Xinger elder sister has lost her claim, listened to Tang Qing, took Shimen as the target, and tried to mobilize the spiritual force with a wave of her hand. Although it was obviously a little difficult, a fireball flew out and landed on the door and disappeared.

"Not bad." Seeing that she didn’t lose the ability to rely on, Sister Xinger reassured, but Tang Qing narrowed her eyes. Godsworn’s fireball technique is not an ordinary fire, it is a fairy fire in the eyes of mortals, which can melt steel, and hitting ordinary rocks should not have this effect, leaving no trace at all.
"Fairy method seems unreliable!" Tang Qing thought, also don’t take Xinger wench as hope. Put your hand on the door and tried to push it twice, but nothing happened.
"You step back and open the shield to give me a cover." Losing the patience to linger, Tang Qing decided to solve the problem with the violence he was used to.
Sister Xinger knew what he was going to do as soon as she heard it, and quickly backed away, feeling nervous, worried and contemptuous: "This guy can only use outrageous methods."
Look around again and make sure there is nothing special. If there is anything, you can’t see it yourself, and it’s no use trying. After Tang Qing withdrew two steps, he moved his legs and feet twice. Instead of hesitating fiercely, he flew up and kicked directly on the stone gate.
There was a loud noise, and the stone gate was wide open. Tang Qing was dumbfounded: "Qin Feng! Lao Li! Ding! Piggy! ! ! ! !” ……
Sister Xinger felt that she had a dream, a dream that was so real, so charming, so fragrant and so scary. I returned to my carefree childhood, laughing and playing with my companions every day, loving my parents and spoiling my relatives. Slowly I grew up and became a slim girl. She also began to practice magic with her master. With excellent qualifications, she practiced quickly. The master was very kind to her and proud of her family. Everything was so beautiful. At this time, a young man appeared, like Tang Qing, with that kind of careless expression, but he would like to stay with him inexplicably, and he felt quite at ease when he said some strange and unheard-of words. The strangest thing is that the people around you don’t interfere, letting them stay together all day. In a blink of an eye, it has become a big yard. The flowers are everywhere in the yard, and the breeze is blowing gently. In the middle of the yard, there is a big bed of several meters! Tang Qing is holding her towards the bed, still with that kind of expression that makes people hate. I feel hot, ashamed and annoyed, but I have some expectations. I want to leave but I can’t move. In this way, Tang Qing put her on the bed, gradually undressed herself, and then began to undress while laughing, so a strong male body stood in front of her.
Then, Tang Qing just lay down and smiled. "pa!" Gave Xinger elder sister a slap in the face!

