The light stone department seemed to burst into a small flame, and then the flame quickly became bigger, and in an instant, Longye’s hands were wrapped up. The sudden change scared Longye to almost throw away the light man, but he suddenly found that the flame did not hurt him.

A salamander jumped out of the light stone. First, the salamander circled in a narrow place, and finally the salamander dragon bumped into the next wall.
The thick wall was knocked out of a big hole and the sun shone into this dark corner all the year round.
"There is no shortcut to the real road!" An angry sound is burning in Longye’s mind.
"Is it that taking away the light stone directly makes Reshiram angry?"
Before Longye thought of what to do, the hand light stone flew by itself, surrounded by flames, and the light stone released bursts of fire waves, which swept the whole land.
In this flame, the light stone suddenly bloomed with dazzling white light and strong light, so that Longye and Nazi could reach out and block their eyes.
The strong light slowly took shape, and the light turned into a snow-white Reshiram.
Reshiram flung his arms around his chest and all the flames were sucked into the tail like a steam turbine engine.
Without the flame, the burning gas immediately becomes cool, but staring at Reshiram Longye has no time to pay attention to these.
Reshiram yelled at Longye, a Yi Long wild one who wanted to attack himself, and immediately released an explosive. Unexpectedly, Reshiram didn’t pay attention to Longye after yelling, as if saying that people who were not recognized were not worthy of attention.
Longye really wants to let the Tyrannosaurus directly compete with Reshiram, which can also help him understand the gap between his elf top beasts.
However, Reshiram didn’t give Longye this chance. It flew directly through the big hole in the wall and outside.
"It seems that Reshiram is not angry because of me." Longye can feel the growing anger in Reshiram.
"Nazi, Meow Meow, let’s go and see what’s going on." Longye called the two of them to do it together, and then they went straight to Reshiram, who was about to fly out of Longye’s sight.
Reshiram seems to be in a hurry to go somewhere. It has no idea of saving energy, but it is moving at a high speed. If it is not a salamander who is good at flying, it can’t keep up with it.
In order to avoid losing him, Reshiram Longye took out the treasure-hunting instrument and locked Reshiram’s position with the sharp marking function.
Reshiram knew that Longye and them were following behind him, but there was no response at all. It seemed that it was more important for him to go there than anything else.
After flying at a speed of half an hour, with the help of Longye and Nazi, they can’t hold on any longer. Their speed is slowing down. Reshiram has disappeared from their sight. If there is no treasure detector showing the location of Reshiram, Longye would have lost them.
"We wouldn’t have worked so hard if Super Archean 2 was still here."
Longye complained, but it didn’t help the situation now, or Nazi released her Metagross to replace the salamander.
Metagross’s flying speed is slower than that of an abrupt change. However, Nazi has a special skill to hurry. She released Alakazam in Metagross’s body, and Nazi held Longye and Meow respectively.
"Hu takes us to move forward in a flash."
Ps has been watching that hot event late, and almost forgot to update it. I think everyone has seen the notice.
Chapter 47 Reshiram sabotaged the performance.
Theft prevention is also forced. I hope everyone can understand.
I will definitely have fewer words in each anti-theft chapter than in the normal chapter, and I will not cheat everyone in this respect.
It’s a chaotic chapter
Looking at his uncle Magikarp Longye in front of him, he suddenly ran past several alpacas.
Longye, an impressive supporting character with no official name in the pet elf animation, knows a lot about Uncle Magikarp’s deeds. On the St. Annu, the uncle sold Magikarp, which is said to be able to produce gold. As a result, Kojiro, a fool, spent 30,000 yuan to buy a trio of rockets that sank on the St. Annu, but with the help of this Magikarp, Magikarp almost killed Kojiro and abandoned Magikarp in anger. As a result, the carp king instantly evolved into a Tyrannosaurus rex, and the rockets and Xiaozhi were blown away together.
This is the first time. After that, this uncle also sold Magikarp as a stupid fish to Musashi, and Chimecho as a rare one to Kojiro. The worst thing is that this uncle was able to change Kojiro’s big-eating flowers. You know, big-eating flowers are the evolution of big-eating flowers!
Such a character turned out to be his father? Am I going to sell Magikarp with him in the future?
Suddenly, Longye thought of one thing. Since this wretched uncle is his father, shouldn’t he grow into this wretched appearance?
Longye immediately got up and went to look in the mirror. Fortunately, the young man in the mirror looks less handsome.
"You are still so smug when you get up." Uncle Magikarp said with a smile.
"Is Longye awake? Let mom see how worried you are these days. Why are you so naughty?"
When I saw my mother Longye running in, I finally knew what I was like. It turned out that he looked more like Longye than his mother. I couldn’t help thinking to myself, "This uncle Magikarp is very good, and he can marry such a beautiful wife. If it weren’t for his looks, my buddy, I must be a member of the idol school now."

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