Su Xueqi ran more than ten times inside and outside to load all the luggage, and then she went back to her room and cried "Brother" at the door.

Summer saw her slowly take off her headphones and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Won’t you take me to the airport?"
Su Xueqi rolled her eyes and pointed to the wall. "Mom said she asked you to take me if she didn’t have time. If you don’t have time, I can go by myself."
Section 11
Anyway, since she was disfigured by Shen Xinyu, she has accepted the family’s indifference to her, especially her former brother who was very kind to her.
"When I go to change clothes," Summer let go and pushed the chair up.
Su Xueqi came in with her eyebrows raised and her feet lifted. "Are you distracted these two days, waiting for words or playing games?"
Sommera’s wardrobe picked out a coat and ignored her.
"Elder brother still has the college entrance examination for half a year. Do you want to report to that school? Or go abroad like me … hey, do you really play games? Isn’t it fun? "
"Fang" was going to wear a coat. When Su Mo saw Su Xueqi fiddling with his words, he immediately went over and took it away. "You don’t have a long memory, do you?"
Su Xueqi fumbled, "I accidentally pressed the lock screen."
"Just play a casual game and I won’t tell mom."
Su Mobai put her words in her pocket at a glance and "wait for me outside"
Su Xueqi turned to go, but her heart was a little uncomfortable. Look at how good her brother was to her before. Now that she has lost her love, she hates her. Think again that she suffered from the treatment for more than two months. She said, "Why are you so fierce? You’re so secretive. You’re not still in touch with Shen Xinyu, are you?"
See young qing jun eyebrow twist a Su Xueqi which still have not white "really elder brother you still thinking about her? Have you forgotten how I hurt my face? Have you forgotten what I want to go abroad today? "
"Your face is not good?" Summer quickly put on his coat. "You want to go abroad yourself."
"That’s not! My face is cured, but do you know how painful this process is? I want to go abroad, but now I haven’t graduated from high school and I haven’t passed the grade. I was sent out by my mother so early. I’m not afraid that I will get in the way. She’s afraid of offending Tang Shiyan. Do you really think I don’t know anything? "
"What’s the noise?" Summer frowned and glanced at the door to eavesdrop on the servant.
"Stay away from Shen Xinyu after you! You can’t "Su Xueqi like didn’t hear muttering a teenager heard suddenly turn head to stare at her with a rare anger in the eyebrow eye.
Su Xueqi’s momentum suddenly weakened and she turned away. "Hello to me, too. Now everyone in the circle is in Tang Shiyan. She is very strict with the illegitimate daughter of Shenyang, and even if Shen Xinyu is abandoned, her mother will not agree that you like a second-hand product."
Su Xueqi probably knew that she got into the car and stayed behind when she died. Su Mo took out her pocket and was talking loudly. I don’t know if it was because she saw the string of numbers or because of her sister’s remarks. There was a gloomy color in the boy’s eyebrows.
Nanjiang night is beautiful, without pollution and smog. The vast Milky Way, composed of shining stars, is like a silver turntable. It turns slowly and slowly, as if it is stained with vitality. Shen Xinyu sits on the hill and looks up. She feels like she is back when she was a child, lying behind her yard, telling her fairy tales while shaking her fan.
It was the happiest day of her life.
A cold wind of "Aqiao" made Shen Xinyu immediately return to reality. She bowed her head and wrapped her coat tightly.
"Miss Shen, it’s getting cold now. Why don’t we go first?" Has been behind her housekeeper mouth way
"Are we going to stay here today?" Shen Xinyu patted his pants and got gray.
This is a scenic spot of ethnic minorities. She has heard of it before, but she has never been there. It is said that it was released to the public after Nanjiang was sent.
The housekeeper looked at Shen Xinyu and said, "It’s so arranged according to the itinerary, but Mr. Wang has been led by the leaders here to talk about things. I haven’t come to ask him yet. If you don’t like to have dinner later, I can ask Mr."
Shen Xinyu waved his hand and said with a smile, "I’m just asking casually that the scenery here is beautiful and I like it."
Butler know a smile followed Shen Xinyu behind also no longer say anything.
Probably since she came back yesterday, Shen Xinyu found that Tang Shiyan, the housekeeper, turned her eyes around from time to time as if she were staring at her all the time.
Nai Gou Gou lip angle two people successively came to a bamboo building in the mountain, which is the local place where they arranged to rest.
Shen Xinyu didn’t go in, but stared at the string of extra flowers at the door and stopped. If I remember correctly, she didn’t have these things when she just left.
Before seeing Nai smile, the housekeeper explained, "Miss Shen, we may have caught a local festival today …"
"What festival?" Shen Xinyu took some interest.
"I don’t know if Miss Shen has heard of this activity of string girls?"
Shen Xinyu shook his head in confusion, but the housekeeper’s face rarely showed a trace of embarrassment, as if holding back a smile, saying, "String girls is a way for some free ethnic groups to make love, but different ethnic customs are different. Lahu people are a few ethnic groups that keep their mother’s legacy, and their customs are also different. That is to say, on this day of the festival, girls here will boldly show their love by singing love songs or giving flowers to their loved ones as tokens."
"So these flowers were given to Tang Shiyan by the girls here?" After the origin of Bai, Shen Xinyu picked up a grass knot and the expression on her eyes was a little strange.
Is Tang Shiyan still a young man at this age?
But whether it counts or not, he is not a native.
Probably see the girl’s mind, the housekeeper gently coughed and explained that "if guests come to the village on the festival day, they can also become the targets of girls’ confession", and there were many girls outside the village when Mr. Tang came in the afternoon
This time, Shen Xinyu’s little face finally changed significantly. "Is the guest also counted?"
When eating, Tang Shiyan found this girl strange and kept secretly watching him. When he looked over, she hid again. Even she clamored for lamb chops at noon and didn’t take a few bites.
Is it physical discomfort?
Tang Shiyan, who has something in his heart, is not in the mood to socialize and push the housekeeper out. He got up and went back to his residence.

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