Chapter 10: Really lost your virginity
Tang Qing once received a special training for the purpose of anti-interrogation. First of all, arresting the trainees without knowing them at all is like leaking secrets and infernal affairs. And then a real trial, severely tortured for a few days, of course, will not let it really hurt to the point of irrecoverable. If the trainee confesses, the training is over, but of course this person’s rating will not be good. If you can still insist, throw him into an environment like a brig and starve for a few days. When the trainee is extremely weak and in a trance, he is hypnotized by a psychologist to form hallucinations. Finally, his anti-interrogation ability is evaluated according to his performance.
Generally, there are several levels, one is to ask what to answer and confess directly in a daze; Second, in hallucinations, you can also keep your inner secrets unyielding; The third is to be able to take the initiative to get out of the illusion; The fourth grade is the highest evaluation. In hallucination, you keep your sanity, cheat and provide false confession information. Tang Qing got the highest evaluation: level 4!
A simple detail made Tang Qing wake up quickly, and the players he always missed were dressed in jungle uniforms! The construction of this dreamland is actually clever enough, and it is also true and abnormal. Even when Tang Qing blew up the players who came up to hug with tears, he could make a scream, but the dreamland also disappeared with the wind as the figure dissipated.
"Spicy next door!" Bowing his head and wiping his eyes, Tang Qing murmured: "Tang Ye is very angry, and the consequences are … very serious!" " ……
"Why did you hit me!" Sister Xinger stared at Tang Qing tearfully, like an angry heifer.
"Otherwise you won’t wake up!" Tang Qing also regretted it a little, and gently touched my girl’s face. It’s a little heavy It’s just that Tang Ye’s mental state was extremely unstable at that time, and he couldn’t wake up when he grabbed my little girl and shook her left and right. When he was in a hurry, he was still the most primitive way to solve the problem.
"Look where this is!" Trying to divert Xinger’s attention, Tang Qing stuck his fingers and said in an ostentatious manner, "What a smooth face! It’ s worthy of being a person who cultivates immortality! "
Grievance matchless Xinger elder sister this just to check the situation around. The surrounding environment has changed greatly, and the so-called stone house has disappeared, replaced by an upward step. At the end, there are two blue doors, on which there is a glorious flow, but some are dim. In front of the door, a simple three-legged incense burner with a height of one meter stood there quietly, and there were three incense sticks in it.
"Where is this? Why is there another door? What is this incense burner for? " Many sudden changes have made Xinger elder sister puzzled. Although I already know that I am out of the dreamland, I can’t help but think about the situation in the dreamland. In a fog, I completely lost my thinking ability and only grabbed Tang Qing for questioning.
"If there is no mistake, it should be the ghost made by this broken stove!" Tang Qing sighed and explained that his eyes were empty, and the only problem was this incense burner. Originally, I was prepared to make a determined effort and lost my goal. I can’t dispute with a dead object. "You are a monk, check and see what magic weapon this is. This thing should be quite powerful, I think."
"I don’t want to see it. God’s knowledge can hardly be separated from the body. I won’t go there. I want to see you hold it for me!" Sister Xinger became a frightened bird.
Can’t explain anything to Xinger, intuition told him that the danger here should have been lifted. Dreamland is the key to this kind of thing, but it can’t be done again, not to mention the first time, Tang Ye didn’t really get caught. Tang Qing strode forward to pick up the stove and threw it directly in front of Xinger’s elder sister without being a baby.
For him, being stabbed in the softest part of his heart is really angry, but the culprit may be a stove that has no place to vent its anger. Tang Qing didn’t dare to touch that door. Tang Qing, who looks like a rash fellow, actually made a decision before moving, but he was too arrogant to move.
Don’t care about Tang Qing’s bad attitude towards what may be a treasure. Sister Xinger bowed her head and began to study. There are only a few conventional means. Well-informed people can certainly make judgments at a glance according to shapes, patterns, materials and so on. Xinger obviously can’t, so he can only try to probe into the interior and look at the structure with divine knowledge. Fortunately, the distance is close, and the gods can still be used. After a round of hard thinking, I didn’t come to any conclusion.
Of course, Tang Qing was even more useless. Seeing that there was no result, he asked: "Is there anything in it?" Like a panacea or something? Eat one that increases your skill for 60 years! "
"This is not a medicine stove, and the basic structure is different!" Xinger rolled his eyes and looked at the moneybags: "Have you ever seen a medicine stove with legs? Besides, there are a few incense sticks in it. You can’t see it! "
Tang Qingcai is too lazy to take care of these common sense. He only cares about practical things: "Then see if you can use it. There should be some fairy magic to inspire such a big man!" If nothing else, as long as you can release the magic spell that can make people hallucinate! "
He knows the horror of illusion too well, and the result of slowing down in battle is often fatal.
"No, I can’t manipulate, maybe my level is too low. This thing should be a long time, but the spiritual power it exudes is still amazing, at least it should be a treasure above the magic weapon! I am sure! " Thinking that she might have got a magic weapon, Sister Xinger forgot the other person’s unhappiness and turned red with excitement. I thought to myself, "Tang Qing doesn’t need it anyway, and he won’t rob me. This baby is mine! I will study it slowly in the future. "
"I can’t manipulate it!" Tang Qing cried her disappointment, and used this stove to conceal her ruthless plan. She stayed close to the stove and looked left and right, sulking: "What a waste! Why don’t you try it? Isn’t that magic weapon that can be manipulated by injecting spiritual power? "
"Don’t you think a magic weapon can be the same as a spiritual weapon?" Sister Xinger was really speechless with this ignorant guy: "Only those who are above Jiedan can use the magic weapon. You should take a magic weapon with you according to the practice period of those noble disciples, and let others live. Come on, I’ll try to show you if you don’t give up! "
It’s no use knowing how to explain it. Sister Xinger decided to speak with facts, put her hand on one leg of the incense burner and began to input spiritual power. Don’t say, with the spiritual power injection, the incense burner seems to have changed a little, and the leg pressed by Xinger has a light and shadow moving upward. Even Xinger is excited, maybe it can be manipulated! Input spirit force also more hard.
As the light and shadow moved to the top, the incense stick near this leg also reacted, flashed twice and ignited. With a puff of smoke, a fragrance …
Sister Xinger dreamed again, and she continued to do it after the last dream. But this time Tang Qingke didn’t wake her up with a slap. He turned into the fiercest monster in the world, buried himself in that tenderness, without any pity or pity, regardless of the hardships of the Shu Road, only knowing that the violent brought endless impact. Sister Xinger herself turned into the most tenacious vine, wrapped around it like octopus, and let him rise and fall with his own ebb and flow, and rise again … and ebb and flow again.

Chapter 11: the strongest comfort

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