city gate, and after the white round, Cao Cao sounded the golden bell.
When Dian Wei didn’t break through to six stars, GongSunYing could defeat Dian Wei with twenty or thirty strokes.
But now Dian Wei is already a six-star strength. Although GongSunYing still dominates in the process of fighting, it is impossible to defeat Dian Wei without a hundred rounds.
After a hundred rounds, Gong Sunying’s advantage expanded. Wow, anger gave Dian Wei a backhand opportunity, but Cao Cao sounded the golden bell and called Dian Wei back.
If there are more than a dozen tricks, GongSunYing can almost hurt Dian Wei.
It is almost possible to kill Dian Wei in such a battle.
Except for * * Wei Fang’s fatal mistakes, it took several wars to break through to Six Stars, and the possibility of making mistakes in the course of fighting was negligible.
It is possible to kill each other when five stars are against five stars, but it is impossible to kill each other alone when the strength is similar after reaching six stars
Even if it were Lu Bu, he could easily defeat Dian Wei, but it would be more difficult to kill Dian Wei than at the time of five stars.
Lingyun quit the game at night, and dozens of text messages were sent by Bing Xinyu.
It turned out that after Cao Cao besieged the city today, he suddenly asked Xu Chu to attack Zhao with a team.
In the raid on Zhao, Xu Chu soon breached it.
Lingyun didn’t know the news when Wei Jun was besieged.
Lingyun didn’t even know that Cao Cao had sent someone else to attack Zhao if it wasn’t for the text message sent by Bing Xinyu.

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