Chapter 350 embroiders words to get into trouble?

Amdo West suddenly appeared like a storm comes to an end. Kabi looked at him and found that Amdo West had a strange mental outlook. The stubborn guy just stood at the bakery door with his head down and stared at the ground for a round.
Kabi kept a distance of two meters from Amdo, but he was already in a state of confusion. Kabi almost wanted to rush to Amdo’s front and shake Amdo’s body vigorously, and then asked him if this was a simple evil drama. Or is there another reason?
"Amdo west! Why are you back again? I almost want to go home to find you! " Although all kinds of questions are lined up in the back, Kabidi wants to know one by one, but he took the lead in asking Andosi and went back to the bakery because Kabidi was almost going home, so he was likely to pass by Andoxi in Lu.
Imagine Amdo’s coming back to the bakery again and definitely staring at Kabi for a long time. It was only after that that weak gas gestured to Kabi to let Kabi go to an alley next to the store and seemed to say something in private.
And Kabi let all the puzzles emerge in his face. He was "hmm" and then turned back to see what that guy was doing in the store. Only when he saw this did he find that the idiot was chatting with a salesgirl. Then Kabi informed the hemp and followed Amdo into the alley.
It’s wet around the alley, but the middle aisle is relatively clean. I’ve seen a drain on both sides of the alley and there are some colorful sundries on the side. When Kabi goes in, he thinks it must be the back door of each shop. For example, if a food company delivers goods, then both parties may make delivery in this back alley.
Except for a stray cat with white hair and yellow spots drinking dirty water from the drain, it seems that this alley is also very quiet. It is really suitable for Kabi and Amdo to whisper something that is still unclear.
The two of them bowed their heads and looked around in front of Kabi, and soon walked into the alley. At this time, when the stray cat heard a human walking, it flashed and ran away. It was very skilled to find a corner gap and just hid in it like a shrinking bone.
Andoxi stopped, but the guy didn’t seem to be going to turn around in a few seconds, and Kabi followed, confused. He hissed, swallowed, gently pulled LaAndoxi’s arm and said, "Andoxi! Tell me this is a bad play, isn’t it? If that’s the case, I’ll forgive you, too. Don’t worry about the consequences, okay? "
If you play according to the original drama and Kabi is negotiating with a normal person, Kabi will definitely rush to pull the collar of the other party and yell, "Have you fucking had enough?" You’ve been rushing all the way here, and now you turn your back on me? If you don’t give a satisfactory explanation, you will die if you are old! "
But unfortunately, Kabi was facing Andosi, and an emperor gave him a joke to make him born with autism. Andosi and Kabi also knew that Andosi would not say a complete sentence at ordinary times. If he was lucky enough to meet Andosi to express fluently, it would be very rare for things to happen.
Socabi can hold back his impatience. He has been holding his fist for many times and deliberately controlling his exhalation rhythm. On the surface, he is very calm and waiting for Andoxi’s response, but for a long time, he can’t guarantee whether he will yell at Andoxi.
Andoxi still turned his back on Kabi, and he always stared at the ground like that with his head down. At this time, Kabi leaned over to see what Andoxi was thinking in front of him, and then he found that Andoxi was rubbing his fingers.
Kabi sighed and said, "Amdo! Please! I really don’t have your brother’s patience. If you tell the truth, I will definitely invite you to cames Stadium to watch the game, okay? "
Just as Kabi intuitively walked into the alley for nothing, Andosi made a strange sound. "I just went home to feed Joel doughnuts and then I was going to come back here and wait for you, but it was too late!" Sister Candace has left with her old classmate. I hate her old classmate, but I can’t stop everything. I’m sorry! "
How to go to see Amdo’s words has revealed some nitty-gritty, but Kabi didn’t understand why Amdo wanted to apologize to him, so he said, "Amdo! Why are you apologizing to me? But your sister Candace is getting married. Should we congratulate her? But what if I didn’t get there in time to help you stop the proposal? So I should apologize to you? Isn’t it? "
"Why do you want to embroider other girls’ names on your sneakers? Candace’s sister was very sad after seeing it on the live broadcast of the game! Say that you have lost all thoughts on you, do you know? " Andosi’s temper turned and said something that surprised Kabi.
It sounds like Kabi suddenly froze and said that he embroidered Cherina’s name on his sneakers. Does it have anything to do with the whole thing? He ignored Amdo and bowed his head to think about it from the first time he met Candace, and then he thought about the recent cake.
Suddenly, Kabi’s eyes flashed wide, just like being shocked by a horror movie, and then he gasped. When he was about to ask Amdo clearly, there was a sound of numbness behind him.
"Idiot! Haven’t you figured it out yet? Candace likes you very much! But when she saw that your sneakers were embroidered with other girls’ names, she quickly gave up. I’m afraid that special cake yesterday was the last cake she gave you because she wanted to put an end to things and try to accept other boys again, such as the boy who proposed to her today. Aren’t you really white? Idiot! "
In fact, Kabi’s last round of recollection has long since been understood, and it’s just that the hemp rat suddenly appeared and said everything he knew happily.
Kabi found that his ten fingers were trembling slightly. He stood there for a long time in a confused mood for a long time and came to join in the fun. Marmot was even more quick-witted. Then he said, "I have learned something in the bakery, so I came here and heard your conversation again. I guess Amdo didn’t want you to come over and stop the proposal. You should be very clear about this now, right? But Amdo and Candace are really naive. Amdo, when you get here, you can stop Candace from agreeing to marry his old classmates. What a child’s character. And Candace? Did she really forget you so soon? I am very skeptical about this! "
Kabi turned his back on the hemp rat. When he heard these words, his back suddenly shook, but then he said angrily, "Idiot! You are definitely mistaken! Andosi is not a child! Do you understand? I have nothing to say in Candace. I believe I will say sorry to her if I can meet her again! "
With a snort of laughter, the hemp rat ate the garlic bread he brought with him and put on a look of indifference. While biting the remaining half of the bread, he said, "Since someone secretly loves the client, you naturally don’t know that there is a girl who likes you, but you haven’t settled things with the girl named Cherina China. I think this Candace should ignore too much. Besides, she also promised to propose to others today, right?"
Say that finish hemp rat ready to turn around and go, and Kabi’s mood has been in a low pressure, he is weakly "hmm", and he is still bowing his head and saying nothing. Andoxi said that even if he gets a signed jersey from Shadugir this time, I’m afraid it won’t make Andoxi happy again.
This hemp rat just stepped out of a few steps and suddenly stopped and turned around and said, "Hey! Idiot! Haven’t you noticed that Amdo is crying? I just found him crying when I came in! You comfort him! "
After listening to it, Kabi seemed to be hit on the back of the head, and his head was buzzing. Then he really came from a crooked place and found that Amdo’s west side had tears sliding, while Amdo’s west body had been shaking slightly for a long time.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-one Bad day
At that time, Kabi first came to Granada to report for duty, then lived in this small town, and finally became neighbors with Andosi. Even though they were so unhappy when they first met, they approached each other little by little, which was a kind of fate.
Although Andoxi once made Kabi angry half to death because of Shadugir, Kabi didn’t care too much about Andoxi because Kabi felt that if he insisted on blaming Andoxi, it would be like discriminating against a child like Andoxi.
Besides, Kabi, who disappeared because of Andosi, was able to find Andosi at the first time and dared to challenge Coach Coboni to work out the team rules. Finally, he insisted on leaving the training base at the expense of his own chance to play, and was almost punished by Coach Coboni.
And just now, Kabi managed to hold back his impatience and didn’t yell at Amdo, which is why he finally suppressed Kabi’s complicated emotions. After all, a real Amdo is a very cute and strange guy.
In fact, Kabi really wants to call Andosi a younger brother, but his parents grew up in an orphanage. Kabi’s intuition is that it is more difficult to call Andosi a younger brother than ordinary people, so Kabi has been loving Andosi subconsciously.
At this time, Andosi was in tears. He was naive. He liked Candace’s sister best. It was a kind of regret that one generation could not walk with his idol. But Kabi was absolutely unable to understand what Andosi could not understand.
Instead of explaining for a long time, Suokabi stepped forward to Amdo West and put his arm on Amdo West’s shoulder. It was like coaxing a child and patting Amdo West’s back. It was then that Kabi clearly knew that Amdo West was shaking out of control.
Although Amdo was crying and tears slipped from the corner of his eyes as if he hadn’t met the defense line, he didn’t cry because his eyes were soaked with tears and he didn’t even want to wipe them away once. He shook himself slightly and stared at the ground with his head down as if the ground was full of despair.
It’s impossible for Kabi to explain to Amdo in a normal way. At this time, the only thing he can do is to pull Amdo’s shoulder and let Amdo continue to cry on his shoulder. The distance between them is closer again. When Kabi heard Amdo’s sobs, he suddenly felt that his cheeks were sore and his throat was like a brick.
There is nothing else in the alley, and even the stray cat has never come out again just now. Besides Amdo’s sobs, he can hear them quietly. There is also the sigh sound of Kabi’s head hanging down. After patting Amdo’s shoulder again, he ambushed Kabi’s eyes and a tear finally slipped out.
When Amdo West’s tears seemed to rust, Kabi calmed down his emotions. At this moment, Amdo West slowly turned around and gave Kabi an inexplicable look. Then it looked like he was wronged. weak gas said, "Promise me! Don’t wear those embroidered sneakers to the game again, okay? "
Kabi didn’t expect to say that those embroidered sneakers were a token of love to Cherina, and he and Cherina are still not really sure, but it seems that the name’ Cherina’ is like a thorn in Andosi’s heart. Think carefully, Kabi can’t bear to refuse Andosi.
"good! I promise you! I will never wear those embroidered sneakers again, and you should get up as soon as possible, okay? " After that, Kabi was nervous and sipped his lips, waiting for Amdo’s response.
I didn’t think that Amdo simply "hmm" and became like a strong child to wipe away the tears left in the corner of his eyes and then ran away from Kabi and ran straight out of the alley. When he was about to turn the corner, he left a sentence "I’m home!"
Kabi was not surprised at all, but smiled like a load, and this smile was the only one that was most memorable today. After wiping away the tears in the corner of his eyes, Kabi exhaled a breath of air and walked out of the alley with great relief.
Just stepping out of the alley, Kabi intuitively felt that the faint sun outside the street represented a kind of freedom. He felt as if he were rowing a boat in the middle of the sea. The atmosphere around him was not only comfortable, but also wafted the smell of bread from the bakery when everything was really beautiful.
Take back your feelings and go back to reality. Kabi decided to go back to the emergency parking space on the expressway and wanted to take his blue off-road vehicle. At this time, he also looked at it as if he knew something was wrong, and his mouth gently hissed.
In addition to dealing with Amdo, Kabi also encountered some obstacles when he stopped a taxi and told the taxi driver to go to the emergency parking space, because the highway section was often patrolled by mounted police and was sensitive, and the taxi driver generally refused to go there because of the handover.
When Kabi finally took a taxi, he kept saying thanks to the taxi driver all the way, and the driver turned out to be a loyal football fan, and in turn kept asking Cabios for autographs and photos.
As the taxi driver’s driving all the way to the rush hour is blocked for a long time, it has been 20 minutes since he stepped on the brake and then stepped on the accelerator to stop the taxi until Kabi arrived at the emergency parking space.

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